EDIFIER R1080BT Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker System – Review


RM 349.00







User Experience


Value for money



  • Selective color variants
  • Hi-Fi themed design
  • Digital Signal Processing technology
  • Solid Bass and crystal clear highs
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Accessible buttons


  • Pricey
  • No bass knob
  • Dust cap for black variant looks cheap (an opaque dust cape should be used)



The EDIFIER R1080BT is the recent addition of Hi-Fi themed bookshelf speaker class. Featuring Bluetooth version 5 and latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the EDIFIER R1080BT aimed to provide the best audio experience towards audio enthusiasts.

The EDIFIER R1080BT offers up to 24W RMS total power output featuring  19mm silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver equipped with Digital Signal Processing technology for optimum performance. The EDIFIER R1080BT offers three main modes, PC, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity.


Below are the specification of EDIFIER R1080BT – Source.

Tweeter Driver 19mm Silk Dome
Bass Driver 4-inch
Power Output 24W RMS Total Power Output
Noise Level ≤25dB(A)
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥84dB(A)
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Frequency Range 67Hz~20KHz


The unit comes with two selective color variants, black and white variant. The only cosmetic difference in between the units is the color of the sub (bass) driver. The unit we  having currently is the black variant, to further adding aesthetics to my laptop setup.



The box does come in an average size. So, when you’re opting to buy this unit, you can easily carry it in your vehicle located in the basement of the shopping center. Upon unboxing, the R1080BT supplied with standard accessories, a pair of R1080BT, 3.5mm jack, a user manual and a warranty card.




The R1080BT is a stereo Hi-Fi themed speaker. The unit was built using a high quality MDF enclosure to reduce the audio acoustic resonance with a single bass reflex port located at the rear of each speaker.


The right unit of R1080BT act as the master, equipped with three physical controllable buttons. The unit can be powered on by pressing over the power button located at the middle and also act as a mode button, where the function of the speaker can be altered in between Bluetooth mode and PC mode. There is a small indicator around the power button, green indicates the speaker is in power mode and PC mode while blue indicates it is in the Bluetooth mode.

Tweeter Driver


Surprisingly, the R1080BT features a 19mm silk dome tweeter driver assigned to deliver a crystal-clear highs. This will be helpful if you’re listening to a high quality mp3 bitrate, 320Kbps. The tweeter works, and unlike few speaker manufacturers that includes a fake tweeter, the R1080BT equipped with a real one.

Bass Driver


Each speaker unit of R1080BT features a 4-inch bass driver which responsible to deliver lows (deep bass in audio terms) directly to your ear. The only downfall we encounter with this unit particularly the black variant is the dust cap. The dust cap presents a cheap feeling despite of how premium the driver feels when applied pressure over it. We personally feel EDIFIER should have applied the dust cap used in the white variant in the black variant to present the speaker as premium as possible.

Audio Experience

The purpose of this review is to share the experience of the audio and movie session from the review unit from our side. For a better clarification from your side, it is highly advisable to visit the nearest retail IT stores verified by EDIFIER to test the unit by yourself.

The R1080BT has undergone a standard two-hour burning in session to fully optimize the drivers to produce a maximum performance during the testing to allow us to collect data, analyze and write my experience of using the EDIFIER R1080BT. In the early stage of the session, the audio quality is not promising as it should be, but wait! The audio quality does improves after the session. The bass driver of the EDIFIER R1080BT had underwent vigorous excursion test.


Let’s begin with our first test, kicking off with musical session. Testing the unit with 320Kbps bitrate songs, it does perform well. Without a dedicated bass knob, the EDIFIER R1080BT pumps average amount of bass. However, the bass quality can be further improved by tweaking EQ settings on your media player or client device (if you pair the unit with your smartphone, tablet or laptop). Featuring a 19mm silk dome tweeter in each speaker, the highs truly one of the best in its price range when it comes to 2.0 speaker system. Movie session with the speaker was a good experience. Thanks to its DSP feature that further improves the audio delivery right to the ear.

The drivers able to handle more volumes pressured over it. The bass quality doesn’t seem to produce a distorted bass feeling. This is very useful for those who used to game over their desktop. The speakers can handle the pressure well. Overall, the EDIFIER R1080BT did a good job.



The EDIFIER R1080BT is now widely available in Malaysia in major IT retail stores. Pricing at RM349, the R1080BT offers a crystal clear highs and decent amount of bass. We truly enjoyed my musics and movie session via R1080BT. If you are looking for a 2.0 speakers, then, the EDIFIER R1080BT is one of the decent stereo speakers available currently.


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  1. Thank you for a great review. Do you know how does it compare with edifier r1700 bt?

    • Thank you for dropping by. Unfortunately, I haven’t testet yet the mentioned model, R1700BT. But frankly speaking, the R1700BT should be superior than the R1080BT.

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