EDIFIER GM3SE Gaming Earset under RM 150 for PUBG Mobile Gamers – Review



Built Quality






Audio Quality


User Experience



  • Affordable.
  • Solid Bass and Clarity.
  • Crystal clear voice chat.
  • Compatible with other devices i.e. laptop & tabs.
  • Comes with a pouch to ease portability.


  • Right angled audio jack might be troublesome for some users if not for the supplied audio jack adapter.

Generally, when it comes to audio, we have already seen the gaming headset, which slowly replaces the speaker system as it offers privacy and noise pollution for neighbors). However, for smartphone gamers, is your current headset let it be a gaming headset, suitable to be carried out to restaurants and play your favorite games there?  With the recent hit of newer mobile games hitting the smartphone application market, the desire to own a dedicated audio peripheral for such condition is a necessity, these days. Well, fear no more as, I have a pair of the newest EDIFIER GM3SE, a gaming earset targeted towards PUBG mobile gamers with its removable microphone located on the left of the earset to ease your communication with your peers during gaming, despite of wherever you are.


The packaging comes with an image of EDIFIER GM3SE printed on the front, while, all the details such as specifications were imprinted on the side of the packaging box while the features offered via the earset were imprinted on the rear of the packaging box.

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The standard supplied accessories are a pair of EDIFIER GM3SE (I have a unit of Black with Green strips variant here), a user manual, a warranty card, a pair of microphones and a few pairs of earbuds varies in the sizes for further comfort.

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Few eartip was present in the packaging that varies in sizes. I must say, the rubber feels solid and the volume control feels premium.

Highlighted Features

  • High quality in-ears featuring a pair of tweeter and bass driver for excellent audio delivery and vibration effects for an immersive experience.
  • CNC machined cover with design details and luxurious finish.
  • Retractable omni-directional microphone for optimal reception.
  • In-ear ergonomic design and soft ear pads to further offer comfort for extended play.
  • Inline remote control enables volume adjustments, track selection and pause on tunes.


Below are specifications of EDIFIER GM3SE.

Driver Unit ᴓ 10mm
Bass Unit ᴓ 10mm
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20 KHz
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 93dB ± 3dB
Nominal Impedance 18 Ohm
Cable Length 1.3m
Weight 0.12 Kg

The specification can be further referred at the official product page, here.


Before I move into the review here, I would like to kindly enlighten you that, the EDIFIER GM3SE is compatible with laptops and tabs. Although it’s supposed to be targeted towards PUBG mobile gamers, however, I’ve carried out the test further by using it with a laptop to carrying out an experiment of the performance of the earset. The purpose of the test is to seek out if, there is any difference in the performance of the audio quality when, the earset was used in two different platforms. Three different devices had been used for this test, a Mi Max 3, iPhone 7 Plus and a laptop modelled, ASUS G752VT. For each test, the equalizer had been tweaked for optimum performance. This was to ensure that, the earset undergo the burning in session properly for the best audio analysis output, which was conducted for two hours via ASUS G752VT.


First of all, I shall kick-off with gaming experience playing PUBG Mobile game inclusive voice chat analysis. Playing PUBG Mobile via ASUS G752VT tops the chart, followed by iPhone 7 in the second rank while Mi Max rated as the third. To make the game fair, I actually play the PUBG in BlueStack platform to ensure equality when it comes to coming up with a perfect comparison across the platform the audio quality being tested. The voice chat output seems to favor again on ASUS G752VT. It is understandable as, the laptop runs on over a wired connection, thus, the dialogue delivery seems pretty solid to the point compared to playing via mobile data (latency of the networks). However, I will exclude this from the comparison for voice chat as, the EDIFIER GM3SE performs well for both android and iOS platform. No further rants from me for gaming and voice chat analysis from me. Totally satisfied with the output here.

Well, not everyone game right? So can the EDIFIER GM3SE be used to listen to your favorite musics? The answer is yes. As mentioned above, the EDIFIER GM3SE’s beauty is, it is not only targeted for PUBG mobile gamers, but, for audio enthusiast as well. From the chart, the EDIFIER GM3SE performs well on ASUS G752VT followed by iPhone 7 (iTunes) and Mi Max (stock media player with equalizer tweaked). Overall music experience for me, I would say, the EDIFIER GM3SE does its job pretty well here. For a gaming earset, such as the GM3SE, I am amazed with the audio output and, with its vibration effects, I truly enjoyed my music session.


How about chilling over the weekend for watching your favorite shows on Netflix or watching your favorite anime? Well, it is not surprising to say that, the GM3SE delivers the audio delivery well here. The dialogue from the movie can be caught up well. For anime lovers, you definitely will experience a good feeling inside your ears via its vibration effects for the type of anime you watched, especially those who involving action based. Watching an action based anime such as One Punch Man S02 via GM3SE, totally a wonderful experience for me.

To achieve an optimum audio delivery from your audio peripherals, always use the highest quality bitrate of your song, such as 256 or 320 Kbps (kilobits per second) and a proper UHD and blue-ray quality printed movie.

Overall to summarize my experience using EDIFIER GM3SE, I totally satisfied with the performance, and, I might buy a unit after this for me. Comparing with other existing gaming earsets in the market, I would say, the EDIFIER GM3SE tops the chart, currently.

Issues Identified

Below are two issues identified by me while using the earset. However, this issue may not apply for all as, it depends on individual reception towards the earset.

Volume Controller

This is the first thing that my eyes sighted during unboxing the earset. The toggle given indicating two possible signs, a positive and a negative, defines the volume or, perhaps the track selection? The toggle features as a volume controller. It was an awkward moment for me as, I only can slide once towards the positive sign indicating the earset was set to give out its maximum volume and sliding towards negative sign indicates mute or volume down. My simple suggestion is to provide a forward / reverse button along with a dedicated volume button on the side or on the top of the volume controller.

UPDATE: You can press the round button twice to forward the song you’re currently playing and thrice to go backwards on your track. A single push of the button stops the songs you’re currently playing.

Earset Vibration

Well, this is an excellent feature when it comes to a gaming earset. However, for first time users, it may cause a sense of ‘tickling’ to your ears as, it may take time for you to actually get used to it. Some end users may like this feature by welcoming it openly, however, some may not. As a small suggestion from us, perhaps in future, if there will be a new revision, it is advisable to provide a physical button to enable or disable the vibration effects.



EDIFIER GM3SE is a gaming earset targeted towards PUBG mobile gamers for their streaming ability. Pricing under RM 150, the earset offers quite a decent feature of how a gaming earset should offer towards the end user. The GM3SE not only highly suitable for mobile gamers, it is also highly suitable for music enthusiast and movie lovers. Equipped with a pair of tweeters and bass drivers at the both sides, now, you can game in an enjoyable moment with its vibration effects. As to summarize the rant here, the EDIFIER GM3SE is highly recommended by us for mobile gamers out there. Kindly mind that, the earset initially targeted for PUBG Mobile gamers, however, this earset also suitable for other games as well as can be used with other devices including laptops and tabs.

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