EDIFIER R1700BT Bookshelf Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker System Review – Best Mid-end Bookshelf Speaker System

EDIFIER R1700BT Bookshelf Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker System Review


$149.99 (RM479.00)

Built Quality






Audio Experience





  • Good quality built
  • Eagle-eyed tweeter
  • Deeper bass
  • Powerful RMS
  • Multi-purpose speaker
  • Suitable for audio enthusiasts
  • Removable speaker mesh cover


  • None at the moment

Speakers these days comes in a form of 2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 form-factors. The price also varies according to each speaker class system. Without a further a due, today I will be sharing my experience using the EDIFIER R1700BT, a 2.0 bookshelf speaker system from EDIFIER. Personally speaking, I’ve a good experience with a few 2.0 speaker systems such as Luna E25HD and G2000 from the same manufacturer. I am actually tempted to write this review to share my experience using the speaker to you guys.

Figure 1: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Introduction
Figure 1: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Introduction

Before diving further, the speaker designed more towards music lovers than gamers. I will be further sharing the details of the audio quality when gaming via the speaker unit. The box itself weights est. ≤7kg. As standard, the packaging features the details of the speaker component, specifications and a few highlighted features. We know how well a few manufacturers tend to cheat about their specification. Fortunately, this particular Chinese brand is honest with it comes to provide an actual specification.

Figure 2: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Standard Accessories
Figure 2: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Standard Accessories

Upon unboxing the unit, a few standard accessories were given. These are, speaker connecting cable, a 3.5mm to dual RCA cable, dual RCA to dual RCA cable, a warranty card, a user manual and a wireless remote control. The speaker four-pin speaker connecting cable is thick and surprisingly heavy and long. Say, if you’re not intended to use the speaker system for your PC, you can use the speaker for your TV or listening from any USB-player/CD-player or even via Bluetooth connectivity.

Figure 3: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Speaker driver overview
Figure 3: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Speaker driver overview

The R1700BT comes in two selective colors, brown-black and fully black. The unit I am having here is fully black. The mesh cover is removable, and I personally feel, this is most probably one of the best designed speaker. A 19mm silk dome tweeter, referred as an eagle-eyed tweeter and 4-inch subwoofer driver present in each speaker. Judging from the appearance of the subwoofer driver, it feels premium, and the speaker diaphragm was indeed, made from a high quality material. The location of the bass reflex port is located below the subwoofer driver and you can place the speaker near to the wall without no worries.

Figure 3A: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Controller
Figure 3A: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Controller

The speaker unit angled up to fit the location of a standard human sitting posture thus, allowing a better audio delivery to your ears. Figure 3A on above shows the physical control offered. A treble knob, a bass knob and a volume knob. A small LED indicator present to show the current profile of the speaker, i.e. yellow for the PC mode and blue for Bluetooth mode. The volume knob feels solid, just like its elder brother from different speaker class.

Figure 5: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - I/O options
Figure 5: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – I/O options

Moving to the rear of the master unit, a switch, four RCA ports and a four-pin input. The left speaker unit act as a slave speaker. In my opinion, I prefer this type of cable connectivity than the standard RCA cable to connect the slave speaker system. A good cable connector ensures a good audio quality delivery.

Figure 6: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Remote Control
Figure 6: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Remote Control

The remote control is pretty simple in terms of design and button offerings. These include, a power button, mute button, a pair of volume management control (-, +), a Bluetooth and a line in button. I have no issues with remote control since I always prefer to buy a speaker system with a wireless remote control. The R1700T wins here. The remote control shares a similar design with the XM6BT system.


The following are the specification of EDIFIER R1700BT:

Total Power OutputRMS 15W×2 + 18W×2
Input SensitivityPC:700±50mV,AUX:550±50mV
TweeterΦ19mm silk dome, 6ohm
Subwoofer4″(Φ116mm, 6ohm
Net Weight6.6kg
Connection Cable5M/16.4FT
Table 1: Specifications of EDIFIER R1700BT.

According to the official source, the R1700BT has a total RMS power of 66W. Quite surprising power for a speaker at such size. It costs slightly more than G2000, but with a better built quality and fine tuning to fit the taste of audio enthusiasts.

User Experience

The R1700BT undergone a serious two-hour burning/breaking in session with the bass knob set to its maximum level. This is to allow the subwoofer driver to have a proper tune before hitting up the real-world test that involves a few 320kbps audio bitrate, HD movies and games. During the burning in session, I disabled the equalizer on my Windows 10 machine as I don’t really prefer to tweak EQ settings that may add audio discomfort when playing different genre-types of songs. Also, in order to get an optimum audio quality experience, positioning the speaker plays a crucial role as you will be required to try-and-error placing the speaker throughput your room (desktop) to see which location/placement of the unit gives you best audio quality.

During the burning in session, the speaker performs well in a small room, since it is my current home-office. The bass quality is deep under maximum bass setting on the speaker unit. I don’t normally tweak tweeter setting and always leave the settings as stock (balanced). Rising the volume further doesn’t cause any audio distortion as can be seen in G2000, but over 75% of volume, the audio quality starts to distort indication that’s the allowed level of a good audio quality listening experience. In order to avoid this situation, it is advisable to reduce the bass level either to +2 or +4 so that you can utilize more volume potential from the unit.

Figure 7: EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Audio Testing
Figure 7: EDIFIER R1700BT Review – Audio Testing

I personally like to listen to A.R.Rahman songs, anime songs and tokusatsu songs under 320kbps, m4a and FLAC quality. I don’t care about the file size, indeed size does matter when it comes to personal satisfaction, right? Based on the test conducted, the bass did perform quite good. When it comes to play audio songs through Windows’s stock media player, Windows Media Player with all audio enhancements turned off, the audio quality is really surprising. Personally, I don’t normally maximize the bass level and often put in range of +2 or +4 to fit my personal preferences. Watching HD quality series let it be anime, tokusatsu series or Hollywood movies experience is quite good as well. The dialog delivery through the eagle-eyed tweeter is sharp and crisp, literally you don’t really need to tweak the tweeter settings further. Listening to my favorite track, Be The One by Pandora ft. Beverly, the audio experience was excellent. It gives me a vibe like I am actually utilizing a dedicated subwoofer to punch the bass out. Gaming on the R1700BT on the other hand gives me a good experience. I have no issue playing online games with the R1700BT act as my only audio source. The bass is good, and the vocals that comes from the tweeter are crisp and these factors are very important for a successful gameplay.


To summarize my review, the R1700BT performs well in my test. The speaker performance actually amazed me since the speaker is not in a high-end, 2.0 form factor class. Most audio enthusiasts often prefer for a third-party external amp to pump the audio quality further, however the R1700BT don’t really need that. Its stock hardware settings are already good enough to provide a good premium audio quality.

EDIFIER R1700BT Review - Five Star Award

The speaker system current retails at a price of RM 479.00 and widely available in major IT-retail stores and e-stores such as in Lazada MY and Shopee MY. For international users, you can use my affiliate link to buy the unit. By doing so, I will be earning a small affiliate commission to support the development of this blog further. Overall, the R1700BT is suitable for most audio enthusiasts including gamers. I personally can vouch this system to the public as one of the best, 2.0 bookshelf speaker system in the market.

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