HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2676 Wireless Printer – Cheapest Inkjet Printer in the Malaysian market? | REVIEW

Usually, when student’s were looking around for the best affordable printer, they may come across with two major reputable brands, HP and Canon. Both of these brands are competing with each other to give the best value for their end user especially students and office users. Thou major offices use high end printers, however, for a startup or a small office, they still opt for a cheap affordable printer to get the job done.

Figure 1
High end vs Low End.

Let’s get into our main agenda today. Today, our “hero” is, HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2676.


HP Ink Advantage printing systems deliver up to 1500 pages of quality prints without the risks of jamming or clogging. All from a single RM 37.00 cartridge. Making this possible is HP’s revolutionary Ink Management System that delivers the ink reliably and economically to the print-head.” – Source.

The Ink Advantage printer lineup is not a newly introduced scheme as, the Ink Advantage printers already available for about 5 years in the Malaysian market. One of the most famous models of the HP’s Ink Advantage printer during the era of 2012 – 2013 are HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2060 (I’ve used this model during my STPM days).

Recently, the HP DeskJet 2676 caught my attention and, I’ve decided to buy a unit to be tested. I must say that, HP really did a good job by re-design the casing of the printer despite of awful looking old models.

Before Unboxing

The packaging of the printer comes with standard design. The other halve of the box comes with dual language, English and Thai Language. I have no issues here. Mind you that, the box is quite small and light. You even can carry this printer on the bike as well.

After Unboxing

The printer was well covered and, all the accessories were well packed. Well done HP. I am actually shocked to see the given USB cable is quite long compared to other printers in the market currently.

Final View

The printer was covered with a plastic, “I am actually surprised”, as, this is the first time I can see a printer was well covered in plastic. By default, a single black color 680 cartridge and a single color 680 cartridge were supplied.

The standard supplied accessories by HP for their printers.

Next, let’s look into the cartridges supplied. This time, “I shocked”, as, the cartridge was covered with a cheap card box.

The actual “covered” cartridges from HP.

But, I don’t make a quick judgement, as, I believe, there will be a reason why HP opts for such method to pack their original cartridge. In this part, “I personally prefer Canon’s packaging style for their cartridges”.


Now, let’s look to the specifications of the printer.

Partial overview of the specifications of the printer. – Source.

Since the specification list is quite long, for full view on the specifications of the printer, kindly visit here.


The printer comes with a good color combination, blue and white. The buttons located on the right side (left-hand side) beside the scanner lid. The given buttons are, Power button, Cancel button, Wireless (WPS) button, Information button, a single color button and a single black button.

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Overall, I do satisfy with the printer outlook. All the buttons are reachable, and, I would like to strongly emphasize here, the buttons feel solid and not cheaply made. I am a big fan of white led’s instead of traditional yellow led’s. Well, HP listens to most consumer’s wishes and granted their printer lineup with white led’s.

Setting up for the first use:

If your laptop / PC doesn’t comes with a DVD drive, then, you can go here to download the driver for the printer.

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The setting up process is quite long as, you need to register the product before completing the registration. However, the setup process, was quite detailed on, acknowledging the purpose of this printer going to be used by an individual.

Software overview:

The user interface of the driver (software) is decent and suits well for the modern view, especially those who’re enthusiastic when using a software. All the feature was divided well and the menu’s were well mapped. A major improvement there done by HP developers.

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In the traditional way, you have to set up the cartridge type usage via driver software or when printing an image or a document. But for this printer, you actually can setup via the software itself.



For printing, I’ve used a new method of saving the ink, yet, detailed view of the outcome of the printing.

The template used to conduct the printing quality test.

I’ve created the template above to conduct the test not only for this printer, but for other printers in the future as well. Now, let’s look the outcome from printing the above template via the printer.


Analysis of the outcome (Printing):

The print quality by far, the best I say, especially for a cheap and affordable printer. The image quality is very detailed and the printed font looks good, even though the settings were set to “Normal” and not at the “Best“.


By using the given scanner driver for this printer, a screen will pop-up to proceed to the next phase of your decision.

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Now, let’s see the outcome of the images scanned through the scanner.

The outcome of the template, scanned through (Photo) mode.

Analysis of the outcome (Scanner):

From the result above, it can be concluded as, the image quality is pretty decent. No issues here, if it is meant for office and student use. However, for photo enthusiastic, well, the quality might be slightly disappointed you thou the printer scores through printing quality.

Copy (Photostat)

The outcome of the analysis of this feature, is similar to the printing analysis.



  1. Affordable.
  2. Cheap cartridge replacement.
  3. Comes with Wireless feature (Wireless Printing).
  4. Excellent print quality let it be both, in black & white and color.
  5. Excellent image printing.
  6. Light (The printer is very light – you can lift it up using a single hand w/out any problem).
  7. Excellent casing quality and color (the blue-white theme really adds a premium feel to the printer).


For the first time, I don’t feel any major downside of using this printer. So the outcome of the major disadvantage analyze is: null.

However, the setup process of the printer is quite hectic, so, this will be a minor disadvantage analyze outcomes.


Now, let’s conclude the review here.

Derpina’s view of the outlook of the printer. “Thank you derpina” ~ Arun.

Firstly, the printer cost around RM 255 at IT Hypermarket, however, certain shops sell this printer at a slightly higher price than IT Hypermarket. Second, the replacement cartridge cost around RM39.00 for both black and Color. You also can opt to buy a combo set, either black-black or black-color pack for RM60. However, certain online stores were selling the combo set for RM53.00 (in Shopee Malaysia).

Secondly, this is the first printer in such price range that comes with wireless feature. The setup of the printer for wireless mode is pretty straight forward, though, you have to enable your WPS feature on your router (by which, not highly recommended by network experts), however, for those who prefer physical connection, the wireless feature will be optional for you.

Next, the printer is very light, and, you can travel along with the printer as well. The printer is not too big and not too small, not too heavy and not too light, it just perfectly fits your needs. I can say, this printer by far, the lightest printer I’ve ever tried to lift so far.

Last but not least, this printer does a great job despite of the job thrown at it. For me, this printer perfect for students and startup venture who concerns more on the budget instead of best quality (like laser printers), but not suitable for photo enthusiastic individuals.

My recommendations of this printer: 9/10

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  1. Cool review, never imagine someone would spend so much time reviewing a printer but great job!!

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