ASUS Unveils TUF Gaming K7, ROG Strix Scope Gaming Keyboard and ROG Gaming Key Cap Set at CES, Las Vegas

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Recently at the CES event held in Las Vegas, ASUS had revealed their TUF Gaming K7  along with ROG Strix CTRL gaming keyboard and ROG Gaming Key Cap. Now, let’s have a look at each of the products at down below.

TUF Gaming K7

The K7 keyboard offers a unique combination of lightness and agility thanks to its TUF Optical-Mech Switches, plus its though chassis and durability for long term usage via its metal construction and IP56-related protective measures.


The specification of TUF K7 Gaming Keyboard are as follows:

Connectivity Technology Wired, USB 2.0
OS Support
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Keyboard: 439 x 131 x 37mm
  • Wrist rest: 439 x 77 x 18mm
  • Keyboard: 794 g
  • Wrist rest: 194 g
  • TUF GAMING K7 gaming keyboard x 1
  • Wrist rest x 1
  • User document x 1
Notes [Hot Keys]

  • Media Control
    Fn + F6: Skip to previous track/chapter
    Fn + F7: Play/ Pause toggle
    Fn + F8: Skip to next track/chapter
    Fn + F9: Mute/ Unmute
    Fn + F10: Volume down
    Fn + F11: Volume up
  • Lighting Effects Switch:
    Fn + Right or Fn + Left
  • Lighting Effects Brightness:
    Fn + Up: Increase brightness
    Fn + Down: Decrease brightness
  • RGB Level Adjust:
    Fn + Del: Adjust the Red hue of the RGB color code
    Fn + End: Adjust the Green hue of the RGB color code
    Fn + PgDn: Adjust the Blue hue of the RGB color code
  • On The Fly Macro Recording:
    Step 1: Fn + Right-ALT to start recording
    Step 2: Fn + Right-ALT to end recording
    Step 3: Assign Macro Key
  • Profile Switch:
    Fn + 1/ 2 / 3/ 4* (4 is default)
  • Windows Key Lock:
    Fn + Windows key
  • Factory Default:
    Fn + Esc(press and hold for 10-15sec)

Highlighted Features

TUF Optical-Mech Switches

The switches cast’s a ray of an infrared light, thus, when a key was pressed, it causes the shaft to break the ray for near-instant actuation, thus, allowing 5 ms of debounce postponement fundamental similar to traditional metal contacts can be eradicated and, slashing total actuation time to just 0.2 ms, in other word, it is faster than you can imagine.

Compact Design

Unlike other mechanical gaming keyboard on the market, the K7 is compact and frameless, thus, allows your finger to reach each key, easily, hence, the input accuracy is accurate and, this will be helpful during your gaming session. In addition, they floating keycaps design allow the cleaning process easily and can be accessed by brush or blower to blow the dust and crumbs, away.

Aura Sync

Well, it is RGB season these days and, most of the mechanical keyboard manufacturers had taken steps to innovating RGB mechanical keyboards along with its own dedicated drivers. Speaking of drivers, the K7 keyboard compatible with ASUS’s Aura Sync. The RGB illumination can be easily synchronized with other gaming peripherals from ASUS.

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The ROG CTRL was designed in a such way to please the hardcore gamers. An oversized Ctrl key was designed to create a larger target when you in a situation to crouch, walk, dock or lie prone in your favorite games along with the media keys located in the right position to allow the controls to  be reached easily.

At the initial stage, you may find it awkward to use the keyboard, but once you’re familiar with it, then, you will start to like the keyboard. The ROG CTRL was created in an ergonomic way where, the Ctrl key was enlarged and the Windows key was shortened to avoid the key from being a target during a gaming session.

Similar to K7 gaming keyboard, the ROG CTRL comes with Armoury II software to allow the gamers to customize their desired settings of what type of keys that can be used at a time, especially when they’re about to start gaming. The software thus allows you to remap the keys so that, you can use the easier to reach Ctrl key for any other actions involved. In addition, Armoury II presents an interface dedicated to recording, adjusting and saving the macros, which can be further customized as well.

A gaming keyboard is not complete if, it doesn’t come with RGB effects, basically, the ROG Ctrl is compatible with Aura Sync and the ROG logo can be illuminated. If you already own an Aura Sync compatible peripherals, then, you an beautify your desktop with the ROG CTRL keyboard.

The F12 is a special key whereby, it is a Stealth key that allows you to hide all the apps that currently running and mute your audio output, giving (saving) you a bit of privacy when the phone rings or someone walks, unintentionally.

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ROG Gaming Key Cap Set

The ROG Key Cap allows you to customize your favorite mechanical keyboard as well as fine-tuning the feel of the most used gaming keys on your mechanical keyboard. The set includes seven keycaps for covering the crucial controls for MOBA and high FPS games, and, a ROG-fied makeover escape key.

The seven keys are designed for QWERASD keys, while were locked in a dedicated key-place, they map out the ROG eye in a mosaic consisting of a black and red in color. It gives your current gaming keyboard a bad-ass feel only by looks and not differentiating in terms of performance of your current gaming keyboard. The metal housing of ROG key (escape) sits on top of a plastic shell to prevent damage to the switch, located underneath it.

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Due to the busy schedule of ours, we are seeking for an apology for publishing the article two months after its launch. Despite of its pricing, it was believed to penetrate the market by early February. The availability of the K7, ROG CTRL and keycaps can be bought from your local ROG authorized dealer.

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