EDIFIER E3100 2.1 Speaker System Review – Rocking in the market for more than 10 years

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Built Quality




User Experience





  • Suitable for gamers
  • Heavy bass
  • Crystal clear highs
  • Wall-mountable satellite speakers
  • Doesn't require third party soundcard to produce best audio quality
  • High copper stranded speaker cable


  • Offers single function
  • No Bluetooth, FM radios & USB modes
  • No RGB-lightning effects


The EDIFIER E3100 is a 2.1 speaker system from EDIFIER and currently, it holds the record as the longest 2.1 speaker system to be in the market for more than 10 years and still counting till date. In the recent years, with the RGB-lightning enabled speaker conquers the audio market and craved by most of the gaming enthusiasts, most speaker manufacturers evolves from traditional single function speaker towards multi-function speakers with RGB-lightning effects, enabled. However, the real question here is, what makes the EDIFIER E3100 is so special when being compared with other 2.1 speakers that offers more features than it, to conquer the market more such period?

The manufacturer of the model claims that, the E3100 offers a peak performance from its massive 5″ subwoofer driver to the 3″ mid-range satellite driver, and 3/4″ tweeter for crystal clear highs resulting in a balance audio quality output from the system.


Below are the specification of the EDIFIER E3100 speaker system.

Frequency Response R/L 80Hz-20KHz SW 20Hz-120KHz
Power Output RMS 8W x 2 + 12W
Signal to Noise Ratio ⩾90dBA
Input Sensitivity R/L 450 ±50mV SW:40 ±50mV
Dimension 157mm x 235mm x 344mm (W x H x D)
Weight 0.7kg


Currently, there are two color variants offered for this particular model, the Blue-Black and the Orange-Black. The unit I have currently with me is the Blue-Black model. Although the Blue-Black color variant is quite hard to get due to often run out of stock, you still can opt for the Orange-Black variant.

The box offers pretty detailed information of the speaker system along with multiple language translations.



Unboxing the speaker from its packaging is simple and hassle-free process. Upon unboxing, the speaker was supplied with the standard accessories, a unit of E3100 speaker system, a pair of pure copper stranded speaker cable, an RCA to audio jack cable, a warranty card and a user manual documentation.



The first thing I always look upon before purchasing a speaker system is how well the satellite speaker was built, in terms of its built material and the speaker driver (cones) itself. Looking at the satellite speakers of E3100, it uses the same 3″ driver that can be found on EDIFIER M2300 model.


To my believe, the satellite speaker of E3100 was made from MDF enclosure and each dedicated 3″ driver was magnetically shielded. Overall, the 3″ driver and 3/4″ tweeters are well protected by the grill covered with cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, thus maintaining a better breathing environment for the drivers produce a crystal clear audio quality to your ears.


At the rear of the satellite speakers, you will find the satellite input audio port to be plunged from the subwoofer. Do note that the satellite driver is wall mountable.


The next thing I always inspect on is how well the subwoofer was built. What type of material they’ve used? Are they using a single reflex bandpass or dual reflex bandpass? To my understandings, the subwoofer of E3100 was made from a medium density fiberboard and enclosed with a 5″ subwoofer driver that is magnetically shielded. In addition, the E3100 uses a single reflex bandpass design to allow a maximum performance from the subwoofer driver to produce a deeper bass, thus maintaining the quality of the bass without distorting even at higher volume. The only bad thing about the subwoofer is, the bass reflex port is not protected by the dust filter, so be prepare of finding fossils of dead insects in the unit if you place the subwoofer on the floor.


The metal plate mounting located at the front of the subwoofer gives you a decent visual design along with a LED indicator located right next to the knobs and the three knobs, each functioning as a volume controller (top), bass controller (middle) and a treble controller (bottom).


At the rear of the subwoofer, you will find an RCA port for your PC / laptop and a pair of speaker output port to be plunged by the cables from your satellite speakers.

Audio Experience

I would like to remind you that, for a better listening experience, you should directly visit the retail stores to try the speaker out by yourself for your own listening experience.

I’ve used my ASUS G752VT as my primary source of my testing. The audio settings of the laptop was set to default, by means, I will be fully depend on the E3100’s bass-treble controller. My primary audio player of choice is Groove music player (a stock media player that comes with Windows 10) with customized EQ settings. I’ve begin my testing by a 2 hours of burning in session to allow the speaker to warm up before begin my true testing.

My music experience with the E3100 was excellent. I able to get a balance and true feeling of owning a true 2.1 speaker system. The bass is deep even the level of the bass was set at 60% and the volume of the system was set at 40%. The bass doesn’t distort even the volume was set even higher than its initial state. The satellite driver and the tweeter produces a crystal clear vocals as the level of treble was set to 50%. If you’re a jazz-genre person, then, you won’t really go wrong with the speaker system.

I’ve used MPC-HC media player as my primary video player. My experience watching movies via the speaker system was decent. The bass quality was decent cope up well with the scene of the movie, and most of the time, I able to catch up with the vocals without even need to turn the volume higher.

Playing games over the E3100 was excellent and, it makes me to remember the good old Altec Lansing VS4121 speaker system that used to conquer all the cyber-cafes, 10 years ago.



The EDIFIER E3100 costs about RM229, according to the official website. However, you can get the speaker slightly cheaper (RM20 cheaper) at selected retail stores. Based on my experience of using this speaker system, I can say that, I truly enjoy this system. With its excellent deep bass, I experience a boom-boom room whenever I blast my favorite songs. For some gamers who’re craving for an RGB-lightning enabled speaker, well, I have to turn you down as this speaker system lacks of RGB effects. However, you won’t go wrong with its audio quality. This speaker system will be an excellent addition to your desktop / laptop setup. The EDIFIER E3100 earns a full 5 stars for its excellent performance delivery.

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