Jabra Elite Sports Earbuds Review – Ultimate true wireless sports earbuds

Jabra Elite Sport

RM 1049.00

Build Quality






User Experience





  • Rich audio experience
  • Great noise cancellation feature
  • Environmental-proof
  • Light and portable
  • Customization through application


  • Average battery life
  • Expensive
Jabra Elite Sport – Source.

We’ve recently reviewed the Elite 65t, similarly the Elite Sports is a wireless earbuds that aimed towards sports enthusiasts. What differs from the Elite 65t are, the Elite Sport features a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), the similar feature offered in Sport Pulse SE. To our acknowledge, Jabra had informed us that, the Elite Sport comes with 3-year warranty along with the waterproof feature. Enlightening it further, the Elite Sport able to withstand the damages  caused from excessive sweats during workouts.

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The Elite Sport’s technical specification is available here, in the form of PDF. If you would like to know more about the product, you can download the available PDF, here.


The Elite 65t lend to us a review unit. The actual unit accessories supplied may vary.


The Elite Sport comes with standard accessories, a unit of Jabra Elite Sport, a charging case, a micro USB cable, three sets of silicon-made eargels, a quick start guide, a warranty leaflet and a TA label. Overall, the supplied accessories are decent enough for its price range.


Looking at the design, it shares a similar design with its younger Elite class, the Elite 65t. The buds feels solid indicating the quality of the material used by Jabra along with the supplied coloured wings of EarGels that comes in three selective sizes to suit ear canal sizes. The case is light in size and on the left-side of the case, there is a micro USB port dedicated for charging the case. When being tested, the total time taken to fully charge the case, including the Elite 65t are 1.5 hours.

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Each buds features with two functional and easy to access buttons. To be precise further, the left buds were dedicated as to control the track (skip/forward/previous) and volume management and the right buds were meant to control HearThrough and track (play/pause) management.


The Elite Sport offers superior audio quality engineered specifically for music and calls programmed with an advance wireless connectivity to ensure an ultimate performance. The cord-free design features two microphones in each bud that coherently works together to filter out unwanted environmental noises to ensure the voice capturing to be done well without being disrupted by the surrounding environment.



If you’re concerned about your privacy when attending/making calls, with HearThrough technology, you can activate it with a single touch of a button, thus activating the alertness of yours towards your surroundings, especially if you used to engage in outdoor activities such as jogging, gym session or even a marathon. Do note that, by activating this feature, your battery life will be reduced further.


The Elite Sport comes with 3 hours of battery life and the case offers up to 6 hours of battery life totaling 9 hours of battery life. Well, it is not very impressive as its younger Elite class, Elite 65t, but, there should be a reason right? This is because, the Elite Sport uses more power compared to the Elite 65t due to its sports feature such as Heart Rate Monitor.

The buds can be used as a pair or single depending on the type of activity you’re currently engaged in. Let it be your workout routine, or attending a business call or even traveling via a public transport while listening to your favorite musics, the Elite Sport suits your usage, well.


In order to get full access of the features offered by Elite Sport, you’ve to download the Jabra’s Sport Life app that’s available for both mobile platforms, Apps Store and Google Play.


By looking at the Sport Life application, five main feature or we call it as, sports feature given, noticeably the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Rep Count, VO2 max, Race predictor and Recovery advisor. Firstly, the Heart Rate Monitor is all about recording your heart rate in real-time to enhance your training regimen session and via the recovery advisor feature, you will be given suggestion and advice to take an interval in between before resuming up your sets once again. The Rep Count is all about counting your current sets via the sensors provided in the buds by providing you real-time feedbacks via in-ear notifications. The VO2 max on the other hand measures your current cardiovascular system by accessing your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Based on the analysis, the application will help you to determine your current fitness level, thus guiding you to the correct VO2 training regimen to further improve your heart rate zone. Last but not least, the Race predictor. This feature will be useful if you used to cycling/jogging over the weekends where, you can set the distance you wish to travel and, the application will notify and predict the time taken to achieve the defined distance. The feature also records and displays the time taken by you to achieve the distance based on the predicted time shown by the application, thus you can improve the time next time.


The Sport Life offers similar features like Jabra’s Sound+ application. From the Headphone Settings feature, you can further proceed to customize your preferred music equalizer. Two types of settings were offered, a basic equalizer and custom equalizer. Overall, the basic equalizer works well, although you can’t really pick a sound profile unlike has given in the Sound+ application.


Next, If you’re active on social media’s, now, you can share your result from the training or even export in the form of .csv (Excel) file to further monitor your performance of your fitness over the time. Truly one of the best developed application for earset. Overall, the experience using the application was good.

Audio Quality

The purpose of Elite Sport was engineered is for the sports enthusiasts. A good music that comes from a premium quality Earbud will give a pleasant workout experience. According to our audio analysing capabilities, the Elite offers rich bass and crystal clear highs. Using it for long period of time, the buds don’t get hot, even turning up the volume to higher level didn’t kill the audio quality. Thanks to Jabra’s trademark feature, the HearThrough that will help you to ignore any unwanted background noise and giving your full attention towards finishing your remaining workout sets. You can further activate this feature with a single button touch.

Microphone Quality

The quality of the voice captured is excellent. There is no feeling of hearing an artificial or the voice that has been enhanced through a proper software tool, as, the voice captured was in real-time. Thanks to HearThrough feature, attending/making a voice call over a busy street is possible today.


To conclude the Elite Sports review, Jabra said that, the Elite Sports are the most advanced earbuds engineered for sports enthusiasts. The Elite Sport offers a great feature by giving you a full control over the Elite Sports via its Sound+ application. The earbud is available in most Jabra verified IT retail stores at a price of RM1049. Only two color choices available, full black and green-black. The Elite Sport is highly recommended by us for the sports enthusiasts.

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The Elite Sport definitely serves its purpose well. To be frank, we really enjoyed using the earbuds and would highly recommend it to sports enthusiasts who are looking for a premium sports-based earbuds.

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