Logitech Z120 USB Powered Speaker – Review


These days, USB powered speaker become so trendy until, few speaker manufacturers come up with their own USB powered speaker product range to cope up with the current trend. Being a part of this colossal race, Logitech launched their own USB powered speakers. In general, Logitech was well known for their desktop peripherals and speakers in the market. The latest Logitech Z120  speaker is an example of compact stereo speakers powered over a USB connection.

Logitech Z120 Mini Stereo USB Powered Speaker.

Previously, I’ve personally tested a USB powered speaker by Edifier, and I claimed that, the Edifier R12U considered as the best USB powered speaker currently. Our agenda today, I shall review the Logitech Z120 mini-stereo USB powered speaker.

Firstly, the box comes with a decent design with a decent product description. The box is small, mind you, but, the speaker is quite big for normal USB powered speaker.

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Secondly, the speaker comes with a simple design. The power and volume knob present at the right speaker of Z120. A single yellow LED indicator was located beside the knob to indicate the current status of the speaker. To be added, the Logitech Z120 uses one inch drivers and the front of the speakers is exposed. The one inch drivers come with a cone that has a soft rubber lining in order to protect the speaker from sliding around the smooth surface.


At the rear of the speaker, the speaker does give the user to adjust the length of the cords via the cable management solution on the back of the speakers. This is, by far, the first USB speakers I’ve tested who gives such a smart solution for their users.

The rear view of the Z120 speaker.

Overall, the design of the speaker was well done. This speaker is very light, weighting around 550 grams in total, this speaker is portable for those who used to travel.  The Z120 has a total power output of 1.2 Watts can be used as an audio device for laptops, desktops and smartphones.


The specifications of the Logitech Z120 are as follows:

Specifications of Z120 Speaker.

For a full detailed specification of the speaker, you may go here.

User Experience

The setting up process of the speaker is a charm. The speaker can easily to be powered once the USB connector and audio male jack were plugged into the USB port and audio jack port of your desktop or your laptop.

A USB Cable (male) and a 3.5mm Audio Jack.

Next, let us see what does this speaker has to offer to end users like us. The first moment I powered up the speaker, I feel the quality of the material used for its casing and the volume knob is good. For such price range, the plastic casing feels solid and the speaker offers a premium look when it comes to USB powered line-up speakers.

Now, let’s have a look into the crucial part of this review, the audio quality from the speaker. In general, most general user’s don’t really care about the bass output from any USB powered speaker, as they only need a proper speaker to listen to their favorite musics. But, for audio enthusiasts like me, a good speaker characteristic not only depends on the quality of the material used or the design of the speaker, but, the audio performance of the speaker as well, plays a vital role in fully utilizing the speaker.


First of all, the bass output from the speaker is simply, decent, mind you that, the best audio quality from your speaker depends on how well you tweak your on-board or your preferred media player’s equalizer. The bass does not shake your entire room, but, it only gives a good amount of bass when you’re sitting near to it. The vocal clarity is simply crisp and clear. I able to catch up the voice when I was watching movies without even need to raise up the volume. The Z120 scores a perfect mark for both the bass and clarity output here. Now, to answer the important question, how does the speaker performs for a balanced audio (involving both bass and clarity output at the same time), the answer is, the Logitech Z120 scores 8 out of 10 marks here.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Affordable.
  2. Crisp audio quality.
  3. Decent bass for its class.
  4. Quality of the material used – Volume button feels premium.


  1. No audio 3.5mm port – for headphone users.


To sums this article up, the Logitech Z120 by far, the best USB speaker I’ve tested so far, the pricing at RM45, this speaker definitely fits right into your desktop or laptop. A small reminder to audio enthusiasts, this speaker only for the users who want a better audio output from their inbuilt laptop speakers, hence, the audio quality of this speaker compared to the standard 2.0 speakers may vary. However, for the price tag of this speaker, this speaker definitely worth for your money.

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      Answering your question, if you’re more into the budget, opt for logitech z120, otherwise, if you care about the audio quality, go for Edifier R12U.


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