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Mesh WiFi: What is Mesh WiFi – The Future of True Wireless Technology

Mesh Wi-Fi: What is Mesh Wi-Fi - The future of true wireless technology

Mesh WiFi commonly advertised as Whole Home WiFi solution by giant networking gear provider built to provide solution by serving a purpose to broaden the wireless coverage mostly for larger homes. This solution was made to eliminate the dead-spots in the house to enable the wireless signal to be made available in every inch of

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AiMesh – Worth for your hard earned pennies?

Previously, I’ve talked about how to setup AiMesh feature on ASUS wireless routers, and today, I am about to explain what is AiMesh is all about. Now let’s have a look at the general view of the AiMesh from the manufacturer perspective. Now, let’s move into the main agenda of this article. What is AiMesh is

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ASUS Lyra Trio Mesh Wi-Fi System – Expand your network in equal subscribed bandwidth | REVIEW

OVERVIEW The Mesh Wireless Routers aren’t considered as a new technology. Reason? When we used to visit the hospitals, universities, government offices used these technologies as well to enlarge their wireless access to the public.   Imagine, you’ve purchased a bungalow or a Semi-D houses, and you wish to cover your entire house with the

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