Philips Hue Go Smart Lamp Review – Light up your mood at any moment, anywhere in your house

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Philips Hue Go

RM 399.00

Built Quality






User Experience


Value for money



  • Offers up to 16 million colors
  • Highly portable and decent battery life
  • Can fit even into smallest space on the table
  • Bright and customization
  • Unique design
  • Hue Go + Hue Bridge = Smart Light Ecosystem


  • Expensive
  • Non-replaceable battery and bulb
  • Hue Bridge should be purchased to have full control of Hue Go via app


With rising of IoT devices recently, most smart IoT manufacturers comes up with their latest innovations to cope up with the trends. In the list, Philips launched their latest smart lamp, the Hue Go. The Hue Go is a portable smart lamp targeted to the people who wish to bright up their environment with a playful splash colors of light. Equipped with built in battery, the Hue Go can light up your room for the maximum of three hours before proceeding to recharge it again. The Hue Go’s battery is non replaceable, hence, if anything goes wrong, you’ve to bring the lamp to the nearest authorized Philips dealer to proceed with the repair/change.


Besides being a smart lamp, the Hue Go offers up to 16 million colors that can be further customized via the Hue Go app that’s available mobile platform, android and iOS.

Highlighted Feature

  • A truly portable smart light
  • Control your light directly from the Hue Go
  • Play with smart color lights
  • Sync your media to smart lights
  • Smart light to wake you up and help to sleep
  • Control the light with your voice

Upon unboxing the Hue Go, you will get a unit of Philips Hue Go smart lamp, an adapter, a user manual and a warranty card. You can further register the warranty via online.

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The full specification list of Philips Hue Go can be referred here.

Lifetime up to 20 000 hour(s)
Total lumen output fixture 300 lm
Bulb technology 24V
Main power
  • RangeL 100V – 240V
  • 50 – 60Hz
Fixture dimmable Yes
Number of bulbs 1
Wattage bulb included 6W
IP Code IP20
Class of protection III – safe extra low voltage



The Hue Go comes with a unique design. When I said unique, unlike other traditional table lamps, the Hue Go stands steadily at 45°. Due to the charging port of the Hue Go located at the bottom, hence, the Hue Go has to lay 180° vertically to enable the charging cable to be plugged in during charging. However, you still can bend the cables over slightly to stand at a 45° during charging as well, but if you accidentally pull over the cable, you might cause the lamp to fall over.

Physically looking at the Hue Go, it only comes with a single button located at the rear. The single button function as power on/off the Hue Go and changing the colors of the lamp. The button was programmed in a such way, pressing the button for seconds of interval carries out a specific function.

Colors & Light Effects

The total pre-coded colors are 7 colors. The color emitted from the Hue Go can be further changed via the button by pressing it a second of the interval. The bad thing about the Hue Go is, you can’t adjust the brightness of the lamp just by pressing the button over and over, but, you can control the brightness over the Hue Go apps. If you don’t really like the pre-coded colors, well, fear no comrades as you can still customize the color of your choice by pressing the button twice and hold still the button until the Hue Go shows a color cycle and, you can adjust the selection of your favorite color by releasing the button, immediately. You can repeat the process for other custom colors as well.

The emitted light from the Hue Go is strong enough to light up a decent size of the room. It is better for me to remind you as, the light only acts as a night light (depends on the situation) and not a direct source of light to replace your whole light system in your house. To be added, the Hue Go can act as a temporary light source when there is a sudden power cut occurred in your house.

Hue Go Apps

Almost all smart devices require apps to have full control on it right? Well, the Hue Go does come with its own application which can be downloaded from the official Google PlayStore for android platform and Apps Store for iOS platform. By using this application, you’re given further authority to fully take in charge of the Hue Go via Hue Bridge. For this testing, I don’t have the Hue Bridge, hence, I couldn’t further test the features offered in the application.


The Hue Go saves you from wasting time for personalizing itself again via its ability to remember your previous setting before you power it off. As mentioned earlier, the button given in the Hue Go function as a powering it on/off by pressing it at 3 seconds of interval, and each second to change the colors of the pre-coded colors. For each selection of colors, let it be pre-coded colors or the color of your choice, the lifespan of the Hue Go is different as, certain colors require more power compared to other colors. As an example, the Red color has the lowest energy consumption compared to violet color which requires more energy consumption.



I’ve used Philips Hue Go for a week. The outcome of the testing clearly implicates that, the experience of using Hue Go smart lamp truly gives satisfaction in terms of lightning up the room according to the mood that fits my needs. For the price of RM 399, yes, I must say, it is pricey for a smart lamp, however, I can vouch the Hue Go as in the must buy list if you wish to lighten up your home with smart lamps. To unlock the full potential of the Hue Go, you’ve to invest a thousand further to buy the Hue Bridge. If you don’t intend to buy the Hue Bridge, the Hue Go still able to serve you with seven pre-coded colors by sacrificing your full control over the Hue Go via its application.

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