Wireless Beast! ASUS RT-N800HP is finally here

Brand: ASUS

Model: RT-N800HP

Router type: Single Band

Firmware Version3.

Expected SRP Price: RM 359

ISP Package: UniFi-Pro 100Mbps (100dl/50ul) (Thank you Surprise)

Start Date: 16 April 2018

End Date: 20 April 2018

Test Duration (Days): 5 Days

DNS Server: &

Wireless Test Distance 1: 15 meters (upstairs)

Wireless Test Distance 2: 20 meters (downstairs)

Device Used: iPhone 7 Plus (Wireless), ASUS ROG752VT (Wireless), PC (LAN Connection)

External Link: Youtube

Hello everyone.

Today we’re going to review on the ASUS RT-N800HP router. This router made especially for those who wish for more coverage in terms of wireless connectivity. Does this router deliver what it claims? Let’s move into the review of this router.


Before un-boxing:

The router box has a decent design which highlight’s most of the features of the router. The specifications of the router given on the left hand-side of the box.

After un-boxing:

The router comes with four non-detachable antenna, in other word, you cannot replace the antenna with other supported antenna’s.

The router is a single-band router, but, it comes with a single gigabit WAN port and four gigabit LAN ports. The router doesn’t have a USB port, hence, this router cannot be used for USB sharing and its features.

The router has ventilation holes on the side of the router to allow the movement of hot air to the outside, thus keeps the router to stay cool without damaging its internal components.


Figure 7: Specifications of the router.


The router has a straight forward setup. It is understandable for novice users.

Your Unifi username and password should be “xxxxx@unifi” and “13-characters password”. If you’re not sure your username and password, you can get the username into your existing router by logging to the admin interface, or you can give a call to the Unifi hotline to retrieve the username and password. Just keep the username and password carefully.

Finally, once all the required field fulfilled, you can finish the setup successfully. The router will take around a minute before reboot by applying your settings before be directed to the admin login interface automatically.


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The router does come with basic features. You can tweak the wireless and other relevant settings via the panel given.


Figure 15: The wireless settings.

Now, let’s get into the most interesting part of the test. Wireless performance.

For this test, we will be comparing this router, with a high end Brand X router that has MU-MIMO features and higher specification compared with the ASUS RT-N800HP. We will further separate this part into two. Distance (m) vs. Brands.

Device: ASUS ROG 752VT – 2.4GHz Wireless Test

Distance (Static): 8m from the router – Upstairs.

tplink wireless test
Figure 16: Brand X Wireless test result.
asus wireless test
Figure 17: ASUS RT-N800HP Wireless test result.

Device: IPhone 7 Plus – 2.4GHz Wireless Test

Distance: 3m (Brand X & Asus RT-N800HP) – Upstairs close to the router.

Brand X

Asus RT-N800HP

Distance: 15m (Brand X & Asus RT-N800HP) – Upstairs.

Brand X

Asus RT-N800HP

Distance: 25m (Brand X & Asus RT-N800HP) – Downstairs.

Brand X

Asus RT-N800HP

The outcome of the conducted wireless test:

Based on the wireless speed-test, the numbers speak for themselves. The router does promise what it claims to be. I amazed that, I can full speed from the ASUS router even at the distance of 25m. It performs well due to its high quality 7 dBi antenna. Hence, Asus RT-N800HP performs better than the higher end Brand X router that I am using currently.

Device: PC (30m Cat6 Ethernet Cable).

tplink lan test
Figure 30: LAN speedtest result of Brand X.
lan speedtest
Figure 31: LAN speedtest result of ASUS RT-N800HP.


Advantages of RT-N800HP

  • Great design.
  • 4x7dBi antennas.
  • Stable.
  • Large ventilation holes at the both side of the router for airflow.
  • Comes with 1xWAN Gigabit Port & 4xLAN Gigabit port.
  • Able to handle 10 connected devices at one time with ease.

Disadvantages of RT-N800HP

  • No USB port.
  • Non-detachable antenna’s.
  • Small RAM capacity

Comparison w/ other routers (Only Wireless 2.4GHz)

Brand X


  • Great specifications
  • Available in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band
  • Intermediate wireless coverage


  • Unstable speed
  • The connection sometimes halt


First of all, the router is easy to setup and very straight forward. For most of the novice users, they easily set the router up with given guidance. Next, the router does come with a powerful dual core CPU, which is better than most commercial routers out there in the same price range of this router. This router offers basic features to its users.

Figure 32: The operation mode of the router.

Secondly, the router has excellent wireless coverage and suitable for larger houses, Semi-D houses, and small houses, of which has a few dead spots. I am amazed that, this router does perform better than ASUS RT-N14UHP router in terms of wireless coverage, although its small bro has 9dBi dual antennas. The router does support IPv6 and VPN supports.

Figure 33: The router flashing its little led’s.

To summarize the points, this is the router specifically made for the users who wish to abandon the dual band router supplied by major ISP’s in Malaysia and replace with the routers which is affordable, yet promising excellent wireless coverage for budget users and users who using wireless internet to browse through the internet.

Hence, this router does deliver what it claims. If you don’t plan to use a 5GHz band (Dual Band) based router, then, ASUS RT-N800HP is the answer for your wireless router alternative. This router doesn’t need a wireless extender since it is a built-in beast for those who seeks for wireless coverage.

My Recommendations: 9.5 / 10

Happy weekend.

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