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Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review – “An entry level of 2.1 system with a premium touch”, by Sonic Gear

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review

Sonic Gear Morro X5 is an entry level compact 2.1 speaker system aimed towards generic class of users. Producing up to 76W of power, this speaker system by far, the most powerful 2.1 system that costs below RM150 (est. $35.95) currently. Its well known rival to be is non other than Logitech Z213 and EDIFIER

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Sonic Gear Space 5 | REVIEW

The Sonic Gear Space 5 is the big brother of Sonic Gear Space 3, pricing at the SRP of RM135, I’ve taken this opportunity to give the speaker a test. OVERVIEW The speaker packaging was decent, marks all the important information regarding the speaker was well defined. The internal packaging of the speaker is decent,

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In general, SONIC GEAR was well known before for their EVO series. With mesmerizing graphical equalizer on their EVO lineup series, the reception of the user towards the EVO series, mostly negative due to there was a scandal involves in one of their famous EVO series. However, their Armageddon series especially, Armageddon A5 recieved massive

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