TP-link SG1016D Gigabit Switch – Review

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The demand of high speed internet is very demanding these days, especially, when the internet speed keeps upgraded by the respective ISP’s in the countries. However, the demand of accessing the fiber internet requires a good networking equipment’s in order to fully enjoy the speed. Hence, switches was revamped from hubs, and, living up to this demand, TP-Link, D-Link and a few other manufacturers come up with their own switches.

Today, I’m going to review the unmanaged switch from TP-Link, the SG1016D Gigabit Switch. Now, let’s browse through the features offered by this switch:

Highlighted Features

  • Innovative energy-efficient technology saves power consumption
  • Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control for Full Duplex mode and backpressure for Half Duplex mode
  • Non-blocking switching architecture that forwards and filters packets at full wire-speed for maximum throughput
  • 32Gbps Switching Capacity
  • 10KB Jumbo frame improves performance of large data transfers
  • Auto-MDI/MDIX eliminates the need for crossover cables
  • Supports MAC address auto-learning and auto-aging
  • Store and forward Switching scheme
  • Auto-negotiation ports provide smart integration between 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1000Mbps hardware.
  • Plug and Play design simplifies installation

Pricing at the SRP of RM250 at Sri Komputers in Lowyat, I must say, this unmanaged switch considered worth for its price, do note that, the managed, easy smart switches and smart switches will cost you more.

Before Unboxing

The box provides the general information on the switch located at the rear of the box, along with its model, specifications located at the left side of the box and the given features at the right side of the box.

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The model number of the switch and the type of the switch was carved on the front of the box, hence, when buying the switch of your need, especially  when it comes to an enterprise based switch, always look for the model number of the switch to avoid you wrongly buy a wrong switch, that, against your plans.

After Unboxing

The switch comes with a premium feel due to its steel casing. I found that, the material used in the steel casing was best when comparing to switches of its class in the market (competitors).

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As per advertised, the switch does come with 16 Gigabit MDI/MDIX ports, by which, each port available can support up to 2Gbps for single port and when combined, 32Gbps switch capacity for 16 ports.


Below are the specifications of the SG1016D:

Standards and Protocols IEEE 802.3i, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab , IEEE 802.3x
Interface 16 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports (Auto Negotiation/Auto MDI/MDIX)
Network Media 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (maximum 100m)
100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T: UTP category 5, 5e or above cable (maximum 100m)
Fan Quantity Fanless
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Maximum: 9.26W (220V/50Hz)
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 11.6*7.1*1.7 in. (294*180*44 mm)

For full specifications of the switch, you can refer here.

User Experience

The installation process was easy. I don’t feel much hassle during setting up the switch. Personally, I prefer the rack-mounted switches due to, I build my very own home network by using an enterprise based server rack. I always prefer to go fully on wired in order to fully enjoy my 800Mbps internet connection.

Usually, we can’t see much difference when using switches, as its purpose is to serve as to provide an additional port for more devices to access to the internet via a physical connection [LAN cables]. Your device’s hardware specification does.

Personally, I feel the switch does handle the task well. Under heavy conditions such as file transfer between my laptop to my NAS, I able to achieve full speed. I’ve put some vigorous test towards the switch where, I’ve set my laptop to do the file transfer to NAS, torrenting on my main PC and, playing games on my other dedicated gaming PC, and, the outcome of the test shows a positive indicator of the performance of the switch.


Mind you that, for best optimum performance of the file transfer, it is highly advisable to use a Cat 6 cable which recommended, however, if you are a budget user, Cat5e is the miminum requirement to enjoy the 1Gbps speed.

The switch runs cooler, and, there is no much heat dissipation from it, which adds itself in the long term run. The indicator located at the side of the ports shows the current activity of the switch, with LED’s indicator to show whether it has negotiated to 100Mbps or 1 Gbps of internet connection.

The downside of this switch is, you can’t sway the access of the device through the ports by MAC address, limits the throughput to QoS and, you can’t really power over Ethernet powered device via PoE feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ease of setup
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Rack-mountable
  • Supports up to 32Gbps switching capacity
  • LED’s indicator for each current activity of the ports.


  • No management interface [unmanaged switch]
  • Lacks of PoE port unlike easy smart switches.


To conclude my review here, this switch, most probably, one of the best unmanaged switches currently in the Malaysian market. Mind you that, few selections of port of a switches were given. Generally, for normal home consumers, you can always opt for 5 port gigabit switches, let it be, unmanaged or an easy smart switch. However, if, you have more devices, then, you can always prefer rack-mountable switches that offer more ports, more stability and more options for setting up the devices.

[TECHCYN] 3 December 2018_Article Design.png
My current home network  setup.

If you’re planning to use unifiTV via this switch, I believe you can’t, as the switch only detects the VLAN tags set via the wireless router regardless of what wireless router brand you’re using currently.

I would highly recommend this switch for beginners who wishing to turn on their browsing experience, without any frequent disconnection as when using wireless connectivity. For such price tag, I would say, this switch, one of the most affordable enterprise based unmanaged switch available currently.

Last but not least, if you subscribe to internet package below 100Mbps, you still can use this switch to access to the internet regardless of what type of the device you’re using currently, let it be a laptop, or a PC.

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