Sonic Gear Space 5 | REVIEW

The Sonic Gear Space 5 is the big brother of Sonic Gear Space 3, pricing at the SRP of RM135, I’ve taken this opportunity to give the speaker a test.


The speaker packaging was decent, marks all the important information regarding the speaker was well defined. The internal packaging of the speaker is decent, mind you that, I personally feel that, this is considered as a decent when it comes to its price range. The mid-satellite, the subwoofer and the accessories was wrapped with plastic neatly.

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The 2.1 audio system comes with a single unit of Space 5, a user manual, a single multi-function volume controller and a single line-in stereo cable.

Bluetooth – Line-in mode button.

Unlike Space 3, the Space 5 comes with a large volume knob which serves as the controller of the volume of the audio system. The knob supports wireless Bluetooth as well, line-in and music files via micro SD up to 32GB to be precise. The built quality of the volume knob having a plastic feel rather than a premium feel, as, it is acceptable for its price range.

The satellite speaker of Space 5.

The satellite speaker is slightly heavier than the Space 3, but lighter than its elder brother, Space 7. The driver used for the Space speaker lineups are all identical and the only thing that, differentiates the quality is the finishing of the speaker grill. The Space 3 and 5 were molded with plastic wheel, the Space 7 was mould with aluminum (premium feel).

The subwoofer of Space 5.

The Space 3 has all its dedicated controllers located in the subwoofer itself. However, for the Space 5, the volume controller was separated and only bass knob was the only controller given attached to the subwoofer itself. The woofer driver used for the Space 5 is the same driver used in the Space 3 and Space 7. I must say, I like this woofer design, small, yet, cute.


Highlighted Feature:

  1. Bluetooth 4.2.
  2. Audio Line In.
  3. Headphone Jack.
  4. Micro SD card music playback.
  5. Bass and master volume control.
  6. 2.1 Hi-Fi audio.


  • Driver Size: 2 x 2″ full range.
  • Output power 2 x 7W.


  • Driver Size: 3.5″.
  • Output power: 16W.
  • Frequency range: 60Hz – 18KHz.
  • Total System Power: 30W.


Now, let’s focus on the main agenda of this post. We always opt for the best audio system to deliver an optimum quality for the music genre we used to listen, right?

For this particular audio quality experiment, I’ve used ASUS ROG G752VT to conduct the test.


Firstly, the mid is strong for this lineup of Space speakers, resulting in a fuller audio output. The vocals are warmer and easily can be caught up even in the minimum volume level. Next, the bass is somehow slightly muddy and worsens when the volume is raised. The Space 5 is a neutral audio system that, has, everything in the right place.



  1. Cheap and affordable.
  2. Decent mid quality.
  3. Comes with desktop volume controller.
  4. Decent bass quality.
  5. Bluetooth and miscroSD support.
  6. Small size of the subwoofer (refer to conclusion part).


  1. The woofer is light, when at high volume, the sub-woofer will slightly move from its actual placed position.
  2. Messy cables.


The Sonic Gear Space series is an alternative option for the audio enthusiasts, looking for a decent 2.1 audio system over the EVO series, which is ruling the audio market for more over than 5 years. This audio system has all the user needs, mainly focusing on Bluetooth 4.2 and microSD support, by which, ease the user to directly connect to the audio system via smartphone to listen to the musics or watch videos.

Space 5 Maroon.

The price is affordable, slightly cheaper compared to its elder brother, Space 7, this audio system probably the best, in the Sonic Gear audio system lineup. The audio system is not too big, thus, ease the placement of the speakers and the subwoofer can fit, even in a smaller space on the small table.

9 comments on “Sonic Gear Space 5 | REVIEW

  1. I want to connect the Space 5 to the PC. How long are the cables? Is it possible to place the subwoofer under the desk while the speakers remain on top between a monitor?

    • Good day, David,
      The provided cables are average in length and, yes you can. Kindly measure your table height before purchase the speaker to see if, the cables suits your needs or not. Hope that helps you. Thanks for dropping by mate.

  2. How is this compared to EDIFIER M1360?

    • EDIFIER M1360 still wins in terms of sound-quality. However, due to the low RMS power of M1360, the Sonic Gear Space 5 still outperforms M1360. I would suggest if you’re going for Sonic Gear, go for the Morro X5 instead. If not, settle with EDIFIER X230 if your budget allows.

      • Thanks for the info. One more question, what will be the best option if the budget is RM200. Any model from logitech can be added alongside the said model?

      • Logitech Z313 will be a good option to go. Do mind that you won’t get a dedicated bass ‘knob’ controller to adjust the low frequency. Logitech is still a good option to go with compared to Sonic Gear Space 5 and Morro X5.

  3. Oh okay, thanks for your opinion arun! 🙂

  4. Haii I got the exact same model like yours… But when I connect everything to the pc.. there’s no sound..? How to fix it..? Thank you..

    • Salam Bro,

      Pardon me for the delayed response. By any chance, have you tried to switch modes, say Bluetooth to check if the unit is working? If it works, then switch back to PC mode and check your audio manager in your PC. Check if the default sound option was set to the Speaker mode. Sometime if you use headphones, the manager will automatically switch to headphone mode. Try the basic troubleshoot first. If nothing happens, it is time to RMA the speaker.

      Hope this helps you. Regards.

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