RM 1,059.00

Built Quality






Audio Experience





  • Excellent built quality
  • Premium audio material used
  • Multi-purpose system
  • Powerful, yet deep bass
  • Crystal clear highs
  • Controllable bass & treble
  • Suitable for music lovers
  • Modern design speaker without mesh cover


  • Quality of the knobs pretty average

Audio enthusiasts always wandering around IT -retail stores to find the next replacement of audio system, but this time with a high budget, hoping to get a premium audio 2.1 system that promises a premium listening experience.

I’ve recently been planning to do a major upgrade on audio system for my desktop. Since my life is all about exploring newer innovations involving technology, fintech and entrepreneurships, it is crucial for me to own a good audio system that would entertain me with good audio quality while carrying out my work. While surveying my next speaker upgrade, I came across with EDIFIER’s S350DB speaker system. Without wasting time, I ordered a unit. It took about four-days to be successfully delivered to me.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB Introduction
Figure 1: EDIFIER S350DB – Introduction

So, today’s review will be about my experience using this premium audio system from EDIFIER, the S350DB. Looking at the information provided on the site, I believe I have made the right choice. This is because the S350DB features a 70W of 8-inch bass driver, 25W of 3-inch midrange driver and 15W of 3/4 titanium dome tweeters, each.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB Accessories
Figure 2: EDIFIER S350DB – Accessories

The box is quite huge, weighting 20kg est. This reminds me of another premium audio system from Klipsch, the Pro Media 2.1 BT that weight less than the S350DB. The featuring accessories are, a unit of S350DB, a remote control, a battery, a 3.5mm audio jack, a power cable, high-quality speaker cable, fibre optic cable and a few standard documentation cards.

Beginning the review with elaborating the satellite speaker design. The S350DB’s satellite speaker was themed after bookshelf system. This reminds me of AirPluse A300 and AirPulse 200. The 3-inch satellite driver is a minimized version of the mid-woofer driver of AirPulse 300. The S350DB utilizes titanium dome tweeters, engineered to deliver crystal-clear highs production during listening to music under extreme audio environment. This differs from its big brother that uses a planar tweeter each and received a silver touch from Phil Jones, still I believe the S350DB still retains its own class being a premium audio system.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - S350DB Satellite Speaker View
Figure 3: EDIFIER S350DB – Satellite Speaker Overview

Looking over the master satellite that act as a centralized management of the system, it offers three-standard tunable knobs. Each knobs responsible to provide access to the user to control the level of treble, bass and volume. Somehow, for such a price range, I felt the knobs, slightly cheap. However, I do test the knobs extensively and find out that, the knobs able to withstand the tremendous amount of tweak (low-to-high-to-low) and this adds to an advantage under longevity. Each satellite driver equipped with four rubber feet (pads) and has a dedicated bass reflex port, respectively.

Next, the design of the subwoofer has a eye-catching characteristic. This is due to, not many desktop speaker manufacturers able to design the satellite speaker and subwoofer to perfectly synchronize with each other. Another advantage of this speaker is, it doesn’t have an RGB light-effect. Thank God! I am not a big fan of RGB’s when it comes to speaker. I am glad that the subwoofer doesn’t feature an RGB lightning effects.

Powering the lows (bass) up, an 8-inch bass driver rated 70W and the heaviest sub-system in S350 speaker system. The bass reflex port located on the right-hand side. So placing the subwoofer under your desktop should be on your left-hand side and not right, especially if your desktop table is an enclosed version.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB Rear View
Figure 6: EDIFIER S350DB – Subwoofer Rear View

Looking at the rear of the subwoofer, a few I/O panels were present. Unlike the traditional desktop audio system, the I/O panels resembles Altec Lansing’s VS4121 with only dual-pair of RCA input given for PC and AUX profile. A power switch is located on top of DC in port. The subwoofer driver also gets its own rubber feet for a better grip on the floor.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB Remote Control.
Figure 7: EDIFIER S350DB – Remote Control

The remote control features a few buttons can give you an access to multiple profile types to fit your requirement. I am glad they didn’t go with a standard rectangular remote design, instead go with a circular remote design that gives a futuristic look yet minimizing the space on your desktop.


The specification of EDIFIER S350DB are as follows:

Total Power OutputR/L(treble): 15W+15W
R/L(midrange and bass): 25W+25W | SW: 70W
Signal to Noise RateR / L: ≥ 80dB (A) ; SW: ≥ 85dB
Frequency ResponseR/L: 160Hz -20KHz ; SW: 40Hz –160Hz
Input SensitivityPC : R/L: 600±50mV ; SW: 270±20mV
AUX: R/L: 400±50mV | SW: 200±20mV
Optical/Coaxial:R/L: 400±50mFFS | SW: 200±20mFFS
Bluetooth: R/L: 400±50mFF | SW: 200±20mFFS
Input TypePC
AUX Optical
Bass Unit8 inch(203mm)
Mid-Range Unit3 inch(78mm)
Tweeter UnitTitanium Dome (3/4-inch)
DimensionSubwoofer: 312*265*298mm
Satellite: 222H x 127W x 156Dmm( 8.75H x5W x 6D inches)
Table 1: EDIFIER S350DB Specification – Source.

Audio Experience

I am using my very own personal desktop for analyzing the audio quality. Do note that, I am using ASUS’s STRIX SOAR soundcard previously for my Luna E25HD to boost its bass quality. However, for the purpose of this review, I will be following the standard test by disabling all equalizer settings, both on the PC and my preferred audio player. I’ve used the standard audio source from TUF B360M-Plus board. Also, the S350DB underwent a standard 2-hour breaking in session to allow the drivers to adapt to music profiles ranging from a pure bass audio test to crystal-clear highs. Do note that, during the test conducted, the subwoofer located under the desktop for a better audio analysis can be recorded.

I will be sharing the audio quality from the breaking in session first. I’ve kick-started with playing heavy bass audio track with the treble and bass level was set as default (0-level) on S350DB. Surprisingly, the audio quality was superb, even the system was playing the heavy bass audio track while the tuning was set on default. The tweeter did a good job while playing a sample of orchestra audio track. During the audio test, I’ve set the volume of the system to 25%. Going above than 40% will lead me to enter the jail as I am living in a packed residential area.

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB vs EDIFIER LUNA E25HD
Figure 8: EDIFIER S350DB’s satellite speaker vs EDIFIER LUNA E25HD

Next, playing my favorite audio track ranging from anime songs to Tamil songs to international songs, the S350DB perform perfectly. Do note that I leave the bass and treble knob at the default ( 0 ) level. Turning the bass slightly over the positive side (+2 and above) gives a deeper bass output and it does shakes the entire house even at 40% of volume. The treble quality is simply the best in its class, most probably the most natural highs I’ve ever heard from audio file rated 320kbps. I eventually ended up by disabling the equalizer settings, thus leaving the S350DB bass and treble level as default.

Watching movies, especially anime and Tokusatsu-based series further enhances my relaxing time of enjoying a good session with premium audio quality. Paired with a gaming display and visually powered by GTX1070Ti from ASUS, I do have a good movie session. When it comes to playing games, the S350DB performs at its best. I have no points to highlight the disadvantage of the system, because the system performs of what a premium audio system should do. Playing audio from Bluetooth connectivity from my ageing iPhone 7 Plus, is simply the best. It gives an impression of owning a small home theatre system at home.


Figure 9: EDIFIER S350DB – Conclusion

To sum the review up, based on my experience, the EDIFIER S350DB is the best speaker I’ve used so far. Speaking of price, this unit costs me RM1059.00. However, I believe the S350DB is worth for my investment. Supporting my points further, the S350DB were built from a high-quality material and this includes the respective drivers. The audio quality is the best of its class. I can confidently recommend this premium audio system to the true audio enthusiasts who wish to engage in a premium audio experience, you can’t go wrong with the S350DB. This leads the system to be remarked as one of the best premium audio system in the Malaysian market, currently. EDIFIER finally proved themselves that they can also conquer the premium audio system class with EDIFIER S350DB. Well done, EDIFIER!

EDIFIER S350DB 2.1 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker System Review - EDIFIER S350DB receives full five star!