HP DeskJet 3835 Ink Advantage All-in-One Wireless Printer – Review

HP DeskJet 3835

RM 330.00





User Experience







  • Affordable
  • Decent features offered
  • Easily customize w/out software present
  • Decent print speed
  • Wireless printing
  • Less noise emitted
  • Easy to do maintenance via the 2.2 mono display panel (firmware)


  • High cost-per-page value (Tri-Color)
  • Bulky
HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Wireless Printer

We’ve decided to upgrade our existing printer to a newer, powerful printer. A printer that can do any task with the ability to withstand the printing pressures. While googling around, we’ve come across with the HP DeskJet 3835 Ink Advantage All-in-One wireless printer. Despite of rave reviews available currently, we decided to bet over the fate to buy a unit.

The printer was packed in a simple manner, although the unit is quite bulky. Upon unboxing, standard accessories supplied. This includes a unit of HP DeskJet 3835, a pair of HP 680 genuine ink cartridge, a user manual, a USB cable and a power adapter.

HP DeskJet 3835 – Front View

From the outlook of the printer, the DeskJet 3835 features a modern design with inclusive fax functionality as standard. Previously known as OfficeJet 3835, the DeskJet 3835 suitable for small-office-home-office (SoHo) users. The DeskJet 3835 features a small 2.2-inch mono display to allow the users to have a full access to the printer without even to opt for old school way. Lives up to its tagline, Ink Advantage, this printer should offer the lowest cost-per-page print result.

HP DeskJet 3835 – Rear View

Moving to the rear view of the printer, an AC input port, USB – Type B input and two RJ11 ports present. Overall, the built quality of the unit is decent.


The general specification of DeskJet 3835 are as follows: – Source.

Functions Print, Copy, Scan, Fax and Wireless Printing
Multitasking Support No
Printing Speed Black (ISO, A4) Up to 8.5 ppm
Printing Speed Black

ISO: Up to 8.5 ppm

Draft: Up to 20 ppmColor

Normal: Up to 6 ppm

Duty Cycle (Monthly A4) ≤ 1000 pages
Print Technology HP Thermal Inkjet
Print Quality Black

Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpiColor

Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color
(when printing from a computer on selected HP photo papers and 1200 input dpi)

Display 2.2 in (5.5 cm) touch mono display with magic frame
Processor & Memory Processor

180 MHzMemory

RAM1: 512Mb DDR1

Flash: 128M

Wireless Capability Yes, built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

Features Overview

The DeskJet 3835 offers print, scan, copy and fax functionality as standard. From our visible knowledge, this printer has its own advantage over its predecessor, especially those with wireless function as standard. The printer actually comes with a built-in firmware inside the printer to allow the users to fully customize the settings of their needs. In addition, the printer actually allows the user to take control over their printer’s wireless function and data sharing.

Firmware Walkthrough

The DeskJet 3835 was loaded with the stock factory firmware and it is easily upgradable through the configurable 2.2-inch display. Basic setup process takes place here. Do note that, this settings will be used for printer side only while you still have to install the dedicated software of the DeskJet 3835 on your client-side device.

It is highly advisable to upgrade the firmware to the latest patch for the best performance. The firmware upgrade can be accomplished via the wirelessly connected printer through the administrative interface or via client-device side i.e. download the patch and install it manually.

After finishing setting up the printer, you can browse through the given features loaded in the firmware of the printer. The DeskJet 3835 allows you to maintain the printer via the 2.2-inch mono display itself. We personally think this is a good idea of allowing the users to maintain the printer off-site.

Software Walkthrough

The setting up process of DeskJet 3835 is almost similar with other HP printers. We’ve set-up the unit in USB mode instead of wireless due to safety and privacy reason. Also, you can enable the HP Cartridge Protection to protect your printer from using a fake cartridge that can further degrade your printer’s lifespan.

We suggest to enable the feature.

Similarly with other DeskJet lineup models, the software feature almost the same. The icons were mapped in the right way to allow even novice users to utilize the feature of the printer to the maximum. For this test, we’ve setup the printer in wired method, also you can shift to wireless function by turning on the Wi-Fi function on the printer.

We would like to highlight a feature here called HP Print and Scan Doctor. The feature allows the users to troubleshoot the printer status and errors present. If any errors were detected, then the apps will let you know of the process needed to solve the identified error(s). The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a freeware available for windows platform, currently.

User Experience

The DeskJet 3835 offers monthly duty cycle up to 1000 page/month. We would like to highlight that, if the monthly duty cycle of the printer seems to be low for you, then we can recommend you to opt for higher end model such as HP DeskJet Ultra 4729 instead, only if you willing to sacrifice the fax feature.

HP recommends genuine cartridge for best performance.

The DeskJet 3835 only supports the genuine cartridge model, HP 680. The printer can detect if you’re using non-HP cartridge and this will result in print quality to drop drastically. According to the manufacturer, the a single black cartridge offers page yield up to 480 pages and 150 pages for a single tri-color cartridge. Each cartridge priced at RM 39 each and if you wish to save up a few bucks, we highly recommend to buy in bulk.

HP DeskJet 3835 in idle mode.

Before the test begun, we’ve aligned the cartridge to produce the best output during a printing session that includes three modes; draft, normal and best. We’ve begun the test by testing the draft version of the colored and black-and-white A4 paper printing. To our surprise, the total time taken to print the colored version 16 seconds while the black-and-white only takes 10 seconds. Next, we proceed to the normal version where it only takes 38 seconds for the colored version while 24 seconds for the black-and-white version. Finally, we tested the best printing mode. We also acknowledge that, we may have to sacrifice quite an amount of inks for the review purpose. Looking at the output of the best printing mode, it takes 56 seconds for the colored version while for the black-and-white takes roughly 42 seconds. If your printing documents involves images and graphs, it make take more time than expected.

A RAW print image captured from draft to best mode.

To our observations, you can save up the cost-per-page for each cartridge if you choose the right modes to print out your documents or images. As an example, if you’re a university student and you used to discuss about assignments and thesis with your supervisor or printing class notes, then draft mode is highly recommended. Next, printing official documents with no images and graphs, therefore normal mode is recommended and best mode can be used for official documents and thesis that comes with images and graphs. Do keep in mind that changing in printing mode may consume inks depends on the mode you’ve selected.

The DeskJet 3835 offers two ways of scanning method, i.e. through flatbed and feeder (one side only). Now, using the flatbed scanning is quite common and can be found even in lower end printers these days. However, the DeskJet 3835 features paper feeder on top of the scanner lid where you can scan and copy the documents in an efficient way. Do note that the feeder only supports up to 25 sheets only. If you wish to scan a page from a bulky book, then it is highly advisable to scan and copy via the flatbed method. The scan resolution supports up to 1200 dpi and copy supports up to 600 x 300 dpi, applicable for both black-and-white and color.

The advantage of DeskJet 3835 is noise emitted during operations. We mean, the noise pollution emitted by lower end printer to get the job done is undeniably, annoying right? Fortunately, the DeskJet 3835 didn’t emit much noise when printing or scan or copying session. To our surprise, there is a mode called “Quite Mode” and we realize the mode was turned off by default. If the mode was enabled, the operation-to-execute mode, i.e. printing may devour more time even draft mode was selected. The printer also automatically detects the type of papers, although at some point, the message is annoying to us.

Maintaining the printer also is an easy job. When you run out the inks, it is really easy to replace the cartridges. Overall, this printer did a good job. It does all the job.

Fax setup wizard – Setting up the printer for the first use.

We didn’t use fax functionality at the moment, hence, we will skip from reviewing the fax feature. However, for those who are seeking for a budget printer with fax functionality, the DeskJet 3835 equipped with memory up to 99 pages only for the black-and-white documents with resolution up to 300 x 300 dpi.

Do you use your smartphone to print a document? If yes, then this is a good news for you as, the unit supports HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint and Wireless Direct Printing. The printer is responsive and easily get the job done.


HP DeskJet 3835 – Side view.

The DeskJet 3835 priced at RM 330 as standard and if you are lucky enough, you may find it cheaper in selected HP certified retail stores. As for the availability of the printer, the DeskJet 3835 is still available. To summarize our review, the DeskJet 3835 is suitable for normal users who don’t do much printing job in a month. Although the printer did receive rave reviews in online, based on our testing, it did a good job apart from devouring inks in certain conditions. If you interested to buy a unit of DeskJet 3835, we would highly recommend you to pay a visit to the store and experience the job output by the DeskJet 3835 for your own personal satisfaction. Hence, the DeskJet 3835 is recommended for light and normal users who working from home or working in a small office. As for heavy users, we suggest you to opt DeskJet 4729 instead.


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