Logitech Z313 – Cheap 2.1 Speaker for budget seekers | REVIEW

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Happy Malaysia Day everyone.

Today, we are going to have a quick look at the Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System for budget users.

This speaker retails at the price of RM159.00 at Mines currently.


Before Un-boxing:

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After Un-boxing:


Satellite Speaker

Figure 8: The satellite speaker of Logitech Z313.


The satellite speaker comes with 2.5-inch driver with small porting for the airflow at the front of the speaker. It is a mystery, why there is a barrier located at the end of the porting hole. The fabric used to cover the satellite speaker were built with the highest quality material which makes these speakers to be a like a high end speaker.



The 4-inch woofer driver seems cheap as it is very soft when a small amount of pressure were put on the diaphragm of the driver. Not the best woofer driver that I’ve seen so far, but acceptable for such price.



  1. Cheap
  2. Awesome design
  3. Decent bass and crystal audio
  4. Small design (can fit in a compact desktop).
  5. External volume and power control
  6. Presence of 3.5mm audio jack.
  7. High watt power (RMS).


  1. Doesn’t comes with a bass knob.
  2. At high volume, the bass seems to be giving distorted sound.


First of all, this speaker only meant to be for light usage and highly not recommended if you are a bass lover or a heavy gamer. But, if you’re a gamer and you are a budget user, then, you can consider this speaker as your primary audio speaker.

Figure 11: The speaker in a complete view.

Secondly, this speaker is small and able to fit even in the most compact desktop. It is highly recommended, to place the woofer under your table as if you put on the table, you won’t feel much bass coming from the woofer.

Thirdly, this speaker doesn’t come with a bass knob, yes, this speaker don’t have a bass knob unlike its smaller brother, Logitech Z213, this speaker balances the bass and the treble within its amplifier, hence, it is highly advisable to tweak your on-board equalizer settings to fit the audio experience to your ears.

Finally, this despite from the cons, the speaker does have pros at it. The bass driver may look cheap, but it punches deep bass, although at some point, when the volume was raised up, the bass seems to be distorted. This speaker, worth for your bucks.

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