YouTube Premium is available in Malaysia – Now bundled with YouTube Music for a greater value

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Remember the good old days watching YouTube with low resolution and ad-free experience? Well, it all changed when advertisers used YouTube as a platform to advertise their product. As a solution for this, developers programmed free web-browser tools such as AdBlock to be used to block unwanted ads from popping out. Well, there is an alternative solution towards the third-party browser extension, so called YouTube Premium. It is a subscription based streaming service that provides advertising free experience hosted by YouTube itself.

YouTube Premium – Source.

There is a greater value of subscribing to YouTube Premium than YouTube Music. It only requires RM 3.00 more for a greater package with monthly subscription. The plans are available from RM 17.90/month for individual subscription and RM 26.90/month for family package.

How to experience 1-month free trial of YouTube Premium?

In order to get a free 1-month trial access to the YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, tap over your profile badge and select Paid Memberships option panel.

YouTube (General User) – Paid Membership.

Then, click for the Try It Free button and fill in your debit card or credit card credentials in the given fields. Once all set, you’re ready to enjoy an ad-less video streaming experience. Do note that, for those who don’t subscribe to any third-party video downloader, this will be a good alternative for you as, YouTube Premium allows you to download the musics and videos as well.

YouTube Premium on iOS platform.

Similar to YouTube Music subscription, it is advisable to purchase the subscription via the official website rather than subscribing through its app-store. The YouTube premium subscription does bundled YouTube Music in it. It is a hassle free process of choosing a right subscription that suits you.

YouTube Premium – Bundled Packages.

Adding further, if you want to cancel the subscription, you can visit the Paid Membership page. Re-subscription of YouTube Premium is possible – Source.

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