ASUS Zephyrus S [GX531] – World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop

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Happy New Year 2019 to all dear readers.

A new title introduced by ASUS recently during their launch of their latest ROG laptop lineup series, “World’s thinnest gaming laptop“, Zephyrus S GX531, powered by the latest Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, along with a powerful GPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 with a 144Hz display and pre-installed with a Windows 10 Pro operating system.

Image courtesy @ ASUS Malaysia.

Despite of its ultra-slim design, slimmer in the percentage of 12% than its predecessor Zephyrus, the Zephyrus S comes with the ROG Active Aerodynamic System (AAS), an optimum cooling with an innovative venting along with 83-blade fans for maximum performance.


The specifications of Zephyrus S GX531 GM are as follows:

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Specifications of GX 531.
Highlighted Features

Metal Chassis

Zephyrus S uses a mix of aluminium and magnesium alloys in its construction in order to achieve the balance between strength and weight. Each lid is meticulously machined from a solid block of an aluminium. With such built quality, it ensures the Zephyrus S casing remain durable, yet, met the military-grade durability standards for jolts and withstand extensive vibration. In addition, scissor-door hinges primarily keep a low profile, once the laptop is opened, it exposes the display along with an opening of Zephyrus unique air intake.

Excellent Visual Clarity

ASUS collaborated with a panel maker, AUO to ensure the ROG laptops to have a better display when it comes to gaming. The super-narrow bezels allows the 15.6 inch display to be squeezed into a 14.2 inch display. Zephyrus S, pushes the refresh rate to 144Hz, thus, reduce the blurring and ghosting effects by lowering the response time to 3ms.

Proprietary Cooling

The cooling of the crucial components is a big challenge of Zephyrus S due to its ultra-thin design, however, it is imperative in order to maintain the peak performance of the usage. Resulting this, ASUS and ROG thermal engineers had developed the innovative Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) for the original Zephyrus. As an example, when the lid of the laptop was opened, a special vent opens underneath of the chassis to let the laptop to draw the peak cooling efficiency. The AAS intake measures 5mm on Zephyrus S, stretching across the entire back of the chassis to improve the airflow by 22% compared to traditional ventilation design. An additional airflow comes in from through the keyboard, thus, the forward layout creates an area for additional cooling throughout the system.

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Let’s have a brief look of what is offered within the chassis. The Zephyrus S contains five heat pipes that, absorbs the heat away from the important components such as CPU and GPU, both CPU and GPU shares the same dedicated heat sinks to ensure efficient cooling for peak usage. Normally, most laptop fans will accumulate the dirt as the time passes by, however, for the Zephyrus S comes with a self-cleaning fan to eject the particles from the system via anti-dust tunnels, which extends long term stability and the lifespan of the components.

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Equipped with 83 blades each, the dual 12V AeroAccelarator fans have 17% more blades than in the original Zephyrus. The flow of the air was improved by the fan shaped aluminium shroud, which features a curved edges and improve to channel the air into the blades. Rotational speeds were determined by an intelligent algorithm coded to three profiles. The keyboard shortcuts allow the user to switch between the Overboost mode for peak performance, Silent mode for lower usage and Balance mode for productivity (balance between silent and overboost).


ASUS’s most famous RGB Lightning, Aura Sync present in the Zephyrus S. Gamers can customize lightning effects according to their preference. Four independent environment given, which illuminates the keyboard, and an additional LEDs create a subtle glow inside the AAS vent. The Aura Sync coordinates the colors and effects with compatible peripherals like the ROG Delta headset and Gladius II Origin mouse, making it easy to personalize the setup just with few clicks via the integrated software.


The Zephyrus S includes an improved audio system. The dual front-facing speakers embedded in the hinge cover are powered by smart-amplifier technology that keeps the speakers within thermal and excursion limits, so that, when the volume was set higher, the audio quality can be maintained without distorting or create a damage of the speaker cone. The Sonic Studio includes a virtual surround-sound for deeper immersion with stereo headsets, and, feats a new APO injection capability that extends speaker virtualization to a wider range of gear, as well as includes the standard analog headphones.


The ultra-slim design gives the main look of the Zephyrus S, primarily on the keyboard-forward layout, it allows for more comfortable desktop feels rested position for your palms. The lifespan of the switches is rated for 20 million per presses, hence, the keys are able to handle heavy usage (gaming or content creation) use, with the N-key rollover, it ensures each press registers precisely regardless of more than a key are mashed at once.


The Zephyrus S GX531 will be available in Malaysia from December 13, 2018, onward from authorized ASUS ROG dealers.

Now, let’s have a look at the offered specifications along with its price.

Malaysian Variant (Model)

  • GX531GM


  • i7-8750H | 16 GB | 512T PCIE SSD | GTX1060 6GB | WIN 10 | FHD WV | 300 nits 144Hz | Sleeve

Based on the given specifications above, the expected price of the Zephyrus S isĀ RM7999.


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To conclude the article, the Zephyrus S has the ability to handle heavy workloads in the similar manner of handling extensive gameplay. Equipped with the latest 8th Gen processor, i7-8750H, offers 6-cores and 12 threads of parallel processing power that handle the given task with easy and smooth. In addition, the discrete graphics chip is capable of pumping out triple-digit frame rates in popular hardcore games, allowing for optimal use of the given display.

Image courtesy @ ASUS Malaysia.

The offered specification for Malaysian variant is pretty decent, however, I personally feel the price is slightly expensive. But, for hard-core gamers, I personally feel, this laptop can satisfy your cravings of having a smooth gaming experience not only in your LAN parties, but, in your dome as well.

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