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ASUS RT-AC86U AC2900 Dual Band Gaming Wireless Router – Good News for Gamers! | Review

OVERVIEW In general, ASUS AC86 is an upgraded version of its smaller brother, ASUS AC68U. Maybe you can reverse the “68 to 86 or vice versa” for extra understandings. This router, has the similar design of Lamborghini sports cars along with my beloved, ASUS G752VT laptop. I personally like the design compared to its traditional

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HUAWEI WS880 – The best router ever produced by Huawei Technologies | Review

A few years ago, a reputable brand released their own router to the Malaysian market, under the code-name of Huawei Media-Life WS880. This router considered as a boon for the user as, this router promises awesome features along with the customize (firmware) options. PACKAGING’S Before un-boxing The box design was decent and simply the best

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ASUS BRT-AC828 Business Router – The best business router for Small & Big Organizations | REVIEW

When I used to visit the business premises or business organizations, the first thing I will look for is their server rack of what type of the router that, they are using currently. Most of the business organizations, tend to use the stock supplied ISP router, Archer C1200v1. Well, dear bosses, do not worry as

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