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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series – Now open for pre-order

Recently, Samsung had launched their flagship smartphone, the Samsung S10 series, comprising Samsung S10E, S10 and S10Plus. According to the latest news, the S10 series  will be replacing its predecessor, S9 series of Samsung’s flagship ruling smartphone. Now, you can actually pre-order the smartphone at its official price at the given link below. Do note that, you will be receiving freebies dedicated to different model upon purchasing.

These are the pricing of S10 Series phone as per stated from the official website.

  • Samsung Galaxy SE (128GB) = RM 2,699.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB) = RM 3,299.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB) = RM 3,699.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (512GB) = RM 4, 599.00

Now, let’s have a look at the differences of S10 models in terms of general specifications.

Galaxy S10E Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus


Prism White

Prism Black

Prism Green

Prism White

Prism Black

Prism Green

Ceramic White

Ceramic Black

Screen Size 5.8″ 6.1″ 6.4″
Display Type Flat Edge
Fingerprint Sensor Capavitive Fingerprint Sensor (Side) Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor (On-screen)
Front Camera Selfie Camera Selfie Camera

RGB Depth Camera

Rear Camera

Wide-angle Camera

Ultra Wide Camera

Wide-angle Camera

Ultra Wide Camera

Telephoto Camera

Battery Capacity 3100mAh (typical) 3400mAh (typical) 4100 mAh (typical)

Now, for the smartphone enthusiast who are needing detailed specification of the S10 Series, kindly refer to their individual dedicated page of the Galaxy S10E specification, Galaxy S10 specification and Galaxy S10+ specification.

Highlighted Features of S10 Series

24-Hour Intelligent Battery

The Galaxy S10 series adapt towards your daily usage patterns (routine), by automatically powering down the application, unneeded. In addition, the power saving mode automatically manages the battery life based on the daily prediction. Last but not least, the S10+ makes you to spend more time on power and takes less time to charge up, talking about fast charging.

Wireless PowerShare

The Galaxy S10E, S10 and S10+ has been engineered to charge Qi-certified devices and other Samsung powered wearable devices. In order to accomplish this feature, simply place the device on top of your smartphone as, you won’t be needing any cables (wireless).

Fast Wireless Charging Ver 2.0

The Galaxy S10E, S10 and S10+ can be charged wirelessly, thanks to the Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, which charges up slightly faster compared to previous Galaxy phone, only when you use a Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad, and equipped with the charger’s Turbo Cooling Fan, you won’t be really have to worry if, your smartphone overheated during the charging session.

Wi-Fi  6

According to the specification sheets, the S10 comes with Wi-Fi 6 technologies that can cope up to 1.2 Gbps via wireless, presumably by using 5 GHz band or seamlessly switches to LTE to cope up to 2 Gbps. Recently, we’ve reviewed ASUS AX88U wireless router, the first wireless AX router we’ve tested so far, and, if you’re in the plan of purchasing the wireless router, perhaps, you can fully optimize your streaming and gaming session without any interruptions.

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Speaking of not wireless AX client in the market currently, it seems, the S10 series will be the first smartphone comes with Wi-Fi 6 certified.

  • Wi-Fi 1.2 Gbps (Download) and 1.2 Gbps (Upload)
  • LTE 2.0 Gbps (Download) 150 Mbps (Upload)


With the needing of more storage in order to save your files, high quality images and videos, you need a good amount of storage to cope up with your requirements.


The S10E, S10 and S10+ boost the internal storage up to 1 TB, and yes, it is not joking readers, 1 TB is real, and, in addition, you also can add another 512 GB of storage to for up to a revolutionary 1.5TB of storage space via a microSD card.

Dual Sim (Hybrid SIM)

The flagship of Samsung S10 series supports the Hybrid SIM feature, in other word, two numbers with one equipped with data plans for internet purpose, however, if you’re not planning to use the second SIM slot, you can take out the Hybrid SIM tray and replace with a microSD card in its place to add up more storage’s as you need. Kindly mind you that, the SIM card sold separately and the microSD card sold separately.

Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos

Powered by Dolby Atmos technology, you can immerse yourself with a quality audio stereo speaker tuned by AKG.


With this combination, you can enjoy 3D audio quality with astounding clarity, rich symmetry between vocal and bass, and able to cope up with a louder volume. Hence, even with higher volume, the audio quality won’t be distorted.

Bio-metric Authentication

You can pick any of the method via the enhanced security feature of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner that allows you to access apps securely through the Samsung Pass, in addition, the Face recognition, a PIN, pattern or  password.

Optimized for Gaming

Are you craving to crush your score on PUBG game? Well, fear no fellow comrades, the S10+ comes with a vapor chamber cooling system, an AI-based performance improvements and a GPU specially optimized to ensure a smooth gameplay session. However, for the S10 and S10E, both models equipped with an advanced heat-pipe cooling system.


As to conclude, the S10 series leads the entire smartphone areas, currently. We only cover few highlighted features that, the S10 series offer, will this flagship rules the year 2019? The biggest question is, how will a giant tech company such as Apple going to react to this beast?


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