EDIFIER M1360 2.1 Speaker System Review – An entry level multimedia speaker from EDIFIER


RM 129.00



Built Quality




User Experience





  • Affordable
  • Decent bass and clarity output
  • Wired controller
  • Well designed for a 2.1 speaker


  • No bass knob
  • Crazily underpowered system


The EDIFIER M1360  is an entry level 2.1 speaker class from EDIFIER. The M1360 was purely built for budget users whose seeking for an affordable 2.1 speaker system that offers quality, accessibility and good musical experience. For this review, I will be comparing the M1360 against Logitech Z313 and Sonic Gear Space 5. Do mind that, I can’t be comparing the M1360 against Logitech Z213 and Sonic Gear Space 3 due to each model comes with a dedicated bass knob while the M1360 doesn’t. To make the game fair, fair comparison should be done in between Z313 and Space 5 (S5).

Highlighted Features

  • Downward-firing 4-inch subwoofer
  • Wired remote for volume and audio source selection
  • Connect via 3.5mm AUX or RCA input

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Total Power Output RMS 2W x 2 + 4.5W x 1
THD + N 10%
Signal-To-Noise Ratio ≥85dBA
Frequency Response Satellites: 150Hz – 20kHz
Subwoofer: 20Hz – 170kHz
Distortion ≤0.5%
Input Sensitivity Satellites: 350mV ± 50mV
Subwoofer: 250mV ± 50mV
Impedance 10KΩ
Adjustment Wired remote
Subwoofer / Bass Unit 4 inch (106mm), 6Ω
Tweeter Unit 50mm x 90mm, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
Remote Control Volume control, headphone jack, mute
Dimensions [w x h x d] Satellites: 64mm x 140mm x 112mm
Subwoofer: 158mm x 225mm x 252mm
Weight ≈2.50Kg (net) / ≈3.20Kg (gross)

The specification source of the model available here.


EDIFIER M1360 comes with two selective color variants, namely white and black. The unit I bought for this testing is black. Personally, I prefer the black variant over the white variant for aesthetic purpose.


The unit comes with a standard packaging style with an improved presentation illustration. Upon unboxing the unit, you will get a unit of M1360, a wired remote attached to the subwoofer unit, a warranty card and a user guide. The unit feels premium despite of being protected by a cheaply made carton.


The M1360 suitable for those who working in a small cubicle or office, for students living in a dorm or small room and office (purposely as an audio source for voice conference. The unit can fit easily, even in the smallest space available over your desk.



The satellite of M1360 designed with an upward-angled design to allow maximum audio delivery to you. One of the positive things about the M1360 is, the satellite speaker’s built quality feels good. You won’t feel you are buying a speaker with poorly designed from a low quality material. Unlike its rival in range, the M1360’s satellite built quality feels the most premium here. Powering each satellite on, the 3-inch driver were magnetically shield. Upon researching further, the same driver present in the higher end of EDIFIER model, the M3200.


The subwoofer was made from a medium density fibreboard (MDF). The subwoofer stands over four stubby legs to allow the 4-inch driver to breath. When I touch over the 4-inch driver, it feels soft, hence, I already know of what type of bass quality I should expect from the M1360. Comparing with Z313 and Space 5  bass units, the M1360 feels most decent here. Included with the subwoofer unit, a hard-wired volume controller with a single 3.5mm female jack-port to allow you to plug in your headset with ease.


Looking at volume knob, the volume adjuster feels solid. I don’t get the cheap feeling of using a speaker that costs below RM130 ($40). The volume controller was designed with an upward-angle as well to allow a better accessibility over it.

The mute button present over the volume adjuster allows you to mute the system whenever you need. There is an indicator to show the power status of the speaker.


At the rear of the unit, you will get a 3.5mm female jack-port used to plug in the satellite drivers and a power switch. The only thing lacks in the M1360 are a bass knob. I would strongly suggest to place the subwoofer unit on the floor for maximum low frequency (bass) output. Placing over the desk will cause the bass to feel distorted and create an unpleasing hearing experience.

Audio Experience

The M1360 went  through a standard 3 hour burning in session. This was done to enable the drivers to produce a peak performance during the test conducted.

I tweaked the EQ according to my own preferences to produce a high quality bass and clarity. Once the process was done, I’ve begun to test the unit. Upon finishing test the unit with several song genres, my guess was right. The 4-inch bass driver did produce a softer bass quality over hard (deep) bass. Next, the clarity from the 3-inch driver is average. I have to re-tune the highs over the EQ to get the desired clarity quality. Well, tuning the highs did improve, but not impressive it should be.

Somehow, I personally feel that, the M1360 feels underpowered. Don’t mind me saying this as, when I turn the volume knob over 40% to 60% in range, I didn’t feel any increase in the volume level. Upon reaching level 61% and more, I can feel the increase in volume level. With great bass driver and satellite drivers, this unit should be over 30watts and more.

The unit passed through the music and movie session, however, when it comes to gaming, the M1360 struggles a lot to maintain in between clarity and bass output. However, the purpose of M1360 was targeted towards music lovers, then, I can accept the drawback here. However, the bass still kicks solid when gaming.

The M1360 is one of the best entry level 2.1 speaker systems I’ve tested so far. The M1360 has better specs over the Z313 and Space 5, the audio quality definitely better than both models, but, it lacks power.


To conclude my review here, the experience of using the M1350 was above average. As an audio enthusiast, I satisfied with the overall performance of the speaker unit. Overall, the speaker unit delivers what it supposed to do. When comparing against the Logitech Z313 and Space 5, the M1360 stands in the middle. I can vouch the EDIFIER M1360 as a recommended entry level 2.1 speaker system from EDIFIER.

The EDIFIER M1360 costs roughly at RM130 ($40). The M1360 is currently available nationwide at all major IT retail stores and if you would like to purchase the unit, you can click on the link given on the above.

2 comments on “EDIFIER M1360 2.1 Speaker System Review – An entry level multimedia speaker from EDIFIER

  1. NASA Satellite

    is this 2.1 speaker still the best bang for the bucks?

    • Hi mate,

      If you are an audiophile, my answer will be NO. This is due to the speaker is crazily under-powered and no bass tune option. If you are a general user, say wanted a speaker that produces sound, then yes. It is worth for your money. With such range, Logitech Z313 will be the best option since the model is also, an entry level speaker from Logitech.


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