IMPERION R1 RAYTHEON 2.1 Gaming Speaker – Does it really conquer the ears? | REVIEW


We have at-least 20% of gamers reside in Malaysia and there are several groups created in Facebook dedicated for gamers. In the discussion of the group, one of the highlighted issues are, speakers that suits for gamers. Since nowadays most PC equipments come with RGB feature, according to the current trend of PC Master Race, most speaker manufacturers such as Sonic Gear and Vinnfier comes up with their own RGB speakers for gamers.

However, today, we’re not going to discuss on the two brands stated at the top, today, we are going to look at the most special and affordable gaming speaker by IMPERION.


The IMPERION RAYTHEON 2.1 Speaker is in the range of gaming speakers out there. Pricing at the SRP of RM179, this speaker definitely a dream of the gamers of owning a speaker that would satisfy their cravings of owning a good sound system at an affordable price.


The general built quality of the speaker is good, especially when it comes to the woofer box, however, it differs when it comes to the satellite speaker, the built quality is not promising as, it would be easily toppled over.


The packaging of the speaker is decent and the box is not that huge. You can carry this speaker on a bike as well.

Before Unboxing


After Unboxing



  • 2.1 CH Bluetooth speaker.
  • Built-in Bluetooth / USB.
  • 3.5mm Audio Input.
  • With 7 Colors RGB Lights on subwoofer.
  • RMS: 18W+10Wx2=38W.
  • Driver: 5″+2″x4.
  • Impedance: 4Ohm Bass/2 Ohm satellite.
  • S/N Ratio: 65dB.
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz~20kHz.
  • Dimension: (mm).
  • Subwoofer: W188*H187*D723.
  • Satellite Speaker: W66*H216*D72.


Satellite Speaker


The satellite speaker comes with 2″x4 driver that produces high vocal clarity, and at some point, when the volume was set to high, the driver seems to be punching a minimal amount of bass.


I personally like the subwoofer design here. This woofer comes with a volume knob located at the top, a treble knob located in the middle and a bass knob that located at the bottom.


The bass reflex port was located at the rear of the subwoofer, so, I would strongly recommend that, if you decided to place the woofer at the top of your desk, make sure, to place the woofer not too close to the wall. Keep at a distance between the wall and the bass reflex port.


A closer look of the subwoofer. The driver built quality is good. The diaphragm of the speaker feels solid.


The setting up of this speaker is easy. Just follow the given instruction and you’re good to go.

The lights can be customized as only two presets were given at the moment, a color cycle and a solid color. A single button given to control the preset of the lights, by which, when the woofer were turned on, the preset turns into color cycle, when the button pressed once, the color cycle turns solid according to current color, you can repeat the process as well for your favorite color. However, you can’t turn off the lights.



In order to get optimum output from this speaker, it is highly recommended to tweak your equalizer settings in your stock sound-card or an aftermarket sound-card.

The light was set to white color.



The bass from the woofer is deep. I always play 320kbps song, so, I can feel the deep bass at the half volume, the bass seems to be solid and not distorted.


Watching an HD movie or a blue-ray movies, the bass is deep and I really enjoy my movie session with this speaker.


Playing games such as CS or PUBG, the speaker delivers deeper bass and I have a fun gaming session here.



This satellite speaker comes with 4 x 2″ driver. All the driver did a great job on delivering vocal, although, the speaker seems cheap. No issues here.


Watching movie and the audio quality that comes through the speaker seems decent and I can catch most dialogues from the movie w/out even have to increase the volume.


If you played CSGO game, you should know the importance of receiving commands and, a good vocal shall guide you to the victory, hence, this speaker scores here.

Balance Audio


Playing the song at its highest bit-rate seems perfect. I just love my music session through this speaker.


As mentioned in the above, the speaker delivers deeper bass and crystal solid vocal of the movies.


The speaker scores a perfect score here.



  1. Cheap and affordable.
  2. Deep bass in the same par with the legendary Altec Lansing VS4121 & Edifier E3100.
  3. The size of the woofer is decent & the design of the subwoofer is one of the best.
  4. The subwoofer can be placed on top of the desk, although there is a myth that, subwoofer must be placed at the bottom of the desk.
  5. Bass and Treble control given.
  6. RGB – The light can be controlled with a button, given two presets, automated light cycle or solid color.
  7. Bluetooth and USB feature available.


  1. The satellite speaker design is awful – not stable and can be toppled over easily.
  2. In order to enjoy the deep bass, you bass knob should be at the maximum level.
  3. The subwoofer will move when at high volume.


As a conclusion, as per title tagline above, do it really conquer your ears? My answers is yes. It does. Whether you like or not the brand, it does deliver what it promises.


This speaker not suitable if you’re student and staying in a dorm (university) as, the bass from this speaker is too strong and, it might disturb the person at the next door. However, if you’re a student living at outside (rent/parents house), then, this speaker definitely for you.

To summarize my points, this speaker, totally worth for your money, if you’re missing the good old days with Altec Lansing, then, you won’t get wrong with this speaker as well.

2 comments on “IMPERION R1 RAYTHEON 2.1 Gaming Speaker – Does it really conquer the ears? | REVIEW”

  1. How does this speaker IMPERION R1 RAYTHEON 2.1 compare to what is available today for under rm500? I have the Altec Lansing still in my home but because many places do not have demo models to listen first for auditioning, I won’t buy them.

    1. Hey there,

      The Imperion speaker did well. The bass is comparable with the famous AL VS4121. If you wish to opt for a better brand, you can try with edifier speakers. Personally, I am using an Edifier Luna E25HD for my desktop, and, it is slightly rm250 above your budget. If you wish to proceed with 2.1 speakers, you may try Edifier C2X, Edifier E3100 (personally my favorite) or an Edifier C3 (You will need a good soundcard to fully optimize the audio quality of this model).

      Thanks for dropping by.

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