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[Guide] Cable placement for ISP’s Modem

This is a very straight-forward tutorial on how to identify the right cable placement for the respective equipment’s. This tutorial is suitable for those who are in the situation as follows: People who wish to upgrade their network equipment, such as replacing / upgrading wireless router. People who wish to upgrade their network cable (LAN)

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TP-link SG1016D Gigabit Switch – Review

The demand of high speed internet is very demanding these days, especially, when the internet speed keeps upgraded by the respective ISP’s in the countries. However, the demand of accessing the fiber internet requires a good networking equipment’s in order to fully enjoy the speed. Hence, switches was revamped from hubs, and, living up to

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TP-LINK ARCHER C3150v2 – Review

Brand: tp-link (New Logo) Model: Archer C3150 Version: V2 Latest Firmware ver.: Archer C3150(US)_V2_170926 Subscribed Internet Package: UniFi Pro 100 Mbps (Thank You Surprise) Start Test Date: 5 March 2018 End Test Date: 12 March 2018 Test Duration (days): 7 Days Number of uptime days (w/out reboot): A week (still counting) #1 PACKAGING This is

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