YouTube Music is open for active subscription for Malaysians – Better alternative? Better price? Better experience?

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YouTube is well known as top notch video sharing platform especially, for content creators, which currently owned by Google. When it comes to Google, everything related to money, right? Well, recently, two new YouTube services introduced by Google to all Malaysians, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. When it comes to music streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music, the YouTube Music is a subscription based service.

YouTube Music – Landing page.

Diving into the packages offered, the YouTube Music Premium offers up to 1-month free trial. If you’re an individual, you will be charged with RM14.90 per month. If your intention to subscribe the service for your family members as well, then a family package is offered as well. Pricing up to RM22.90/month, the service can be used up to 5 members in your household. Do note that, your family members should be above 13 years old to use this service for security reasons.

YouTube Music plans – Source.

For mobile users, the service is available in two major smartphone platforms, iOS and android. If you used to download music to listen via offline, then YouTube Music service allows you to do so. According to YouTube, the subscribing to YouTube allows you to listen to the music in the background unlike, the free users where the audio stops if the apps closed. The supported payment type is via credit card and debit card and it’s advisable to subscribe the plans through the website rather than via apps since it is slightly pricey.¬†For a better deal, you can opt to subscribe to YouTube Premium instead that offers a greater value by adding RM 3 extra of your monthly individul subscription and RM 4 for family pack subscription.

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