Jabra Elite 65t Review – True Wireless Earset for best music experience and wireless calls

Jabra Elite 65t

RM 785.00

Build Quality






User Experience





  • Excellent built quality
  • Solid wireless connection
  • Decent audio quality
  • Sound+ for customization
  • Excellent battery life
  • Decent microphone quality


  • Average bass output
Jabra Elite 65t – Source.

The Elite 65t is a true wireless earset, according to Jabra, it was uniquely designed to offer a genuine feature right out the box, with IP-55 resistance, great music experience and wireless calls along with 15 hours of battery life that suits your needs. It also comes with four-microphone technology, which was claimed by Jabra, the best in-class performance. Jabra Elite 65t offers you the flexibility to customize it according your preference via its Sound+ application.


The technical specification is available in the form of PDF which can be downloaded here. If you would like to know more about the Elite 65t, you can refer to the provided datasheet here.

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The Elite 65t lend to us a review unit. The actual unit accessories supplied may vary.


The Elite 65t comes with standard accessories, a unit of Jabra Elite 65t, a charging case which as a power bank for the Elite 65t, a micro USB cable, three sets of silicon-made eargels, a quick start guide, a warranty leaflets and a TA label.


Elite 65t is a wireless earset powered over a Bluetooth and wireless (earsets) connection. So there should be a master who takes control/command over everything right? Well, for the Elite 65t, the right earset is 0.7g heavier than the left, however, you won’t feel much difference when wearing it on.


Next, looking at the design of each bud, it was well designed. According to Jabra, the Elite 65t was made purely from high-grade plastics with a small cutely designed protrusion pointed towards the mouth to allow better voice reception (capture) that will be used for answering voice calls. The right bud features a track management (play/pause), pressing at the centre grants you an access to power the bud on, pairing with Bluetooth as well as to answer the phone and, to allow the ambient noise to breath in and out. The left bud gives you control over the track management (forward/back) and volume.

The charging case of Elite 65t is small and fits in most pockets and, due to its light-weight case, it is suitable to be carried over. At the bottom of the case, a micro-USB port present along with a small LED indicator to indicate that, the earset is ready to be used and also an indicator of the status firmware upgrade process of the Jabra Elite 65t.


Wind Noise Reduction & HearThrough

The wind noise reduction offers you four microphone technology that filters background noise over to enhance in capturing the voice and presenting a premium voice call over.

The HearThrough feature can be activated over a button located at the right bud. By doing so, the Elite 65t will intelligently filter the noise caused by your current environment to provide you the best music experience and attending/making calls. Do note that, by activating this feature, it will reduce the battery life.

Digital Assistant

Pairing with True Wireless Stability feature, the Elite 65t can instantly get connected to your home smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant to carry out commands as per your wish.


Bluetooth Mode: On.

The Elite 65t comes with an excellent 5 hours of battery life and the charging case offers up to 10 hours in total of 15 hours battery life. To be added, it is really easy to charge the Elite 65t as you only need to put it in its place and it will charge by itself and once fully charged, the Elite 65t will stop charging, automatically stop.


The Sound+ application is available for both mobile platforms. The application can be further downloaded at Apps Store and Google Play.


The Sound+ application was well developed. All the buttons were mapped into a right space to be accessed/tapped. There are quite notable features offered similar with Jabra Assist such as Find My Jabra, warranty registration and digital copy of the user manual. The first thing we’ve tested is how much it differs in terms of audio quality with its default setting and customized settings. The outcome of the experiment indicates it did get better, but overall decent.


Next, the thing we love about Jabra products of how well the application was coded or in general term, designed to allow the user to actually go through each and every feature one-by-one, in other word, you have your full control over the Elite 65t. In addition, the application will notify you if there is any firmware upgrade issued to your Jabra Elite 65t or other Jabra supported models, and it is highly advisable you to upgrade the firmware before using it for the best experience. The process of downloading the firmware and updating might consume some time and your Jabra buds should be near your smartphone during the process.


During the upgrading process, you would have to place the Elite 65t in the case and close the lid, thus activating the LED indicator located at the down of the case to do its job by continuously blinks purple in color indicating that, the updating process is in the process. Once the process has completed, the light will stop from blinking.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of Elite 65t is decent, with excellent highs, but average in terms of bass output. Thanks to Jabra’s Sound+, the bass output did improve but not as promising it should be. Featuring HearThrough and wind-noise reduction is a major plus point. If you’re used to walk or jog over a busy road, or you used to travel on public transport, these two features will help you to experience a good music environment and at the same time, you are given an access to alert towards your surroundings. Pairing over Bluetooth, when tested by playing a few YouTube videos, we don’t actually experience the audio dropouts of the audio and video track, which makes the Elite 65t deserves to get a positive remarks here. Fast forwarding the track or reverse the track to test the accuracy of audio delivery shows that, the Elite 65t synchronize well thanks to the True Wireless Stability feature.

Microphone Quality

The voice reception is excellent, thanks to its built-in four microphone technology. Further equipped with features such as wind noise reduction and HearThrough technology, now you can maintain your privacy over the phone with low tone voice and alert towards your surroundings at the same time.



The review of Jabra Elite 65t comes to an end here. To summarize the review, the earset costs at RM 785 and widely available at Jabra verified retail IT stores. Three color variants offered, Titanium Black, Copper Black and Gold Beige. The earset not only offers a great battery life, it also delivers a decent audio quality and, if you’re a music enthusiast, you will truly enjoy the earset at maximum despite of its below average bass pump unlike its elder Elite class earset, the Elite Sport. Overall, with Sound+ application, you can customize the earset to serve you on a daily basis without any hesitations. This Earset highly recommended towards music lovers, travelers and entrepreneurs.

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