Vinnfier Ecco 3BTR Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System Review – High performance USB powered speaker with 7 pulsating LED lights

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Vinnfier Ecco 3BTR


Built Quality








User Experience



  • Solid bass delivery
  • Handle loud volume w/out being distorted
  • 7 Pulsating RGB LED colors
  • LED effects from each satellite speakers
  • Bluetooth, USB and radio support


  • Less available in market
  • No physical bass/treble knob


The Ecco 3BTR is an entry level of 2.1 speaker system from Vinnfier. Despite being a 2.1 speaker system, it is fully powered over a USB connection. The Ecco 3BTR is compatible with laptop, PC, gaming consoles and smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities.


Kindly not to be confused with EDIFIER, the Vinnfier is a separate company that manufactures speakers for audio enthusiasts out there. 

Ecco 3BTR offers three modes i.e. PC, USB mode, Bluetooth mode and radio mode. You can control/shift to the desired modes by pressing the button dedicated at the front of the subwoofer box.

The accessories that come in the box are a unit of Ecco 3BTR, a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB 2.0 cable connector, a user manual and a warranty card.


There is no official product page for this speaker in its manufacturer website, hence, the only source of the specification sheet is from the packaging of the speaker.

Output Power (RMS) 12W
Speaker Unit Subwoofer: 3” (6W)
Satellite: 2” x 2 (3W x 2)
Frequency Response 45Hz-18KHz
Power Supply USB Powered 5V
Subwoofer Size W180 x D161 x H125 (mm)
Satellite Size W82 x D82 x H115 (mm)

I must say that, the Ecco 3BTR comes with a decent specifications there.


The speaker small in size, hence able to fit in even in a limited space of your computer desk. You only need to power the speaker on via plugging it into a USB port of your computer or laptop.


The first thing that caught up my attention is the size of the speaker system. It is really small and to be surprised, it is very light. I mean, I can accept the satellite speakers to be light, generally, but I didn’t expect the subwoofer to feel light as well. The satellite and woofer driver feel cheap and the casing of the speaker system feels cheap as well. By unboxing the speaker at this moment, I was already starting to think of the audio quality delivery of this speaker due to its cheap build.

Next, each satellite speaker comes with an LED indicator which lights up to sync along with the type of audio being played and indicating that, the satellite driver was actually coping up and serves a purpose as, the satellite speaker is working well (can be useful in the future if, one of your satellite drivers passed out). Looking at the subwoofer, it offers four physical buttons, play/pause (for USB and Bluetooth mode), previous/forward (USB, Bluetooth and radio mode) and a power/mode (change the speaker mode i.e. PC, USB, Bluetooth or radio) button. There are four LED indicators located at the front of the subwoofer which serves to pulsating 7 RGB colors, clockwise randomly.

Audio Experience

The Ecco 3BTR undergone three hours with a total of burning in session to enable the speaker driver delivers a peak performance. Now, let’s get into my experience of using this small 2.1 speaker system.

Ecco 3BTR is in the action.

The Ecco 3BTR delivers a decent quality of bass output. To be added, the bass quality is deep and excellent despite fully powered via a USB connection. Listening to high quality musics at a bit-rate of 320Kbps, I truly enjoy my music experience and, it is not powerful enough to shake the entire room with its bass delivery, certainly, you will experience a decent bass experience when you are near to the subwoofer.

Ecco 3BTR syncing along with the audio through its satellite speakers.

However, despite of its excellent bass delivery for its range, the clarity from the satellite driver of the music or movies is average and, you can further enhance the clarity by tweaking the equalizer settings on your media player. The only problem with this Ecco 3BTR is, no bass/treble knob to tune the sound level, physically, hence, when switching over USB mode or radio mode, the audio quality delivery depends on the bit-rate of the song you’re playing currently for USB / Bluetooth mode and the signal reception of the antenna for radio mode. Ecco 3BTR handles the loud volume without any audio distortion that causes a drop in audio quality delivery.



The Ecco 3BTR priced at RM58 and it is highly affordable for students who are currently looking for a cheap 2.1 speaker system to fill their dorm with an amazing audio via a USB powered speaker. The Vinnfier Ecco 3BTR did an amazing job by giving a decent audio experience for me. It is highly suitable for heavy usage, but it is not comparable with other higher end of 2.1 speaker system from other speaker manufacturer. Overall, I truly enjoyed using this speaker and I must say, Ecco 3BTR is the first speaker model that I’ve tested from this brand and apparently, I can highly recommend this speaker model for the students.

Do you plan to buy a new USB powered 2.1 speaker system? Then give a try to Ecco 3BTR.

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