1. Application / UI Mockups
  2. Custom RIG (Gaming) Build
  3. Data Retrieve (Retrieving Data from Hard-Drive)
  4. Internet Setup – Home & Business inc. Customizing your router.
  5. Meeting Room Set-up
  6. Prebuilt PC
  7. PC / Laptop Parts (Upgrade Parts)
  8. Network Troubleshoot
  9. Refurbish PC
  10. Smartphone Repair
  11. Stock Router Replacement
  12. Virus Removal

The services listed below indicates the cost varies in terms of cost for the following:

  1. Custom RIG (Custom PC)
    • User will give their requirement.A suitable quotation will be sent to the user (whatsapp / email).
    • The building process of the custom RIG will begin, once, the user agreed to the quotation.
  2. Data Retrieval
    • The process of recovering lost files from a failed hard-drive or formatted drive can be quite extensice and time consuming, by default, causes the cost of recovery to be expensive.
    • In the simpler term, it takes time to recover back the lost data, and the time to copy the files to a new medium for temporary storage or permenant storage depending on the users request.
    • The larger the drive capacity, the expensive the data retrieval rate.
  3. PC / Laptop Parts Upgrade
    • The price depends upon the item requested by the user.
  4. Pre-built & Refurbish PC
    • User will give their requirements. 
    • For pre-built PC, user will be given the information of the pre-built PC and its cost. 
    • Last but not least, for refurbish PC, user will be given choices of the specification of the refurbished PC. User will be billed upon the arrival of the refurbished PC.
  5. Router Replacement
    • User give their usage of internet at home, problems were explained, number of devices connected at a time.
    • A proper solution incl. if, there is a necessary to opt for a better router than the stock router will be given.
    • User will given quotation before the replacement of router is done.
    • The price of an after market router varies despite of brand and the features offered.
  6. Smartphone Repair
    • The price depends upon the type of the problem of the user.

The services listed below indicates the most recommended service for users who opt either one services as per listed on the above:

  1. Virus Removal + Reformat
  2. Router Replacement + Internet Setup
  3. Router Replacement + Internet Setup + Network Troubleshoot
  4. Custom RIG Build + Cable Management


  1. Customer will be billed after the indication of success of the service.
  2. Payment can be done either via cash or online banking. 
  3. All the items purchased through TechCyn will be given 1 month personal warranty alongside with the official warranty from the manufacturer of each respective items.


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