ASUS Republic of Gamers of Malaysia Announces 17.3′ Gaming Laptop – Strix SCAR II [GL704]

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ASUS Republic of Gamers, Malaysia, announces the latest 17.3″ gaming laptop which adds into their ROG Strix brand gaming laptop. The Strix SCAR II (GL704) comes with 144Hz refresh rate with 3ms of response time and a complete built-in sRGB coverage to its chassis. In addition, its slim display bezel allows it to fit into a 15.7″ chassis, thus marking as the first laptop in its class to be less than 400mm wide.

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Before we move to what does GL704 offers, let us have a full view on the specification.

Specifications of GL704

Below are the specifications of GL704, officially from ASUS.

Full specification of GL704.

Since we’ve viewed the specification, so what is so special about GL704? Now, here is the interesting part.

Offered features

Thin bezel for enhanced visual treat

The GL704 is the very first 17.3″ gaming laptop that comes with narrow bezels, under 400 mm wide, which surrounds the display from the three sides. The thickness of the border, approx. 7.05 mm are up to 50% narrower compared to other commercial 17″ gaming laptops in the market.

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I was informed that, ROG collaborate with a famous panel supplier, AUO, in order to ensure the built of ROG laptops consistently offers a class-leading displays which gives an excellent visual quality. By fully utilizing AUO’s IPS-type AHVA technology, ASUS and AUO have achieved 144Hz of refresh rate and 3 ms of response time on a 17.3″ display, by which, it allows the crisp visual that adds the sensation of a pure gaming feel for an immersive gaming session.

Aura Sync RGB Lightning

Next, the Aura Sync, RGB lightning can be customized according to the given seven zones, four of them dedicated to the keyboard, two of them located within the light bar stretching across the front edge and remaining within the logo of the ROG logo at the lid. In addition, the lights can be synced with another Aura Sync enabled peripherals from ASUS for more greater gaming experience and gives a desktop like feel.


The keyboard of GL704 has a desktop style layout, mind you that, with a wider space bar and the key caps were separated by blocks of function keys in order to execute the shortcut keys, with ease. The switches in the keyboard ware rated for 20 million clicks and equipped with overstroke technology, which, allows them to fire halfway through the 1.8 mm key travel for a faster response compared to the traditional design which results in a lower in the stroke. Such features ensure the GL704 keyboard retains a comfortable typing sensation for the next few years of usage.

Versatility of Gaming

Comes with addition up to 6-cores and 12 threads in the powerhouse of the Intel’s 8th gen, Intel Core i7-8750H and powered by a powerful GPU, the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060, the GL704 comes equipped with tons of features that sparks an excellent gaming experience for the hardcore gamers. The Strix SCAR II also comes with the latest Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 to fully optimize the wireless performance up to 1.73Gbps, and of course, with a compatible wireless router in the market that offers the same MIMO chain as the laptop. The Strix SCAR II in addition, uses four USB Type-A ports, a reversible Type-C (USB-C) port, a Mini DisplayPort connection that supports G-SYNC gaming monitors, and a single HDMI 2.0 port that can drive up to 4K UHD monitors and big-screen TV’s at 60Hz.

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Let’s look what is offered other than the awesome features discussed previously, Strix SCAR II comes with an internal storage, 256GB of M.2 NVMe SSD that loads the games and other windows applications with a blink of the eyes, in addition with a single 1 TB solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD – SSD + HDD hybrid). Besides that, ASUS’s HyperCool Pro cooling technology helps to dissipate the heat via the three heatsinks and two fans to keep the laptop cooler under any heavy usage. One of the heatsink was linked exclusively to the GPU in order to handle the additional heat produced when gaming as well as to protect the internal parts from the heat. Each heatsink is lined up with an incredibly thin copper fins that enables more fins, thus giving an increased surface area for the heat dissipation.

Armoury Crate 

ASUS about to introduce a unified platform that puts crucial settings for games via a software. The Armoury Crate was meant to replace the ROG Gaming Center that had been around for a long time for most of the previous ROG laptops.

The image below shows the beta version of Armoury Crate and I was informed that Armoury Crate is only supported by Coffelake models. The supported models are GX531, GL704, GX701 series and GL12CX.

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The Armoury Crate comes with five profiles of systems with different performance and acoustic targets. As an example, the Turbo mode, which excellent for serious gaming, Silent mode to reduce the noise output, which highly suitable for watching movies or doing office based work, and a Balanced mode occupies in the center of the two modes. Wait, there is more, the Armoury Crate covers the settings and the Aura Sync lightning, and, the end users can customize with one of the four provided profiles to load their preferences for specific games and applications. For more info about the Armoury Crate, you can refer here.

When I can buy the GL704?


The ROG Strix SCAR II (GL704) will be available starting from December 14, 2018, nationwide in ROG authorized dealers.


The expected pricing of the GL704 will be as per the specifications below.

Pricing of GL704 – From official ASUS source.


To summarize my article, the Strix SCAR II (GL704) comes with an elegant design which makes it slightly unique compared to other ROG laptops. I personally like the thin bezels and the chassis of the laptop. The keypad positions are in the right place and suitable for the users who spends more time with their laptops compared to desktops.

Strix SCAR II GL704.

Looking at the specification offered in GL704, I personally feel the pricing is decent. Being a user of an ROG G752VT itself, I totally satisfied with the laptop. ASUS’s laptop was commonly known for their durability and software driver supports. One good thing of the GL704 is, it is slim, which adds, the advantage of owning it more. For university students who always game during the night, you can definitely list out the laptop in your checklist.

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