Jabra Elite 25e

RM 325.00

Build Quality






User Experience





  • Rich bass and highs
  • Longer battery life
  • Excellent built quality
  • IP-54 Rating
  • Supports Siri & Google Assistant


  • Confusing mapped control panel
  • Stiff button control
Jabra Elite 25e Earset – Source.

The Jabra Elite 25e is a Bluetooth earset designed and tuned by Jabra that aimed towards sports and enthusiast, also to be included in the list, the entrepreneurs who often use earset to have a communication over voice calls. The Jabra Elite 25e was tuned in a such way, it offers up to 18 hours of battery life and compatible with Siri and Google Assistant to execute your command. It is an entry level of Jabra Elite earset class. Do mind that, there are two color variants offered, Elite 25e Black and Elite 25e Silver. The unit given to us is Elite 25e Black.

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The technical specification of Jabra Elite 25 can be downloaded here. Also included in the official product site of Elite 25e, you can download the datasheet of Elite 25e here.



The Elite 25e comes with standard accessories, with three different sizes of EarGels supplied to suit your ear canal sizes.



The Elite 25e features two earsets connected via a neckband with Jabra logo printed and do note that, you can’t detach (remove) the earset from the neckband. However, the neckband won’t really cause discomfort by using it for long, thanks to its flexible design that can withstand any harsh environment that requires vigorous activity.


The stock earset comes with dual-tone color, yellow and translucent grey eartip to further add a premium feel of the Elite 25e. The eartip is removable, which adds an advantage to customize the piece according to your ear sizes.


Next, looking at the accessibility of the available buttons of Elite 25e, three buttons located at the right end of the neckband and located on the left end, is the microphone receiver. Looking at the physical buttons given, each button function as a power/Bluetooth pairing/track and call management (centre) and the standard positive/negative button that features track management as well as to control the volume level. The buttons were a bit stiff and you’ve to apply a pressure to make it work. At the rear of the neckband, there is a micro-USB charging port to allow the earset to be charged.


Exceptional sound quality

Powering the drivers up, the 10mm drivers located at each side were engineered for immersive audio by granting you a deeper bass with crisp clear highs to allow a full-spectrum music quality.

Dedicated voice control button

Now, with a single button activation, you can give out command as per your wish just by connecting over Siri or Google Now thus, allowing you to take full control over the Jabra Elite 25e.

Amazing durability

The Elite 25e comes with IP-54 rating. This means that, your voice quality (voice captured by the microphone) over the conference call / business calls via phone in a windy-area won’t be affected, thanks to its wind-protected microphone. Also included, the weather resistant feature that helps you to ignore the noise caused by your surroundings and focusing on capturing your voice for the best voice call.


The Jabra Elite 25e offers 18 hours of battery life on a single charge. Mind you that, the earset doesn’t come with a portable charging case that available for Elite 65t and Elite Sport. Thus, the Elite 25e gives you more time on enjoying musics and close business deals over the phone without even have to cause you to be always near a power source.


The good thing about Jabra Elite 25e is, the earbuds were magnetized. In other word, without a touch of a single button, you can attach the buds together to stop your music or end a voice call and you can detach the buds to resume the track or attend the calls.


In order to have a full control over the Jabra Elite 25e, Jabra Assist application have to be downloaded first from the respectable mobile platforms. The application can be downloaded at Apps Store or Google Play.


In a brief walk-through, the application seems to offer you a very basic features such as warranty registration via Jabra Elite 25e feature, message readout that allows you to hear new notification when the earset was connected and location of Elite 25e via Find My Jabra feature.


In order to use the Find My Jabra feature, you have to enable your location services in your smartphone. This feature will help to locate your current Elite 25e even if its Bluetooth were turned off. The pin is said to reveal the location-related information and controls, however, the pin also can be removed by tapping into the “Delete location”. The accuracy of the detection is better in an open area than in a building.

Audio Quality

The Elite 25e offers rich audio giving out a deeper bass quality and decent highs. To fully experience the music quality over 10mm driver, the earset have to undergo a burning in session first for about an hour or more, better at 2 hours, to give out its best audio quality delivery. Raising the volume up didn’t cause any discomfort to our ears, as the audio quality still be maintained without a single percentage of quality drop making, the Elite 25e, one of the best earset we’ve tested so far along with the EDIFIER GM3SE.

Microphone Quality (Voice Calls)

Quoting the IP-54 feature, the voice quality captured by the Elite 25e is decent, not the very best mind you, simply decent. When the Elite 25e was being tested on construction sites and on a busy road through a voice call, the person on the other side was able to capture the voice well, thus, claiming the feature shown in the official manufacturer website is, true. Overall, the Elite 25e did a good job.



To conclude the review, the Elite 25e comes with a simple and wearable design that will suit most people let it be for sports enthusiasts, music enthusiasts, or young entrepreneur who depends on a good earset which good microphone to make a business deal. The Elite 25e delivers deep and high vocals, and with IP-54 rated with an excellent battery life, it is a bonus given to the earset-seekers out there to get a good earset to fulfil their needs. Jabra Elite 25e costs at RM325 and currently, the model are available at most Jabra verified retail stores.

[TechCyn] - Awards Ver.1.02TMFor its longer battery life, IP-54 rated and excellent voice call and music performance, the Elite 25e deserves an award from us.