Sonic Gear Titan 7 BTMI Pro 2017 Review – Seven pulsating RGB colors with ‘Extra bass’

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Sonic Gear Titan 7 Pro BTMI


Build Quality






Audio Experience


User Experience



  • Affordable
  • Offers multiple modes
  • 7-pulsating RGB colors
  • Decent audio quality
  • EQ button (for USB/SD and Radio mode)


  • Unsynchronized RGB Effects
  • Absence of Treble knob
Sonic Gear Titan 7 Pro – Off state.


Looking at a few years back, the market was controlled by numerous 2.1 speaker system varies from few desktop speaker manufacturers. Sonic Gear once ruled the market with their Evolution ‘Evo’ series with their famous built-in equalizer visualization effects. Recently, when the RGB becomes a necessity, Sonic Gear actually ‘gears-up’ to come up with their RGB 2.1 speaker system, the Titan 7 BTMI Pro. The Titan 7 is an elder brother of Titan 2 USB powered speaker which I’ve reviewed earlier. How does the Titan 7 perform? Check the review out.

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The packaging comes standard with the details of Titan 7 printed on the box, with specification sheet printed on the left side of the box.


As for the accessories, you will get the standard items shipped together with the unit, a unit of Sonic Gear Titan 7 Pro, a 3.5 mm audio jack and a user manual.


The official product page dedicated to this model, Titan 7 at their official website, Sonic Gear is currently inactive, hence, I’ve to refer to the specification sheet printed on the side of the packaging box.

Driver Size 3″ x 2
Frequency Resposnse 180Hz – 20KHz
Output Power 5W x 2
Driver Size 5″
Frequency Resposnse 40Hz – 200Hz
Output Power 15W
Total System Info
Total System Power 50W
Pure System Power 25W

According to the specification, you can further unlock the total system power by turning the volume over 50%, which is similar to the Logitech Z313 speaker system which, I’ve reviewed before this.


The setting up of the speaker is straightforward and, all you have to do is, to plug-in the given cables according to the dedicated I/O slots and you’re good to go to fire up the speaker.


Satellite Speakers


The satellite speakers equipped with a 3″ driver to produce mids and vocal protected by a hard plastic cover containing LED’s directed to the centre cone of the speaker driver. Pressing the diaphragm of the driver feels cheap. Similar to Evo speaker series by Sonic Gear, the Titan 7 doesn’t actually come with an actual tweeter, rather it serves as a decoration of the satellite speaker. Each satellite speaker does come with 7 pulsating RGB colors.


Sonic Gear Titan 7 Pro BTMI – Subwoofer.

The subwoofer design reminds me of Armageddon A5 speaker from the same manufacturer. However will the sound quality will be the same as an A5? Let’s focus on the detail of the Titan 7 subwoofer. The Titan 7 comes with a unit of 5″ bass driver and covered with ‘Sonic Gear’ hard plastic cover which serves to direct the RGB effects to the bass driver. At the front of the subwoofer, you can control the level of the volume and the bass via the given knob and there is no any treble knob given.

Looking at the top of the subwoofer, you get two I/O option, an SD Card slot and a 2.0 USB port, serves for USB/SD Card mode. Not to be excluded in the list, a mode button, a previous, a play/pause, a next, an EQ button and a small LED indicator are also present.

The overall downside of the design of Titan 7 is the placement of the buttons, as if the user decides to place the speaker at the top of the desk, he/she shouldn’t have problem on accessing the functions, but, for the users who placed the subwoofer down their desk? No remote option for the Titan 7.


You can shift the mode of the Titan 7 to serve according to your current need. The given modes are:

  • PC Mode
  • USB/SD Card Mode
  • Radio Mode

The modes can be accessed (changed) via the button given at the top of the speaker system.

Audio Experience

PC Mode

The first mode tested after powering the system up. The Titan 7 is compatible with laptop, PC, consoles and TV’s. After two hours of a proper burning in session, a proper analysis can be carried out. Starting off with the bass quality, well, it is not impressive, although few tweaks had been done via the music player equalizer. Turning the bass knob over only worsens the bass output by producing a distort bass quality. To overcome this situation, the bass knob was set to 60% and the rest of the responsibilities was given to the preferred media player to take care of the rest. Vocal output from the satellite drivers was executed as well. The Titan 7 gives best performance when the volume is under 50% and turning it over, gives a loud musical experience with distorted audio quality as a bonus.

Watching my favorite anime’s and movies, the Titan 7 performs decently. The audio produced was balanced and, the vocal can be heard clearly and, the subwoofer seems to execute its duty pretty well. Gaming with Titan 7, well, not the best experience as, some of the audio details (voice-overs and special effects) couldn’t be delivered well by the satellite drivers especially playing action-based games.

Overall, although at some point the Titan 7 struggles to execute its task, it deserves a good recognition of performing the task well.

Radio Mode

Titan 7 comes with an antenna that can be adjusted further to improve the radio frequency reception thus, improving the audio quality. Positioned in the best state, the audio quality during the Titan 7 running on radio mode is average only to be presented with a muddy bass compared to a balanced sound, here, the absence of treble knob plays a big drawback of the Titan 7 in radio mode although the audio quality can be slightly improved by tuning the equalizer button given at the top of the subwoofer.

USB/SD Card Mode

The good thing about Titan 7 is, it instantly picks up the command when a pendrive was plugged in. The songs were used to test the audio quality are rated at 320 Kbps. Playing songs, the Titan 7 biased towards clarity more than giving out a balanced audio quality. Tuning the bass knob only helps to produce a distorted bass than increasing the bass quality.



To sum things up, this speaker currently available in selected stores in Lowyat Plaza and official Sonic Gear Store which I will share the link. After a week testing the Titan 7, I personally feel that, this speaker might not be in the same league as EDIFIER and Logitech (same price-range speaker models), but for the budget seekers, yes, the Titan 7 will suit you and serve you until it reaches EOL. The Titan 7 is recommended for RGB enabled speaker and budget seekers, but not towards a pure audio enthusiast.

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