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Nokia is coming back! – HMD Global Introduced Four Nokia Smartphone Line-Up

HMD Global had announced four new smartphones running on the Android platform, including the world’s first smartphone with a unique five camera array, the globally known as the Nokia 9 PureView. Now, let us have a general overview of the newly introduced smartphones.

  • Nokia 9 PureView – featuring the world’s first five camera array with ZEISS Optics to put next generation computational imaging technology into the hands of photography and technology enthusiasts
  • Nokia 4.2 – bringing cutting edge design and technology, with a dedicated Google Assistant button and great imaging performance to a more accessible tier.
  • Nokia 3.2 – a huge, segment leading display with 2-day battery life (1); explore the power of voice with the dedicated Google Assistant button (2)
  • Nokia 1Plus – a premium entry level smartphone with big screen, the latest Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) and high-quality design.
  • Nokia 210 – most affordable internet enabled device yet and the latest addition to the market-leading feature phone family.

Along with the newly introduced smartphones lineup, Nokia, to be added, had introduced two new accessories, these accessories are:

  • Nokia Wireless Charger
  • Nokia Portable Wireless Charger

The company added, from affordable smartphone, Nokia 210 up to the highest level of the world’s first five camera array smartphone, the Nokia 9 PureView, targeted to the enthusiasts who crave to satisfy their distinct needs as well as to cope up with the current demand in the smartphone technology.

Overview of the Models

Now, let’s have a look into each smartphone offers. We shall begin with the Nokia 210.

Nokia 210

For the specifications of the model, kindly refer here.

Nokia 210

The Nokia 210 hovers around the most affordable internet enabled device and the recent addition of Nokia family. The phone suitable for basic internet usage and basic pre-coded games such as Snake and can be played up to several hours without even needing to worried about the battery lifespan (per charge). It comes with coloured polycarbonate shell which was well designed by the engineers in order to hide the marks of the everyday life including the scratches in the phone body. To be added, the Nokia supports mobile store that offers the users to download their favorite applications (such as Facebook, Instagram, reddit), ringtones and wallpapers, which further believed for customization purpose.

Nokia 1 Plus

For the specifications of the model, kindly refer here.

Nokia 1 Plus

If you are looking for a smartphone that, powered by recent Android platform, Android 9 Pie, well, Nokia 1 Plus, definitely made for you. Nokia 1 Plus is one of the first global Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) smartphones. To focus on the features offered, the Nokia 1 Plus brings solid imaging in a premium built Nokia design with a big screen, at an affordable price. To be added, you can enjoy your favorite downloaded applications and playing your desired games along with the Go Edition features such as Google Assistant Go. Next, the Nokia 1 Plus brings a progressive and cutting-edge design to make the smartphone to have a premium look, presumably to offer perfection as its legendary predecessor phones such as the Nokia 3310. Of course, this achieved through an innovative material with 3D tooling, achieves a gorgeous textured nano-pattern at the back that cups Nokia 1 Plus all the way to the display. The smartphone comes with a decent camera quality with auto focus rear camera and, detailed focus of your selfie camera, which located at the front of the smartphone which further enhanced with the ‘beautify feature’.

Nokia 3.2

For the specifications of the model, kindly refer here.

Nokia ThreePointTwo

The Nokia 3.2, as promised, combines the biggest HD+ display for the price with their signature battery usage, two-day battery life, all powered by the latest Android platform, the Android 9 Pie experience. The smartphone features an impressive 6.26” HD+ display so that, you would never be facing any trouble and strain your eyesight just to watch your favorite TV shows, streaming such as Netflix or YouTube and gaming session with your friends. Having a deeper look on the battery life, the Nokia 3.2 combines a larger battery than premium offered smartphone with efficient hardware and promising software ingenuity. The smartphones were powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 mobile platform, the Nokia 3.2 will easily handle any task thrown at it, with ease. Similarly, towards its lower end brother, the Nokia 1 Plus, the Nokia 3.2 does come with the Google Assistant button, purposely to revolutionize the way of you are engaging with your smartphone.

Nokia 4.2

For the specifications of the model, kindly refer here.

Nokia FourPointTwo

Offering an enhanced feature from its little brother, Nokia 3.2, the Nokia 4.2 had been designed to offer the latest smartphone innovations at an affordable rate. The good looking classy sculpted-glass design and all-screen display offers beauty on the outside and, it’s not just skin-deep as, it packs dual rear powerful cameras for better image quality, and the AI innovations powered by the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, all running under the latest Android 9 Pie platform. Similar with Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 3.2, the Nokia 4.2 comes with a Google Assistant button, which serves the purpose of revolutionize the way you engage with your smartphone with a simple one-press button that will offer you suggestion and personalized information of your recent activity and long-press the button to activate a walkie-talkie mode, which allows the Google Assistant to listen to you until you release it for long sentence queries. The Nokia 4.2 offers a compact size and edge-to-edge display with a ‘selfie-notch’ that delivers a smartphone at 8.4 mm thick, which surprisingly, slim enough for single hand use, talking about usability and accessibility here. The Nokia 4.2 brings the flagship image of Nokia’s imaging features such as multi-camera imaging to a new price point, its dual depth-sensing rear camera being able to capture stunning moments to be further added to your memorable collection.

Nokia 9 PureView

For the specifications of the model, kindly refer here.

Nokia NinePureView

The Nokia PureView is the world’s first smartphone featuring a five-camera array system with ZEISS Optics. Before we move deeper into the overview of what Nokia 9 PureView has to offer, we did some diggings of what is so special about the ZEISS Optics. For the gentlemen’s and gentlewomen’s who doesn’t know ZEISS Optics, it is a well-known premier manufacturer of high-end scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and smartphone cameras. Zeiss Optics developed new forms of glass that produce a clearer, sharper image quality as long as retains its cost-efficient value. No worries as the company has 160 years of expertise in producing such a premium quality when it comes to camera lenses. The camera array consists of two colour sensors and three monochromatic sensors which grant sharper and detailed image quality. All the five camera works together to cope up to ten times of the amount of light than a single conventional colour sensor of the same type. Each captured image by the Nokia 9 PureView is HDR, with up to 12.4 stops of dynamic range and a full scene of 12MP depth map. Each produced 12MP JPG image class can benefit from outstanding in-detail in areas of both bright sunlight scenario and dark shadows at the same time with an incredible texture. The depth map, further allows beautiful bokeh (visually appealing photography that focuses on a particular area of an image, also known as ‘blur’ in Japanese), giving you the possibility to adjust focus in Google Photos after you have taken the shot. In addition, by maximizing the heterogenous computing architecture of the Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ mobile platform, featuring a dedicated imaging co-processor, the Nokia 9 PureView grants you capture images in uncompressed RAW “DNG” format and through a partnership with an image editing tool, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, allows the editing process to be done via the smartphone itself.

To be added, the Nokia 9 PureView brings flagship experiences in a flawless finish with an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset technology, a 2 poled “PureDisplay” screen, integrated Qi Wireless Charging and under the display fingerprint sensor. In addition, the Nokia 9 PureView does not have a rear camera bump via excellent design of how a smartphone should be and, you can assure that, the Nokia 9 PureView will get through the knocks and mishaps of real-life thanks to the Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 5 on the front and the rear of the smartphone.

Pricing and Availability

Now, let’s have a look on the offering price of the mentioned lineup models from Nokia.

Nokia 210

Three colour options were given, White, Red and Black.

Nokia twoonezero

Globally available staring from early March at a global average retail price of USD 35 (MYR 142.63)

Nokia 1 Plus

Three colour options were given, Red, Black and Blue.

Nokia OnePlusv2

Globally available by mid of March at a global average retail price of USD 99 (MYR 403.44)

Nokia 3.2

Two colour options were given, Silver and Black.

Nokia 3point2v2

Globally available by early May at a global average retail price of the selected variants listed below:

  • USD 139 (MYR 566.45) – 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage
  • USB 169 (MYR 688.71) – 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage

Nokia 4.2

Two colour options were given, Black and Pink (Dear girls, this model might suitable for you).

Nokia 4point2v2

Globally available by early April at a global average retail price of the selected variants listed below:

  • USD 169 (MYR 688.71) – 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage
  • USB 199 (MYR 810.96) – 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage

Nokia 9 PureView

Only one fixed colour was given, Blue.

Nokia NinePureviewv2

Good news that, the Nokia 9 PureView is already available for shipping and will cost at a global retail price of USD 699 (MYR 2848.56).

For Malaysians, do mind that, the stated price is a direct conversion rate of currency and, the price might not be applicable locally here, the actual price sold here may vary.


Looking at the lineup models listed by HMD Global, it is really happy to see that, Nokia is finally on the right track of entering the mobile arena, despite of being the legendary phone manufacturer company, we from TechCyn, wishing all the very best to Nokia.


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