Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review – “An entry level of 2.1 system with a premium touch”, by Sonic Gear

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review

Sonic Gear Morro X5








User Experience





  • Affordable
  • RMS Power
  • Decent bass quality
  • Bluetooth & USB compatibility
  • Small and portable
  • Cool design


  • Not suitable for hardcore gamers
  • Bass driver only responds over 30% volume level

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Introduction of Morro X5

Sonic Gear Morro X5 is an entry level compact 2.1 speaker system aimed towards generic class of users. Producing up to 76W of power, this speaker system by far, the most powerful 2.1 system that costs below RM150 (est. $35.95) currently. Its well known rival to be is non other than Logitech Z213 and EDIFIER M1360. The features bundled together with the units are Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, AUX connectivity and Audio Streaming.

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System - Morro X5 and its standard accessories

Upon unboxing, the Morro X5 bundled together with standard accessories such as a 9-pin male wired volume controller, a 3.5mm male-to-male RCA cable, a user manual booklet and a warranty guide.


The Morro X5 doesn’t have its own dedicate product site issued by the manufacturer, thus I will be fully relied over the on-sheet specification provided via the packaging box. The specifications of Morro X5 are as follows:

Driver Size 2 x 2″
Output Power 2 x 9W
Driver Size 4″
Output Power 20W
Generic Specification
Pure System Power 38W
Total System Power 76W
Frequency Response 50Hz – 18KHz

The above specification rated for the satellite driver, and the bass driver is somehow confusing as I will explain further down below. For this review, I’ve decided to dismantle the unit to get a clear picture in order to prevent unavoidable analysis of this model.


The Morro X5 appears to me a compact 2.1 speaker system with a small size that can fit even into the tiniest space on your desk…top.

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Satellite unit review of Sonic Gear Morro X5

The satellite speakers was uniquely designed to face 45⁰ angled upwards to aim the mids and highs directly to the user’s head position. Other advantages of the satellites are, if you have an adjustable monitor, then this is a clear advantage since the satellite can be placed directly under your monitor and saving the remaining space to further aesthetically decorate your setups with other peripherals indeed.

Next, remove the speaker grill requires zero-effort since it comes off pretty quickly. My initial impression looking at the 2″ satellite driver predicts that, I may have trouble to listen to highs due to the cheaply made plastic dust-cap covering the voice coil of the driver. By removing the driver from the enclosure, I figured out that the driver were magnetically covered. Well done Sonic Gear. A few sheets of acoustic foams fitted inside each satellite enclosure would be a better solution to allow lossless audio can be transmitted to the user’s direction. The cables were too short, and if you decided to make a minor modification, such as adding acoustic foams better be careful when doing so.

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Subwoofer of Morro X5 Front View

In turn, the subwoofer of Morro X5 feels light due to its smaller size. The subwoofer grill looks similar to the satellite grill with silver-cross painted linings on top of the fabric cloth. Speaking of the built quality of the Morro X5’s subwoofer, it appears to be made from a low-density MDF board.

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Rear view of Morro X5 subwoofer

At the rear of the subwoofer, a few physically noticeable features given, such as level knobs for both bass and treble, a power switch, a female 9-pin input for wired controller, two pairs of RCA inputs and a huge bass reflex port. To my concern, the quality of the knob feels it falls in between cheap and average, below average?

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - 4" subwoofer of Sonic Gear Morro X5

The next step is done removing the subwoofer grills by exposing the driver that’s responsible to pump out low frequency or bass in general term. Removing the grill don’t require any special tools,  speaking of needing a swiss army knife, just kidding. The grill comes off easily with zero-effort. Exposing the 4″ bass driver, it appears to be the driver has a decent quality built. When I applied a pressure on top of the cone, I don’t hear any cracking sound that can be found when pressing on a cheaply made speaker driver. The dust-cap is made from paper, thus adding an aesthetic feeling of this driver feels like a real boom..boom subwoofer.

Removing the driver from the enclosure, there are an acoustic foams hidden within the enclosure, well at least Sonic Gear isn’t cheap by providing an empty enclosure with only integrated circuit (IC) and the bass driver. Seriously, Sonic Gear, uncovered magnets without magnetic shielding?

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Wired volume controller of Morro X5

Last but not least is the wired controller of the Morro X5. To my knowledge, it somehow reminded me of the legendary Armageddon A5 (based on Eacan’s OEM speaker), feels quite decent. Its infinite volume roll feels like operating a high-end Hi-Fi speaker system. Featuring as standard, a 2.0 USB port, a mechanical level track management (previous, play/pause and next), a line-in female 3.5mm input for AUX connectivity and a 3.5mm audio input for headsets. Over the top of the controller, an input button is present that commands the current status of the unit, i.e. PC mode to USB mode to Bluetooth and vice versa.

User Experience

Powering the speaker up for the first use, the unit undergoes an intense 3-hour breaking in session compared to my preferred 2-hour session. This was done to give the bass driver a maximum breaking in to perform at its peak during the test.

Being a pure audio enthusiast, I don’t really like to tune the equalizer settings and most of the time, I put as default as it should be. To my believe, tuning the equalizer too much will cause loss in the audio quality, especially to those badly configured settings. Also, I’ve tuned the bass and treble level to its maximum level to test the true potential of the Morro X5 without the aid of equalizer. Based on my test, my experience listening to music is somehow decent thanks to the 4″ bass driver that pumps out a huge amount of bass. However, the 2″ satellite drivers make a rattling sound when the volume was tuned higher due to that cheap plastic dust cap. Watching movies, especially with those HD certified, is good as well. The Morro X5 able to produce a good audio quality, but lacks in terms of vocal clarity, it is still acceptable since the speaker was not made for high-performance usage. How about using this speaker for gaming? If you asked me, the Morro X5 produces a terrible vocals and most of the time, I’ve to reduce the bass level to cope up with the game environment  just to get a clear vocals. Looking on the good side, the subwoofer does produce the necessary bass needed for action-based games, let’s say, in a ratio of win-to-win (fifty-fifty) situation?

Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System - Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is a must these days and fortunately, the Morro X5 supports Bluetooth as standard. This is another reason why the Morro X5 stands on top of its top competitor. The Bluetooth detection on my iPhone 7 Plus is fast and easily paired without any hassle. I do find some lags when playing musics. Another drawback of this unit is, the memory management of the Morro X5 was poorly configured as the unit boots up in its default PC mode rather than the last audio source, i.e. Bluetooth.


Sonic Gear Morro X5 Compact 2.1 Speaker System Review - Conclusion of the review

Summing up the review, the Morro X5 is a decent compact 2.1 system that does everything in a right manner. If you are looking for a 2.1 speaker system for the purpose of listening to music, then models such as M1360 or Z213 recommended over the Morro X5. If you don’t care about the audio quality, especially the highs, then the Morro X5 is the best bet you can put. The Morro X5 is one of the 2.1 speaker system currently in the market that offering Bluetooth connectivity as standard below the price tag of RM150 is Morro X5. The Morro X5 is widely available at Sonic Gear certified IT retail stores currently.

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