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ASUS RT-AC59U Dual Band MU-MIMO Wireless Router – Review

ASUS had recently introduced a new entry level dual-band wireless router that uses the latest wireless standard protocol, 802.11ac Wave 2. The RT-AC59U is a new AC1500 router that comes with a better processor compared to its predecessor, the RT-AC58U. ASUS claims, the AC59U has a better wireless signal strength compared to AC58U and serves

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Internet Service Provider – ISP EXPLAINED! What is an ISP? How do they contribute to us?

An internet service provider is also known as an ISP, provides an access to the internet via a subscription-based service. The ISP’s usually plants their own infrastructure to provide their service to the end users. This infrastructure often generally known as cables, i.e. fibre cables, copper cables, etc. Some ISP’s do provide a satellite based

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DiGi Fibre is available now! Offering 50 Mbps for RM99/month and 100Mbps for RM129/month – Open for Kajang, Subang and Rawang residents

The month of April is full of surprises with the recent announcement by fibre packages offered by the internet service provider such as unifi and maxis. Digi on the other hand shocked the nation with their sudden announcement of expending their fibre services to the selected areas in the Klang Valley particularly Kajang, Bangi, Subang

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