Logitech Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System Review – A bold 80W system featuring Bluetooth 4.1 for better audio compatibility with any devices

Logitech Z337

RM 248.00







Audio Experience





  • Decent built quality
  • Packed with power
  • Deep bass
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Affordable


  • No tweeters
  • No treble knob
  • No USB port
  • Satellite design is space consuming
Logitech Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System

The Logitech Z337 is an entry-level 2.1 speaker system that features Bluetooth 4.1 as standard. The Logitech Z337 is a bigger brother of Logitech Z333 that shares similar design but, with an advanced Bluetooth feature. The Z337 doesn’t offer you an RGB function as it appears as a normal standard 2.1 speaker system. According to the manufacturer’s website, the Z337 offers 40watts as base power and 80watts at its peak.

The Logitech¬† Z337 is one of the most recommended entry level speaker systems out there pairing along with other notable audio brand such as from EDIFIER, SonicGear and Vinnfier. The Z337 price is almost similar to EDIFIER’s E3100 model making it as a tough choice to pick the best unit as an audio peripheral device. Let’s dive into the review, shall we?


Let’s begin with the specification sheet of this unit. For the purpose of this review, we will only list out the general specification of the review unit.

Total Watt (RMS) Lastname
Subwoofer 5.25″ 24W
Satellites 3″ 8W Each
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Dimensions Subwoofer
Height * Width * Depth: 9/1 in (230mm) * 9.1 in (232mm) * 6.2 in (157mm)
Weight: 5.25 lbs (2.4kg)Satellite
Height * Width * Depth: 7.6 in (192.8mm) * 4.3 in (108mm) * 3.5 in (90mm)
Weight: 1.4 lbs (0.64kg)

The technical specification details available here.


Standard Accessories – Logitech Z337.

The unit does come with standard accessories from the manufacturer. Looking into the accessories, upon purchasing the unit, you will receive a unit of Logitech Z337, a 3.5mm audio cable, three selective power adapter plug and a user documentation.


The Logitech Z337 may have a similar appearance to its predecessor, Logitech Z333. However, the only key differences in between them are the Bluetooth functionality. Logitech does give you an option to choose in between these models fit your audio experience. Other than that, both models do share similar specification including the drivers itself. The only visible difference is the ‘fake’ tweeter embedded in the satellite driver of Z333 while the ‘fake’ feature removed on the Z337.

Logitech Z337 – Satellite Speakers ft. 3-inch 8W each.

The Z337’s satellite speaker appears as a space consuming peripheral. The design of the satellite speaker is quite bigger compared to other 2.1 speaker systems in the market. The satellite speaker was designed in an angled manner that faces towards to the listener’s face. This design is typically done to make sure that the highs from the satellite drivers delivers directly to your ear despite appearing as an aesthetic purpose. The satellite speakers are non-adjustable, means it will be in such angle, forever. Each driver powered by an 8W with 3-inch in size.

Next, the subwoofer of Z337 features a 24W with 5.25-inch sub-driver. The subwoofer driver positioned at the front of the woofer.

Logitech Z337 – Rear view of the subwoofer.

Looking forward for the I/O’s located at the rear of the subwoofer unit, a 3.5mm input jack, four color-coded RCA inputs and a dedicated bass knob. It is highly recommended to always place your subwoofer below your desk for the best bass experience from your system.

The Z337 offers an external wired controller that functions as to powering the unit up by sliding the toggle, switching in between PC and Bluetooth mode and a 3.5mm input jack for plugging in headphones for privacy session. On top of the wired controller, you can control the volume of the unit via the volume knob given. The LED indicator lights white when the unit is in PC mode and blue when the unit in Bluetooth mode. The unit will blink blue within 3-seconds intervals indicating the unit were ready to be paired/connection terminated. The button and power toggle feels solid from our testing.

Audio Analysis and Experience

The Z337 is a direct competitor to its rival, the EDIFIER E3100 in terms of price range, features and audio quality. The only difference in between the units are, Z337 offers Bluetooth feature while the E3100 doesn’t. Now, the Z337 offers 40 watts of base power (raw power) and, its potential can be tuned up to 80 watts of peak power. Surprisingly, the Z337 wins against all of its competitors in the same price range in terms of peak power.

Logitech Z337 – The unit was placed at suitable location to get the best audio result.

The test was welcomed with a 2 hours burning in session (breaking-in session) as standard. For the test to be conducted successfully, only high bitrate mp3 quality were chosen and HD quality movie was used for movie session output analysis. Beginning the analysis from the mids and highs, each 3-inch satellite did an average job. However, when the EQ settings were tweaked slightly for the highs part, the quality does improves. From our point of view, the E3100 wins in terms of highs delivery.

The next test was purely dedicated to obtaining the best out from the 5.25-inch subwoofer. Surprisingly, the bass performance was good. We personally think that, if the legendary Altec Lansing VS4121 is still in the production, it will be a draw. The bass is deep, strong enough to cope up with the music genres. Turning the volume higher didn’t really cause any major distortion in terms of bass. We can say, the 24watt woofer did an amazing job. The presence of the dedicated bass knob helps to maximize the bass driver’s full potential. Based on this analysis, the Z337 wins in terms of bass quality compared to E3100.


Moving to the next session, almost all of us opt to stream to Netflix, BBC’s iPlayer or online video sharing platform such as YouTube right? Well, the Z337 performs best at this section. Based on our observation, the bass quality is the best while the highs are quite average. If the manufacturer issued a real tweeter to the Z337 unit, then we feel the highs can be further improved or dedicate a treble knob to tune the highs quality. Comparing the analysis, the clear winner of this section would be E3100.

The Z337 was further tested via its Bluetooth functionality. Comparing the Z337 towards other Bluetooth capable speaker systems, the Logitech Z337 outperforms charmingly. The smartphone used to test the feature is an iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 13.1.3. The audio quality when paired via the Bluetooth is good and we don’t feel that the speaker did actually struggle to push the sound to our ears.

Summarizing the analysis up, for the 2.1 speaker system that priced in the range of RM230, the Logitech Z337 seems to be in the second place after the EDIFIER E3100. However, the Z337 did an amazing job and we amazed to its bass quality. The Z337 suitable for gamers and music lovers that seeks for a speaker unit that pumps out huge amount of bass to satisfy their cravings.


Logitech Z337 – Conclusion.

The production status of the Logitech Z337 is currently available. The Logitech Z337 falls under the entry-level 2.1 speaker systems. At such price, the EDIFIER E3100, Sonic Gear Titan 7 (RM100 cheaper) and Vinnfier Champ competes against each other. However, from our testing so far, the E3100 stands first, followed by the Z337. We haven’t tested yet the Vinnfier Champ system, hence we exclude the model from our comparing list. Certainly, we will highly recommend the Logitech Z337 to the people’s out there. This is a good speaker system packed with power and¬† functions to serve its purpose apart from being a system that worth for your hard-earned bucks. The Logitech Z337 will be a good choice for budget enthusiasts and gamers.


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