Previously, I’ve talked about how to setup AiMesh feature on ASUS wireless routers, and today, I am about to explain what is AiMesh is all about. Now let’s have a look at the general view of the AiMesh from the manufacturer perspective.

ASUS AX92U Wi-Fi System (Dual Pack).

Now, let’s move into the main agenda of this article.

What is AiMesh is all about?

AiMesh is all about extending your existing wireless coverage from your own ASUS wireless router throughout your home at ease without even loosing subscribed bandwidth. AiMesh can be used with more than one ASUS router, but not more than 5 ASUS wireless routers.

Smart Technology (Self Healing)

AiMesh intelligently chose either the mode of the connection or the optimal frequency wireless band – 5GHz or 2.4GHz. As for Tri-Band wireless router, only one 5GHz will be dedicated out of two 5GHz wireless bands if, the Tri-Band router was paired with a Dual Band router. As for self-healing ability, the router immediately replaces a failed node (router) using the tertiary node (router) until the connection towards the secondary nodes were established once again. In addition, the AiMesh intelligently checks the signal strength of the client device from each node (routers) to ensure that the connected client devices are always connected to the best wireless band, allowing the client device to automatically switch to a different node (router) if, needed for that specific location in your home.

Self Healing – Source.

Interesting feature which, I highly recommended. No more switching to the wireless bands like the good old days, one single band (5GHz or 2.4GHz), I can travel within the house at different location, connected to the same wireless band (5GHz or 2.4GHz).

Roaming vs Without Roaming ft. AiMesh

Roaming with AiMesh, it automatically and seamlessly connects your client devices to the router with the strongest available wireless signal no matter in any location within your house, while, without roaming, the band’s has to be manually switched according to the best wireless signal at that particular location in your home.

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AiMesh supported ASUS Wireless Router Models

Below are the listed ASUS wireless router that supports, AiMesh feature:

Wifi Speed Wi-Fi Router Model AiMesh Firmware Download
AC1750 RT-AC66U B1 Download
RT-AC1750 B1 Download
AC1900 RT-AC68RW Download
RT-AC68UF Download
RT-AC68R Download
RT-AC68W Download
RT-AC1900 Download
RT-AC1900U Download
RT-AC68U_White Download
RT-AC68P Download
RT-AC1900P Download
RT-AC68U Download
AC2600 Blue Cave Download
AC2900 RT-AC86U Download
RT-AC2900 Download
AC3100 RT-AC88U Download
RT-AC3100 Download
AC5300 RT-AC5300 Download
ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Download
Wifi Speed DSL Wi-Fi Modem Router Model AiMesh Firmware Download
AC1900 DSL-AC68U Download
DSL-AC68R Download
Wifi Speed LTE Wi-Fi Modem Router Model AiMesh Firmware Download
AC1900 4G-AC68U Download

Those are the router’s that, as per October 2018, supports AiMesh feature. Source.

How if I am using a different router models, but, both of the routers were/was manufactured from ASUS?

The answer is yes, you can. AiMesh supported almost all wireless routers from ASUS.

Any models compatible with AiMesh feature.

One of the biggest advantage is, despite of having to buy a dedicated mesh network, AiMesh doesn’t need that. AiMesh can be used with different ASUS wireless router models, in a condition that, only, using the ASUSWRT firmware from ASUS.

I am using Asus-Merlin firmware, do Asus-Merlin Firmware offers / supports AiMesh?

Unfortunately, this was not supported. I’ve attached the reason of why this feature is not supported for Asus-Merlin firmware below, a simple statement from the developer itself.

Asus-Merlin ver 384.7_2 running on AC68U.

I am pretty sure, why some Merlin users question on why the developer of Merlin firmware didn’t include the AiMesh feature in his own customized firmware. According to a source, RMerlin claims that, AiMesh is a closed source and there is incompatibility between his code and the AiMesh itself.

RMerlin – Official statement from him of the explanation why Merlin didn’t support AiMesh.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AiMesh compared to other Mesh Networks


  1. Easy Installation (Can be setup via PC or smartphone installed with Asus Router app).
  2. Seamless roaming.
  3. Extendable Wi-Fi coverage in your home.
  4. Excellent performance.
  5. Almost all ASUS routers supports this feature, different models from ASUS can be used together, via, AiMesh.
  6. Suitable for business organizations.


  1. WPS feature has to be enabled (security issues).


I personally had tested the AiMesh feature with two different wireless router models from ASUS, the famous ASUS AC68U and ASUS AC86U. The setup was easy, and easily configurable.

  1. Factory reset your AiMesh Node
  2. Make the highest specification wireless router to act as the “leader”, main router and, make, the lesser range model of wireless router as the secondary node (AiMesh).
  3. Turn on the other AiMesh, the secondary node (routers), click ‘Search’ in ASUSWRT or the ASUS Router app to find the node.
  4. Last but not least, select a router, and click ‘Apply’ to add the node to your AiMesh wireless system.

If, you are planning to opt out of the AiMesh feature, you can simply remove the node from your main router.

TechCyn_BestAward_12 November 2018
Congrats AiMesh.

As, few minor bugs were present in the feature, but, it is highly welcomed as, this feature will lessen the burden of the user from opting to buy mesh networks in order to extend their wireless coverage of their house.

So, it is worth to spend some hard earned pennies of yours to add a wireless mesh node to your main router in order to achieve your objective to strengthen and extend your wireless coverage? My answer is, yes. It is totally worth. The AiMesh deserves 5 Stars from me.

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