EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review – A Multimedia Gaming Speaker Featuring Digital Signal Processing and RGB

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - A multimedia gaming speaker featuring digital signal processing and RGB

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Multimedia Gaming Speaker


Built Quality






Audio Experience





  • Solid built quality
  • Compact in size
  • Dedicated bass knob
  • Excellent RMS power
  • Excellent (deep) bass output
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • RGB Lightning effects


  • No dedicated treble knob
  • No USB port for USB playback

EDIFIER X230 is a 2.1 multimedia speaker targeted towards hardcore gamers. Entitled with 2.1 gaming speaker, the X230 is slightly cheaper compared to the G2000 system reviewed, previously. According to my research, the identified competitor for X230 are Logitech Z333, Salpido Arrado 5, Vinnfier Ultra 7BTR, Vinnfier Champ 2020, Sonic Gear Titan 9 and Sonic Gear Morro X9. All the identified competitor costs below than RM250, that I personally feel, deserved to be compared to.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - Accessories of EDIFIER X230

Upon the unboxing the unit, you will get a unit of EDIFIER X230, a 3.5mm male-to-male audio jack, a user manual and a warranty guide as standard. To my surprise, there are no RCA cables bundled together. For such price-tag, it is quite disappointing that the speaker doesn’t included with USB port for USB playback unlike its competitors in the multimedia PC market.


The specification of EDIFIER X230 are as follows:

Power Output R/L: 7W+7W | SW: 14W
Peak Power R/L: 14W+14W | SW: 28W
Frequency Response R/L: 210Hz-18KHz | SW: 53Hz-240Hz
Audio Input AUX, Line in, Bluetooth

Appearance and Design

The EDIFIER X230 is a compact multimedia speaker system. In other word, the unit is surprisingly small and can fit on the computer desk. The built quality of X230 is good for the price compared to its competitors.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - Satellite speaker overview of EDIFIER X230

Firstly, the satellite speaker reminds me of my very first EDIFIER speaker, the M1335. The design of the satellite speaker is quite similar with the M1335, with a much more modern look. The 3-inch driver was painted in silver to bounce lightning effect from the LED located behind the speaker grill. Another thing I noticed about the satellite driver is the type of dust-cap used. From its look, I am pretty sure the speaker able to produce highs seamlessly as it won’t affect the quality of the audio.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - Subwoofer overview of EDIFIER X230

Next, the subwoofer has the symmetrical design with an expanded design of the satellite speakers. The subwoofer is powered by a 5-inch bass driver that able to produce power up to 28W. Also, the driver was painted in silver to allow the lightning effects can be reflected to our eye. However, there are no dedicated wired controller. All the control is made available on top of the subwoofer, which I said previously, the unit is recommended to place on the table. Customizable RGB lightning effects by pressing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ simultaneously allows you to change the RGB effects and even turn off the RGB effects. Other standard functionalities are mode switching, which can be done by pressing the power button.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - Rear I/O ports of EDIFIER X230

The offered functionalities are AUX (PC), Line-in and Bluetooth. A dedicated bass knob is present at the rear of the subwoofer. Two USB speaker output, present to powering up the satellite speakers. Unfortunately, there is no treble port.

Audio Analysis

The EDIFIER X230 is a multi-platform compatible speaker, not only can be used with PC’s, also can be used with gaming consoles, TV or even Bluetooth playback.  The speaker undergoes a standard 2-hour breaking in session and I’ve decided use the default equalizer settings in order to test its secret feature, digital signal processing or DSP in short.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - Audio Quality Testing

A few audio tracks from different genres have been played and I’ve closely listened to the audio quality. The DSP feature really kicks in even if the volume of the unit is 10%. According to EDIFIER, the digital signal processing responsibilities to balance the lows and highs together to produce a high quality audio. Turning the volume higher maintains the bass and high quality without having audio distortion that be heard with other cheaply made speaker. Tweaking the bass knob to its maximum level cause the bass to be more deep and cause a slight muddy bass due to the powerful bass is being pumped out. My gaming experience thanks to audio powered by the EDIFIER X230 grants me an excellent session. The bass is strong, playing action-based games do give the DSP feature a good execution. Although it doesn’t have its own profile-programmable mode, the X230 does its job, flawlessly.


EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - EDIFIER X230 review conclusion

Ultimately, the EDIFIER X230 is an excellent gaming speaker to be invested on. Unlike its competitor in the market, the X230 certainly wins hands down both in terms of price-tag and audio quality. The EDIFIER X230 is one of the recommended entry-level gaming speaker from me if you don’t care about not having a USB playback feature. Everything about this system is good. The EDIFIER X230 is widely available in most IT retail stores and in e-stores.

EDIFIER X230 2.1 Gaming Speaker Review - EDIFIER X230 receives choice of cyn award.

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  1. Abdulsalam

    i would like to ask if it could run on battery, so that i could carry it around maybe to the beach or something.

    • Salam Bro Abdul,

      The speaker only utilizes direct AC power. You can’t really power the speaker through batteries, say powerbanks. Well, for your situation, I can suggest to have a look on EDIFIER G1000 (USB Powered Speaker from EDIFIER).


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