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ASUS Showcases Their Gaming Monitors Including “The God Of Monitors”, ASUS PG27UQ

ASUS invited me on July 20, 2018 to their office to showcase their latest monitor that focuses on productivity and gaming for their end users. They’ve two separate sections for their monitor display lineup, productivity and gaming.

Special Thanks: I would like to express my gratitude towards ASUS for calling a newcomer like me to join other respective tech reviewers in Malaysia such as Pokde-san, and, who welcomes me with a kind heart. Thank you for the support.

Figure 1: The ASUS MZ27AQ Ultra Slim Monitor.

What amazed me is, this monitor comes with an awesome specification, and good news for productivity users, when you’re working in an office, or, you own an office, or, you own your own start-up company, well, you can give a try to this monitor as, this monitor has everything you need. From a good design to great audio experience. Basically, when we think of a frameless monitor, we often think that, the audio quality will be bad. Hence, we have to either opt for an aftermarket speaker or a headphone. But no worries dear readers, because, this monitor’s audio powered by a pair of 6W Harmon Kardon speakers along with ASUS’s own external 5W subwoofer, by which, the co-developed by ASUS and Harmon Kardon.

Figure 2: ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ Ultra-wide Curved Monitor.

This monitor targets the users who involved in graphics and multimedia field. This monitor suitable for designers and video editior even, dear youtubers, this monitor will be suit for you well as you’re need a best display to co-operate with your GPU to give you the best display that cools your eyes.

Figure 3: Built-in Qi wireless charger.

Compared with MZ27AQ, this monitor doesn’t come with an external subwoofer. But, no worries, as, this monitor really produces a good audio output. The respected representative has played the sample audio, and, I really can feel the bass from the speaker of this monitor. I am pretty sure, that, you’ll may wonder what kind of speaker they’re using for this monitor, well, yes, this monitor comes with a pair of 8W Harmon Kardon speakers powered by ASUS’s Sonic Master technology. Ever wondered when we bought a TV or a new monitor, we often tempted with the given audio preset for the TV or monitor, but, when we powered it up, the audio quality seems….okay, we no need to go deep into it. Compared to other conventional monitors, this monitor comes with ASUS’s AudioWizard, by which, you’re given four choices of pre-set mode for your hearing experience. Believe me or not, as a person who be there to witness the audio quality, the sound really feels premium and the bass is solid.

Figure 4: ASUS’s AudioWizard Modes.

Miscellaneous Productivity Monitor Collection:

Here is the collection of the monitors was put on display.

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Next, let us look at the gaming monitors were put on showcases as well.

Figure 5: The “hot” monitors.

Previously, we’ve seen the monitor lineup for productivity users. Now, we’re going to see the monitor lineup specially dedicated for gamers out there.

I am not going to lie as, the price of ASUS’s gaming monitor is quite high compared to other conventional monitors.

Miscellaneous Gaming (ROG) Monitor Collection:

Here is the collection of the gaming monitors was put on display.

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Now, we’ve come to an end of this chapter, we are going to look on the “God of the Monitors”, the ASUS PG27UQ.

Figure 6: The rear view of the God of the Monitor.

The monitor comes with 4K UHD G-SYNC HDR gaming monitor with an overclockable 144Hz refresh rate for a smooth gaming experience.

Figure 7: The top view of the God of the Monitor.

Ever wondered why there are two ROG led’s at the rear. Allow me to show you why, there are two ROG leds. Before that, let us see, our God of the Monitor face-to-face.

Figure 8: The God of Monitors.

The PG27UQ is the first monitor to fully run on the 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) content at a 144Hz refresh rate, providing the gamers with detailed ultra-high definition visuals at extremely smooth frame rates and a 4ms response time. This gaming monitor suitable for those who looking for such smooth display for their respective games, hence you can definitely opt for this monitor without any regrets.

The PG27UQ by far, the ONLY gaming monitor with DisplayHDR 1000 certification along with DCI-P3 color gamut, by which, the feature enables a wider color range than sRGB, resulting in more realistic color reproduction for the human eyes.

Figure 9: The ROG Swift PG27UQ (Can any unique thing there?).

As shown on the image above, you can see the reflection of the led’s of the ROG logo at the top of the ceiling of the room from the projector at the top of the stand of the monitor. Yes. You can fully experience your “heroism” in the games by sitting in the dark room and activate the feature and think, yourself as a Batman (Bat logo), but you maybe can name yourself as, ASUS-man.

Figure 10: The beast powering the God of the Monitor (Specs unknown).

Currently, the price of the PG27UQ remains unknown. However, I am hoping this monitor will satisfy the cravings of the gamers out there to have a smooth gaming session with their favorite games with their friends or in a LAN party.


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