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How to pick an Internet Service Provider? An ultimate guide on experiencing a better internet service

Generally, picking an internet service provider usually a tough decision to be made. This is due to, most ISP’s bound their customers with 24-month contracts, however, in some special cases, there will be a minimum of 12-month contract or may not. In the era of 2010, Malaysians was first introduced high speed fibre broadband known

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I own a Gigabit Wireless Router, I am not hitting 1Gbps on LAN. Why?

In general, we have few major ISP’s Provider here, in Malaysia. With TIME being the “King of the fastest internet”, offering up to 1Gbps in their recent plans for high rise building equipped with fibre, UniFi however, conquer most of the residential areas and be the “King of the residential area” internet provider. Most of

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