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ASUS RT-AX88U is now officially Wi-Fi 6 Certified! Wi-Fi alliances certifies AX88U to be the first of its kind to deliver the full benefits of Wi-Fi 6 to home consumers


ASUS had announced their first AX router, the RT-AX88U to be the first home consumer based router to be recognized as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Adding further, the RT-AX88U is guaranteed by ASUS to deliver the maximum benefits of the latest wireless protocol technology by ensuring the consumers to enjoy the full home-networking experiences without hassle.

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Looking at the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, it was said to boost up the data transmission up to 2.3 times faster and up to 4 times of a greater network capacity compared to its predecessor, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac). These include, improvements and optimizations for congested networking environments due to increase number of connected devices that include smart-home device as well in the recent years.


RT-AX88U’s 4×4 802.11ax Broadcom BCM43684 Chip Listed – Source.

According to ASUS, it is not an easy journey to obtain the Wi-Fi 6 certified from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The RT-AX88U had passed a series of Wi-Fi 6 capability tests that includes assessments for WPA3 and OFDMA-related transmission. Next, the certification addresses the capability of RT-AX88U to be the one of the consumer routers that uses the latest Wi-Fi encryption standard, the WPA3 security protocol and Wi-Fi Agile Multiband. This protocol ensures the devices stay connected to the network securely and the Wi-Fi Agile Multiband was said to improve the resource utilization further, enabling the RT-AX88U to provide a high-quality seamless internet connection.

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