EDIFIER XM6BT 2.1 Speaker System Review – An entry-level audio system that values your effort

EDIFIER XM6BT 2.1 Speaker System Review An entry-level audio system that values your effort


RM 309.00

Built Quality






Audio Experience





  • Affordable
  • Excellent bass quality
  • Real 'tweeter' embedded
  • Multi-purpose speaker system
  • Remote control
  • Longer speaker cables
  • Removable mesh speaker cover


  • Distorted bass at high volume
  • No radio function

Budget always a main concern for audio enthusiasts. Some audio enthusiasts may prefer a higher end audio system for their desktop, and some may opt for a cheaper option from various audio manufacturer brands. Today’s agenda will be focused on a budget 2.1 audio speaker system from EDIFIER, the XM6BT.

EDIFIER XM6BT 2.1 Speaker System Review - EDIFIER XM6BT Introduction
Figure 1: EDIFIER XM6BT Introduction.

The EDIFIER XM6BT is the current entry-level 2.1 speaker system that focused towards budget and bass lovers. Unlike its younger brother, the XM6BT has a total of 48W RMS output. For such price range, the XM6BT do offer a few good features, ranging from SD-card compatibility to Bluetooth functionality for wireless playback. The system does lack radio functionality, but since radio can be listened through online as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem or counted as a disadvantage for this unit.

The accessories that featured together with the XM6BT system are pretty standard with a unit of XM6BT itself, an RCA cable, a male-to-male 3.5mm audio jack, a warranty card and a remote control. I guess, it is a trend for every speaker manufacturer to feature a remote control for their audio system as standard.

Moving into the design of the audio system, the system appears to have a decent built quality. Powering the subwoofer up, a 24W rated 6.5-inch driver that responsible to deliver lows (bass) that located at the front of the subwoofer covered with a removable mesh cover. One thing I disliked about the XM6BT are the I/O panel mapping. The buttons mapped at the right-hand side of the box, however, it is understandable, since at the end of the day, you will be controlling the unit with a remote control especially for those who placed the subwoofer on the floor. An SD card-slot, a 2.0 USB port, a few track management buttons are present along with a dedicated bass knob.

Next, the design of the satellite speaker is pretty simple, yet feels premium. EDIFIER does have an experienced system designer where the satellite was well designed to fit on any desktop, not too big and not too small. It resides in the perfect range of how it should be. Well done EDIFIER. Each satellite speaker is powered by a 12W rated 3-inch driver with a dedicated tweeter, each. For such price range, I personally believe only EDIFIER has provided the real product output with the rated specification unlike other audio manufacturer that provide a fake specification or a fake tweeter for the purpose of aesthetics. In terms of honesty, EDIFIER wins hands down here.


The specification of the XM6BT are as follows:

Power OutputR/L: RMS 12W× 2 SW: 24W
Signal to Noise Rate≥ 85dBA
Frequency ResponseL/R:210Hz-20kHz SW:20Hz-120Hz
Input SensitivityR/L: 400mV±50mV SW: 70mV±20mV
Input TypeAUX/USB/SD card/Bluetooth
Bass Unit6 1/2 inch(178mm)
Mid-Range Unit3 inch(78mm)
Treble UnitΦ 10mm
AdjustmentSide control panel, remote control
Table 1: EDIFIER XM6BT Specification – Source.

Audio Experience

The XM6BT undergone a standard 2-hour breaking in session with the bass set to max to allow a better driver response, when the actual analysis was carried out at the time the audio quality being reviewed. The breaking in session involves playing extreme-bass audio track an orchestra audio track to enable the system is well cooked. The equalizer settings on my benchmark PC was set to disabled (Realtek audio effects disabled – sound adapter) and my preferred audio player, Winamp‘s equalizer settings was turned off. I am not a big fan of tweaking equalizer since wrongly tweak will cause the audio quality to be slightly bad and cause discomfort for audio enthusiasts like me.

My initial impression of the system reminds me of my EDIFIER M2300 speaker system which I personally owned 10 years ago. That system is on par with the legendary M3300 from EDIFIER as well. Due to high expectations from its predecessor models, I was carried out with the same expectation on the XM6BT as well. The audio quality may differ depends on the profile-type of the speaker, that it currently engaged in.

EDIFIER XM6BT 2.1 Speaker System Review - Remote control comparison between EDIFIER S350D and EDIFIER XM6BT
Figure 6: Remote control comparison between EDIFIER S350DB (left) and EDIFIER XM6BT (Right)

Kicking start of by sharing my analysis on the bass quality first. The bass is quite deep, only under the volume of 50% with bass tuning on the XM6BT was set to max. You can get the feeling of owning Altec Lansing’s VS4121. However, after 50% of volume, the bass quality begins to distort slightly, but not that much like it would cause discomfort when listening to your favorite song at high volume. In-fact, during the test conducted, the equalizer settings, both on the device and music player was disabled, yet I am still able to get to listen to distorted bass quality when listening to high volume, something that not even present when I was using EDIFER E3100 back then.

When it comes to clarity, the XM6BT easily beats Morro X5, Z337, Evo 9 and even M1360! Thanks to its real tweeter that handles vocal like a charm. I personally prefer a well-balanced audio system that doesn’t produce much treble quality like can be found with the speakers with treble control that worsens the audio quality by producing out too much of crystal clear highs that cause discomfort when listening to your favorite song.

Combining both, deeper bass with crystal clear highs, the system suitable for gamers as well. As long as you don’t burst out the speaker with loud volume, then the gaming experience will be nicer. Playing games such as GTA V or fast-paced CS:GO, the XM6BT excels in it marking, one of the recommended audio system for budget-gamers.


To conclude the review, the EDIFIER XM6BT is one of the budget 2.1 speaker system that I can recommend to the users. If you’re an audio enthusiast or you want a similar audio system that act as a direct successor of M3300 or E3100, then the XM6BT is a combination of both its predecessors. Pricing at RM309, there are a few similar models rivaling with this system, however, based on my personal experience, EDIFIER always provides the features written on the paper. The XM6BT is one of the best entry-level budget speakers I can recommend confidently to the users. The current status of the speaker availability is the speaker can be purchased directly from any EDIFIER-certified retail stores or through their flagship stores, respectively.

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