In general, SONIC GEAR was well known before for their EVO series. With mesmerizing graphical equalizer on their EVO lineup series, the reception of the user towards the EVO series, mostly negative due to there was a scandal involves in one of their famous EVO series. However, their Armageddon series especially, Armageddon A5 recieved massive positive reviews from the critics and users and, it was selling like a hot cake.


I am not a fan of SONIC GEAR, but, I am a big fan of their Blue-Thunder Series. So, for today’s review, lets have a look at their budget 2.1 speaker under the code name of, Space III.


SONIC GEAR SPACE III is a budget speaker specially made for the budget seekers to satisfy their audio cravings. There are 3 Models of the Space lineup, Space III, Space V and Space VI. Space III is the cheapest costing around RM79 (Promotional Price) while Space VI cost about RM200.

The specification of the speaker is as follows:

Figure 2: The specifications.


Before Unboxing

The box was slightly dented, but the item inside was well protected.

Figure 3: The front view of the box.

At the rear view of the box shows the specification of the speaker. For its price, I would say, it is a decent spec for budget lovers.

Figure 4: The rear view of the box.

After Unboxing

I don’t really feel impressed with the packaging, I would say, it is below average style of the packaging of the item.

Figure 5: The egg carton covers the speaker.

There is a lot of space in between of the woofer and the satellite speakers.

Figure 6: The speaker in the box.

Personal View of the Quality

Satellite Speaker

First of all, let’s look at the satellite speaker, it was light and I can see the cheap materials was used to build it. At the bottom of the speaker, you can’t see any rubber that prevents the speaker from moving or for a better grip, but, the speaker can be easily flipped over.

Figure 7: The satellite speaker.


The subwoofer was slightly heavy, but it is considered the lightest when it comes to subwoofer class. The good thing about this woofer is, this woofer suitable to be put onto the table rather than putting on the floor as most audio experts suggested a subwoofer should be placed on the floor rather than on top of the desk. However, at a high volume, the subwoofer does move and I have to place it back on the right position, possible due to poor built quality.

Figure 8: The front view of the woofer.

The rear view of the woofer is empty. Nothing much to be explained here.

Figure 9: The rear view of the woofer.

At the side of the woofer, the user can control the amount of bass and volume using the knob given, a dual audio input port for each satellite, a 3.5mm female jack port for the cable to be connected to the PC or laptop, a button to change the mode of the speaker (PC or Bluetooth) and an on / off switch.

Figure 10: The side view of the speaker.

If you place the woofer at the bottom of your desk, then, you can exercise yourself by doing sit-ups on adjusting the volumes and turn on/off the audio system.


The speaker set-up process was pretty straight-forward and easy.



The bass feels solid, yet, punchy. However, when the volume of the audio system was increased, the bass feels muddy and distorted. The woofer itself moves during the high volume due to poor build, well, it is acceptable though for its price.


The clarity wise, the satellite speaker did not perform well for my ears. I don’t have much complain about that, as, you can improve this defect on your equalizer settings. If you’re a gamer, or a movie lover, the vocal quality were slightly worse and, you need to increase the volume to cope up with the vocals.

Balance Audio

The amount of bass and clarity when played together was, okay. Yes, in the beginning, it was awful, but after tweak my equalizer settings, I able to cope up the quality that I need from the speaker.



  1. Cheap for 2.1 Speaker System.
  2. Excellent design.
  3. Able to fit even the smallest place on top of your desk.
  4. Solid bass (not the best, but, by far, the best for its price – your equalizer plays an important role here).
  5. Bluetooth feature.
  6. I like the subwoofer design.


  1. Short cables for 3.5mm male-to-male jack.
  2. The bass tends to get muddy when the volume was increased.
  3. Not the best audio quality when it comes to clarity.
  4. Woofer tends to get slightly hot after few hours of usage.
  5. Light satellite speakers.
  6. Low quality cables.
  7. When the audio system turned off, and turned on again, the mode of the audio went to Bluetooth instead of PC, and you have to manually do that every time you turn on the audio system.


To conclude this review, the speaker definitely best for university students as if they’re staying in the dorm and looking for a cheap and affordable speaker, this then is the one.

Figure 11: The final view of the Space III.

The speaker does a good job working with the on board soundcard (Realtek) and for those who using the third party soundcard, then, the audio quality from this speaker, might be different for you, might be best for your ears as SONIC GEAR’s tagline, “Trust your ears“. For the price of RM79, I don’t have much complains about it as, Sonic Gear always targets budget seekers rather than audio lovers. If you’re a gamer, then this speaker is not for you, but, if you’re staying in a dorm, yet, you wish to have a decent 2.1 speaker system for your gaming session, then, this speaker might suit your needs.

Last but not least, I bought the speaker under a promotional price. I am not sure how much they will sell after this, but, if you’re interested to buy this speaker, you may visit the ALL IT Hypermarket at level 3 of Plaza Lowyat. They are having promotions now. You won’t regret buying your favorite parts from the shop.

My Recommendations (Budget Seekers): 7.5 / 10

My Recommendations (Audio Lovers): 4.5 / 10

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