ASUS AiProtection – The best protection for your home network

ASUS was widely known for their best wireless router available in the market, not only in Malaysia, but throughout the world. What makes ASUS router were widely accepted by the users to enhance their networking performance? One of the reasons is, the built-in protection, ASUS’s most famous AiProtection powered by Trend Micro.

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Generally, you’re not secure in the digital world. With the massive growing cyber threats in a big way, the importance of cyber-security becomes utmost priority for almost, all digital users nowadays. Now, let’s have an overview why, cyber security is important and crucial for home networks.

Snowballing threats on digital space

According to security researcher from McAfee, the number of cyber-security attacks were increasing every year, and, there is no sign of decreasing in the attacks. The cost of cybercrime was reported over $ 650 billion in the year of 2017. The cost keeps increasing as per current year. Reported by Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cyber threats will rise approximately to $6 trillion annually by the year 2021.

Rigorousness of cyber attacks

The number of cyber-attacks in the digital space are on upsurge as well. These attacks have become so severe as, it destroys the client device with a simple coded program, which cause a high number of cost to recover the damages.

Amassed Hacking Tools

As the world is moving in the direction of a digital era, progressively newly programmed hacking tools let it be a paid or an open source were widely available in the market. The commercialization of cybercrime has made it easy for the hacker to obtain the resources they need in order to launch a damaging attack as, happened last year, by which, Ransomware WannaCry creates a havoc around the world.

Rise of IoT devices

New IoT device were being developed, thus, the importance of having an internet connection is a must these days. IoT refers to, Internet of Things, and widely used in home, offices, schools and government office buildings. As for the positive side, these devices can simplify and speed up the task by giving a greater level of usability and accessibility. The dark side is; it presents a problem as well. If an IoT devices not configured properly, the cyber criminals could break through it and get into their main agenda’s to do the damages to a business or homes.

This is where, AiProtection from ASUS plays a crucial role in securing your home and office networks from the cyber-threats. Let’s move to our agenda today.

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What is AiProtection?

ASUS’s famous built-in network monitoring feature was commonly known as AiProtection. AiProtection offers real-time monitoring of your home network to detect any present malware, viruses and other intrusions that, may, crawl from the websites you used to visit to infect (harvest) in your current device by blocking it.

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AiProtection’s Feature Highlight.

AiProtection was powered by Trend Micro and, the protection will be always up to date and the detection rate will always be updated. If you’re a parent, then, you can schedule the duration of a particular device to have an access to the internet and, one of the best feature of this feature is, unwanted website or application can be blocked.

AiProtection Phase 1: Network Protection

The first phase of the AiProtection deals with “Network Protection”. Under the network protection, there are four sub-features, commonly function as, Router Security Assessment, Malicious Sites Blocking, Vulnerability Protection and Infected Device Prevention and Blocking. Now, lets us see what each sub-feature benefits us.

Router Security Assessment

This is a feature to allow the user to know which settings they should change / update as per the indicator. If the indicators shows green, then, your home network is safe from the internet and, if any, of the security settings shows red in color, then, the user can review them by clicking the “No” link, by which, links to the directed setting page for further configuration change.

Router Security Assessment.

Currently, I customized all my settings to protect my home network. It is highly advisable to disable WPS feature along with creating a strong username and password for administrative credentials, in addition to creating a super strong wireless password and, disable the UPnP feature.

Malicious Sites Blocking

The first sub-feature of Network protection is Malicious Sites Blocking. This feature, restrict the client device that connected to a network that’s running on AiProtection, from accessing websites containing malware’s and, this detection rate right, thanks to the Trend Micro’s database whose keeps updating malicious website frequently.

malicious site block
AiProtection Pro in Blue Cave AC2600 Dual Band Wireless Router.

Besides that, if you’re accessing the malicious website from your smartphone, your smartphone will display the warning message from AiProtection similar to the warning displayed on the web browser on the desktop or a laptop.

Vulnerability Protection

The second sub-feature of Network Protection is Vulnerability Protection. This feature is also known as Two-Way Intrusion Prevention System. The major function of this feature is to prevent spam or DDoS attacks on any connected client device to the wireless router. In addition, it also blocks malicious incoming packets hovering from the internet from passing through the router to the connected client device.

Two Way IPS.

Additionally, it detects suspicious outgoing packets from an infected client device from affecting other connected client device, thus, prevents attacks from malicious malware and botnets.

Infected Device Prevention and Blocking

The third sub-feature of Network Protection is Infected Device Prevention and Blocking. This feature blocks the attacks from the malware or botnets hovering around the internet in the form of hiding itself in malicious website, waiting for their turn to infect the device that, pays a visit to the website, successfully.

Infected Device Prevention and Blocking – No infected device found in my network.

It also protects your personal information and preventing potential attacks on other connected device, let it be connected via wired or wireless.

AiProtection Phase 2: Parental Controls

The parental control integrates all the parental management features, needed in a single place, thus, ease the task to add, view, update and delete any security settings via the application or via the web admin interface.

Parental Control in AiProtection.

The given feature in the AiProtection’s Parental Controls is:

  • Internet Activity Dashboard
  • Kid-safe preset
  • Schedule Block Time
  • Content Filter

According to a source, the Internet Activity Dashboard is not yet available on mentioned wireless AC router model, namely, DSL-AC3100, DSL-AC88U, DSL-AC87VG, DSL-AC68VG, DSL-AC56U, DSL-AC55U, DSL-AC52U.

Wireless Router Supported Models

Below, are the list of wireless router models from ASUS that, comes with AiProtection.

Supported Wireless AC Router models.

AiProtection only comes with the selective wireless router model from ASUS and, if you’re using a Wireless N router, then, your wireless router won’t come with AiProtection feature due to hardware limitations of Wireless N Routers.

AiProtection Pro vs AiProtection Classic 

The table below shows the differences between AiProtection Pro and Classic.

Comparison Table for AiProtection Pro vs Classic
AiProtection Pro vs AiProtection Classic.

AiProtection Classic offers stock features, by which, includes a firewall, site blocking, encrypted incoming and outgoing connections along with a parental control feature.

AiProtection Pro offers an addition of a feature compared to the Classic. AiProtection gets an Intrusion Prevention System that, traces and abort unknown devices from joining the home network, and, for Parental control feature, features such as website and application content filtering were added.

When the word “Pro” were meant, this will be a subscription based service. Fortunately, AiProtection is free of charge, and, there will be a big NO subscription based service, in a simpler explanation, it is free for lifetime.


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5 Stars

As a conclusion, this feature is widely accepted by the users like me and, as per current situation, a dedicated protection for all connected devices apart from laptop or desktop were needed, hence, the AiProtection is the answer to securing your home network. For me, AiProtection works well for me and, it does the job thrown at it perfectly. No complaints from me so far. For such an awesome feature, I would like to proudly give 5 Stars for the awesome feature as the best network protection from a router manufacturer like ASUS.

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