ASUS Announces Gaming Laptop FX505DY and FX705DY

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ASUS heats up again with their latest news on TUF Gaming Laptops, the FX505DY and FX705DY. The latest TUF lineup laptop features the next-Gen AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor, Radeon RX560X graphics, NanoEdge display with FreeSync technology, with up to 32GB of RAM. The laptop also passed the MIL-STD-810G testing standards for military-grade in term of toughness.

Image courtesy @ ASUS.

The FX505DY and FX705DY offers a balanced performance, excellent battery life and affordability in order to provide a smoother gaming experience. Now, let us have an overview on the offered specifications of this gaming laptop.


Below are the specifications of TUF Gaming FX505DY and FX705DY.

Specifications of FX505DY & FX705DY.

The full specification of the FX505DY and FX705DY can be downloaded here.

Highlighted Features

Processors & FreeSync

In general, the AMD’s Ryzen processors have taken the desktops by storm, competing with their opponent, Intel, and TUF gaming laptops lead the deployment of the new version. Known as Picasso, this 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile APU was built by an industry leading 12nm technology. The processor, Ryzen 5 3550H chip powers the FX505DY and FX705DY boasts four cores and eight threads that deliver capable performance for heavy games and daily tasks.


The Vega-based integrated graphics permits the APU to power the laptop by its own, which tends to help to conserve the uptime (power) and extend the battery life over seven hours of HD video playback on FX705DY and nearly six hours on FX505DY. AMD Switchable Graphics tech automatically activates the laptop’s discrete Radeon RX 560X. The GPU pumps out a smooth frame rate in heavy games such as Fortnite and Overwatch. Most affordable gaming laptops come with a fixed refresh rate on their display. However, the FX505DY and FX705DY use FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to cope up the display’s refresh rate along with its GPU’s frame rate. By doing so, it reduces visual tearing, cuts the input lag, and reduces stuttering to heighten the overall gaming experience.


FX505DY packs a 15.6-inch FHD IPS-level display, while its ‘elder’ brother, FX705DY features a 17.3-inch panel. Both features the narrow-bezel Nano Edge design, and have a wide viewing angle to keep the colors vivid even when the screen viewed off-center. The FX505DY has a high-refresh rate option that goes from 48-120Hz to offer smoother performance at higher frame rates. The standard 60Hz panel is great for graphically demanding game, while the alternative, 120Hz is recommended for fast-paced shooting games such as CS:GO and Overwatch.

Cooling System

Despite of being a gaming laptop, the TUF laptop stays cool, all the credit goes to a specially designed thermal solution that keeps the internal temperatures in control and maintains consistent performance over the time. Next, the HyperCool technology keeps the CPU and GPU cool with its independent fans for each dedicated chip. When the fan spins, a special anti-dust tunnels on the edges of the housing catch and directs particles out of the laptop to prevent them from clogging up the cooling system. This was an efficient cooling system made to prevent the dirt from building up on the heat-sinks and exhaust grill, which further can impede cooling enough to affect not only by its performance, but also reliability and stability.

Keyboard Layout

When it comes to gaming, each gaming laptop should come with an excellent design to fit both regular typing session and a gaming session. Living up TUF’s gaming laptop legacy, the keyboards of FX505DY and FX705DY were well placed. The HyperStrike deck brings a desktop-inspired layout with separated blocks of function keys for easier recognition and a full numeric keyboard for better number crunching. The keyboard comes with a dedicated backlit as well, with Red Matter versions of FX505DY and FX705DY, providing a red glow that mirrors their trim and Gold Steel models feature customizable RGB lightning. The RGB lightning can be adjusted with ROG Armoury software, which, unifies vital functions like lightning control, system monitoring, a configurable game profiles that automatically loads from customized settings.

Wireless, Connectivity and Audio

The FX505DY and FX705DY features Wi-Fi 5(802.11ac) as well as on-board Ethernet for lower latency for a serious gaming session (LAN party), and three given USB ports to connect to external storage without unplugging a gaming mouse and gamepad.


Both models deepen the gaming immersion with DTS Headphone:X technology that brings 7.1 – channel virtual surround sound to stereo audio speakers, let it be headphones or an external custom speaker. The given audio profiles are games, movies, sports and as well as user customization presets.



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As to conclude this, the TUF Gaming FX505DY and FX705DY laptop blends AMD components and technologies to elevate a smoother gaming experience. By uniting a single Ryzen APU with discrete Radeon graphics and a FreeSync display, it passed all the checkbox enumerated by the gamers who seeks a suitable gaming laptop to make the most of their budget.

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