ASUS Republic of Gamers: Intel Laptop Lineup gets Liquid Metal for 2020 – Reduction in temperature thanks to exotic thermal compound and noise reduction for a better experience

ASUS Republic of Gamers announced the rollout of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, a liquid metal thermal compound for their ROG lineup gaming laptop of the year 2020 by featuring Intel’s 10 Gen processors. ROG has patented a factory-application process to produce… Read More ›

ASUS Republic of Gamers: Sizzling Electro Punk Gaming Laptops and Peripherals Announced – High-energy pink and black color for unique gaming experience

ASUS Republic of Gamers announces their all-new series of Electro Punk themed special edition gaming devices with bold black-and-pink color combination. ROG designers picked to focus on cyberpunk-inspired pinks. After a few trials, ROG designers were set down on a high-energy hue with… Read More ›