SonicGear U300 Soundbar Review – Best budget soundbar for PC enthusiast

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SonicGear U300


Built Quality






Audio Quality





  • Highly affordable
  • Compact design
  • Controllable RGB Light effects
  • Decent audio quality
  • Each 2" speaker driver gets own dedicated reflex port


  • Weak bass
  • Underpowered speaker system
SonicGear U300: Light Off

The SonicGear U300 is an entry level of soundbar system that widely available in most IT retail stores currently. It was manufactured by SonicGear whose famous for their notable speaker variants, i.e. Evolution “Evo” series, Armageddon, Blue Thunder and Titan Series. The U300 is a smaller brother of BT300 that differs in terms of features and offering. The BT300 offers features such as USB Charging, TF Card, AUX in and audio controls for FM radios and supports Bluetooth as well. On the other hand, the U300 only comes with USB wired connection and offers single functionality. In general, the BT300 costs RM10 more than U300 in the market.

Looking at the U300, it offers colorful pulsating light effects with an option to turn off the light effects to further save your battery life of your laptops (if you use this soundbar with your laptop).

Highlighted Feature

  • USB 5V Power Input
  • MIC Input
  • 7 Colors Pulsating LED


The official website of the manufacturer is undergoing improvement, hence, the only source of the specification sheet of this product is from the packaging itself.

Output Power 1.8W x 2
Speaker Unit 2 x 2”
Frequency Response 50Hz – 20KHz
Power Supply DC 5V
Speaker Size 479 x 66 x 76mm


Now, moving into reviewing this soundbar, I will let you know of what you should expect from a soundbar that costs below than RM100:

  1. Decent audio quality by sacrificing bass quality unless certain soundbar models comes with a wireless subwoofer.
  2. Low volume output from the soundbar especially those powered over USB connection
  3. Lesser battery life of your laptop (if you using it to power this unit on) especially if the LED light effects were turned on.



The standard accessories supplied along with the unit are a user manual guide. The unit further comes with 1-year warranty as standard.


At the side of the soundbar, two audio 3.5mm input given each dedicated for headphone and microphone. This soundbar highly suitable for streamers due to its microphone jack which is highly suitable if you’re using a high quality microphone.


Next, the soundbar powered by 1.8W dual 2” speaker driver located at each side with dual reflex band pass enclosure which surprising for me because at first glance, it appears like a passive radiator that can be found in Audiobox U150 soundbar. The only physical controller provided via this unit is the volume knob which acts as a power switch and volume level and a toggle switch to turn on/off the light effects. Do note that you can’t control the light effects as it was pre-coded in the system already.


There are two physical toggle switches and knobs given. Now, you can control the pulsating light effects with the toggle switch located at the rear of the unit and as for the powering the unit up, you can use the volume knob to control both volume level and to power the unit on/off.

Audio Experience

If you want to experience the real-time audio quality of this soundbar, you can refer to the product review video here.

When it comes to soundbar, its purpose is to be placed at the centre of your PC monitor, well if you use the soundbar for your PC to centralise the audio output delivery to your ear, equally. Unlike 2.0 or 2.1 speaker systems, you can’t expect same audio quality from the soundbar. The purpose of soundbar is to deliver crystal clear audio by sacrificing low frequency (bass). The total space consumed by the U300 is not much as it can fit at almost any compact desk space without restricting your access to other peripherals on your desk.


To make the game fairer, I’ve used this soundbar with my laptop, running on Windows 10 Home. I leave the audio settings to be default and fully rely on equalizer settings (EQ: Cars) made in the music player of my choice, Groove Music. The quality of the audio delivers from U300 is impressive for its price range. It outperforms most of the 2.0 USB powered speakers in the market such as Logitech Z120 and SonicGear Titan 2. The presence of dual reflex band pass enclosure really helps the 2” driver to breath in more air passes it out at each side.

Watching movies through this soundbar gives unpleasant experience as, some real-life effects such as shooting, bombing, fighting i.e. becomes waste. The soundbar unit has tried its best to produce a good effect, but, it is not powerful enough to do so. However, in terms of vocals and clarity, the U300 wins.

When turning the volume up, the U300 seems to struggle to produce a crystal-clear audio delivery as the small drivers struggling to cope up with the songs played currently.


SonicGear U300: Light On

As to conclude the review of this product, I would strongly express my point of view in terms of audio quality of this unit. You can’t really expect much from a soundbar at this price range regardless of the advantage of controlling the light effects via toggle button. Otherwise, the soundbar did the job well.

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