EDIFIER R1000T4 (The best budget 2.0 Speaker in the market)- REVIEW

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Good day everyone. Today, we are focusing on another speaker from EDIFIER, the bookshelf speaker, EDIFIER R1000T4 speaker. It is a 2.0 speaker for music lovers.

The speaker currently retails at the price of RM219.00. You can use their official website to directly purchase from them. I, personally, used their official website to purchase a 5.1 speaker from them, and the way I receive the parcel from them were well packed and it was perfect. Trusted.



Let me summarize in the shortest explanation as possible. Simple and elegant. The information of the product was well shown to and the customer able to make the right choice to choose EDIFIER as one of their RIG’s “family”.



The right speaker is the “master” and the left speaker is the “slave”. The speaker does come with two knobs, volume knob and the bass knob. The buttons feel pretty solid and although this is a low range speaker in the 2.0 Book-shelf speaker series, the button was well built and the I like perfection of EDIFIER of developing a good speaker that delivers what you’ve payed for. Some consumers may not happy with the speakers they bought from Brand X or Y. But, I personally feel that, they won’t feel regret if they tried out the masterpiece of EDIFIER speakers.


I will further divide this part to 3 simple sub – parts.

One. Volume

Rating at 24watts, this speaker does produce high sound. Although not up to 2.1 speaker level, but it is decent enough for those who wish not to disturb their neighbors.

Two. Bass

This speaker comes with a 4” bass drivers and ¾” silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers which delivers a decent amount of sound quality.

Three. Treble 

This speaker doesn’t come with a treble control knob. Hence, it depends on how nice you tune your stock equalizer or your sound-card equalizer. From my point of view, the songs I always played rated at 320 Kbps, hence, this speaker does deliver the quality of the songs in a decent manner. To prove my statement, I’ve personally tested the speaker with 3 tracks which focuses mainly on, balance, bass and treble.




  1. Simple design.
  2. The tweeter & woofer driver were well built.
  3. Awesome sound quality.
  4. Suitable for music and movie lovers.


  1. When watching movies, some of the dialog couldn’t be heard properly.
  2. Proper location needed to fully utilize the bass performance. You need to place your rig or laptop at the corner of your room to direct the bass sound in your room.
  3. No treble control knob.
  4. The jack cable is too short. For laptop users, the length is fine, but for PC users, they might find difficult to place the speaker at a right place.


I’ve uploaded the audio performance of the speaker on my YouTube channel.

Final Verdict:

Most computer users using the stock built-in soundcard in their motherboard. Only few using third party soundcard such as from Asus’s XONAR or CREATIVE’s Sound Blaster.

Previously, when I was having my gaming rig, I use ASUS STRIX SOAR soundcard. The audio quality has improves drastically showing more positive results from stock soundcard. The bass is deep and the treble sounds crystal clear. But, don’t be sad, even with stock soundcard, you can fully tune the speakers performance by tweaking your equalizer settings.

As a conclusion, this speaker is made purely for music lovers and movie lovers. If you are planning to build your own custom rig’s, perhaps, you can choose this speaker as your starting point to fully utilize your audio experience.

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