EDIFIER LUNA E25HD – A Premium 2.0 Speaker for Your Desktop | REVIEW

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At a glance:

EDIFIER LUNA E25HD Bluetooth Speaker [ Buy ].


The Luna E25HD is a 2.0 Bluetooth speaker from EDIFIER. In general, EDIFIER is known for the excellent speaker quality throughout the country as, most audiophile prefers this brand over other available brand. For music enthusiasts, the Luna E25HD was invented to deliver the high quality audio from your computer to your ears.

You can view the making of Luna E25HD [ here ].

Three color choices were given,  black, white and red.

Pricing at the SRP of RM 759 currently according to [EDIFIER]’s official website, this speaker currently aims to high end users such as audio enthusiasts and content creator. If you’re looking for the best 2.0 Bluetooth speaker, then, make sure, Luna E25HD be in the top list of your checklist.


The box design looked professional and I am pretty sure they hired an experience designer to come up with such professional looked speaker along with the summary of the details related to the speaker into a single box. Good job, EDIFIER.

The front and rear view of the box.

When I do an unboxing of the speaker, it seems, they wrapped the each of the speakers into with a nylon packaging. The speaker was well protected, for the first time, I felt a perfection “vibe” during the unboxing of the speaker. This speaker comes with a remote, each functioning as a power button, volume up and volume down button. The remote is pretty simple, but feels solid and not too heavy.


After unwrapping everything, I put the speaker onto the table. I tried to shake the table, yet, the speaker stands still. In general, “The wider the surface area, the higher the stability is”, this speaker, comes with a minimal surface design at the bottom, yet, stable. I am pretty sure the designer of the speaker did tons of research on this, and, I agree, the designer did very well.


Featuring 3 inch bass driver and ¾ inch silk dome tweeter in each Luna HD, the audio quality feels realistic, and, you’ll forget that you’re experiencing a high quality audio from home. Amplifiers in each speaker with professionally calibrated electronic crossover will make your room feel like you are in a theater. Last but not least, if that’s not enough, each speaker has a twin passive bass radiator amplifying the sound to its maximum level.

The Luna E25HD comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary/optical digital input, an AC jack and 6 – pin speaker connector which transmits both power and audio signals secondary Luna speaker. The only I/O you will find on the secondary Luna is a single 6-pin connector.


Below are the specifications of the speaker from the official website.

  • Total Power Output: 15W x 2 (Treble) + 22W x 2 (Bass)
  • SNR: ≥85dBA
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)
  • Input Type: Bluetooth 4.0/Auxiliary/Optical
  • Input Sensitivity: 650mV ± 50mV
  • Adjustment: Touch keys, remote control
  • Bass & Mid-range Driver: 3 inch (82mm)
  • Treble Driver: 3/4 inch (19mm) silk dome
  • Voltage: 100-240V


The Luna E25HD comes with DSP which stands for, Digital Signal Processing,  which, it functioned on improving the accuracy and reliability of audio output to your ear. To summarize the term, “DSP works by elucidate the levels or states of a digital signal“.

The official website states, “The incorporation of DSP and DRC minimizes distortion even at the highest volumes, producing clear, clean audio. A slim, easy to use remote control also controls volume levels and power to the speakers.“, by which, I believe, this speaker was specifically design not only for audio enthusiast which prefer barely minimum volume output, but, for high volume output listeners as well.


Now, let’s get serious on the major agenda here, the audio quality from this speaker. The audio output from this speaker were extraordinary. There is no word to express. The bass feels solid, the clarity of the music is at the peak, suitable for my listening experience, though it doesn’t come with a bass and treble knob. Pairing with my [ASUS STRIX SOAR] sound-card, I don’t really need to adjust the equalizer on my mp3 player neither video player. For on-board sound-card users, this speaker performs well as well.

I must opt here, these are not the studio based speakers, but, despite of its size, this speaker does “boom boom” my room. If you’re watching Netflix, there is no need for you to buy a good audio speaker made specifically for movie lovers, as, this speaker performs well. I can catch out the vocal and the sound effects whenever I watch movies, especially as an anime lover, I mostly enjoy watching my favorite anime episodes through my desktop.

To use the Bluetooth feature, there is no specific button to pair, by means, your device can be directly paired with the speaker. Since it is meant to be used in your home, then, it is not a big deal.



  • Unique Design.
  • Heavy bass for 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Excellent clarity for both on-board stock sound-card and aftermarket sound-card.
  • Come with Bluetooth, optical digital and analog auxiliary input.
  • Comes with remote control feature


  • Required cable to connect to another speaker.


As a supposition of this review, this speaker outperforms my expectation towards the design and how the audio performance would be. The speaker comes with egg-like design and feels solid indicating the quality of the material used. The color choices are less, but, it is worth to pick your closest favorite color. As for my personal use, I picked a white color to match it with my black and white desktop theme.


Last but not least, this is the best, yes, the best speaker I’ve tested so far. Paying for such price, I didn’t feel regret of choosing EDIFIER as my main audio brand of choice, and, a Luna E25HD as my speaker of choice.

cyns-choice.pngCYN’s Outlook

The speaker produces high quality bass and clarity, along with your stock sound-card, this speaker still produce solid bass and, a very big bonus for those who are using third party sound-card from manufacturer’s such as ASUS and Creative.

Definitely, this speaker worth of your pennies, if, you wish to upgrade your existing audio system of your desktop.

Therefore, I am presenting, CYN’s of Choice award to such good quality speaker made by EDIFIER.


Are you planning to buy a new speaker? If yes, what type of speaker you’re looking and what is the main purpose of usage of the speaker?

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