EDIFIER G2000 Gaming 2.0 Speaker System Review – A Small Beast with Powerful Bass for Maximum Gaming Experience


RM 299.00

Built Quality






Audio Experience





  • Hi-Fi themed design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Deeper bass quality
  • Good sound quality overall
  • Audio profile flexibility
  • Built-in DAC compatibility
  • Can add a standalone subwoofer


  • Expensive


The EDIFIER G2000 is a newly launched, a 2.0-class gaming speaker system from EDIFIER. Claims specially built for hardcore gamers that comes handy in size, the EDIFIER G2000 was said, to have a raw power of 16W and peak power of 32W. Adding further, the G2000 features a Bluetooth version 4.2 as standard to allow wireless connection possible for your Bluetooth enabled client-device. Before reviewing the speaker, I conduct a non-time consuming research to find a suitable model that may or can be made as a reference to explain why the G2000 is unique compared to it. Surprisingly, I able to find one, the non other than Razer’s Nommo, a 2.0-class gaming system that has similarities with the speaker I am about to share my experience of using it. In addition, the G2000 also comes with a dedicated power adapter for a greater and safety use of the unit.


Dimension 106mm x 105mm x 130mm
Power Output R/L: 8W + 8W
Frequency Response R/L: 98Hz -20KHz
Noise Levels ≤25dB(A)
Bass Unit 2.75 inch
Bluetooth Version V4.2
Net Weight 1.4Kg
Volume Controller Mechanical Lever

EDIFIER G2000 comes with a decent specs that I feel is good enough for an entry-premium level of a gaming speaker – Source.



When it comes to a gaming speaker, few speaker manufacturers may give a unique accessories such as stickers representing their brand for their loyal customers, unfortunately, for the G2000, you will get the same accessories as other EDIFIER speaker-class range, from a pair of G2000, a male-to-male USB 2.0 cable, a male-to-male 3.5mm audio jack and a power adapter. Inclusively, a warranty card and user manual supplied as standard.

Appearances & Design

The EDIFIER G2000 features a uniquely crafted casing, precisely a hexagon-shaped at the front to give an impression as a unique speaker that different than others. The uniquely angled speaker (from the side view) is to allow a better audio experience that will please your ears further. According to the manufacturer’s website, the G2000 is a Hi-Fi themed 2.0 speaker class equipped a 2.75-inch bass driver, each. The symbol ‘H’ on its dust cap resembles its sister company brand, Hecate. To my surprise, there is a similar model with EDIFIER G2000, called the Hecate G2000. I believe, both of the speakers should offer the same quality since both companies are interconnected with each other.


What makes the G2000 unique from Nommo? Well, if you asked me, it comes with customization of RGB light effects via its uniquely designed translucent case on the side and rear for the purpose of aesthetics.


Looking at the rear of the G2000, a dedicated bass-reflex port is present to allow maximum air passes through that will be a good factor of producing a deep bass output. The given I/O ports are DC in for power, a 3.5mm female AUX port, 3.5mm female sub-out port and a USB 2.0 port. The slave speaker (left) speaker comes with permanently attached cable. This may done to improve wear and tear of the slave speakers if you tend to move the speakers from place to place or travelling with the speakers. The G2000 bundled with a special DAC feature as standard. DAC stands for Digital-to-Analog Converter. Basically what DAC does is, it converts the digital audio information into an analog audio signal sent to the speaker amp. In other word, similar to how Windows detects a new USB stick plugged in, the same method applies to the G2000 when you plugged in to your PC. In addition, if you have an unused standalone subwoofer or subwoofers like ASUS’s SonicMaster Subwoofer, you can plug directly to the sub-in port to maximize your audio experience.


Over the side of the master speaker (right speaker in general term), two physical buttons and a mechanical shift lever that serves as a volume controller. The button above the shift lever is a multi-purpose button that allows you to power the speaker when pressed for about 5-seconds, switching modes in between PC mode and Bluetooth mode via pressing for about 1-2 seconds and double tap to unpair the Bluetooth from your client device.

Analysis – Audio & Experiences

The EDIFIER G2000 is a Hi-Fi themed gaming speaker that comes with a multi-purpose function. Apart from appearance as a gaming speaker dedicated for PC’s or laptops, the G2000 also can be used for the mobile gaming purpose thanks to its Bluetooth functionality. When it comes to connecting to a device via Bluetooth, it may take time. However, upon switching to Bluetooth profile, the speaker profile can be detected within 2-4 seconds of activation.

When it comes to audio experience, I only can share my findings and provide an analysis of the audio quality. I only share the audio quality and experiences from my side, and it is recommended for you to test the unit in any retail stores for a better self-satisfaction.

Before I rant about the audio quality of the speaker, allow me to browse you through the three selective audio profiles (modes – in general term). The first mode was called as Music mode where, the audio quality tends to be more balanced, similar with an equalizer with its default settings i.e. flat/default. Next, is the Movie mode. According to me, this profile has the most perfect settings for both music (if you’re a bass head) and movies, especially HD, 4K or Blue-ray quality movies. The appearance of this mode is similar with rock or soft-rock mode in equalizer term. Last but not least, Game mode. Living up to its mode, this is a special mode that allows maximum bass output from the unit itself with a slight trade-off clarity output. The equalizer picturization for this mode is bass/super bass mode. Well, allow me to add further the advantages EDIFIER had implemented here, compared to other speakers that offers such audio profile selection features, the G2000 comes with an automated voice-coded where, the moment you switch to an audio profile, the speaker will tell you the current mode selected.


We humans tend to look down over something or a potential of a product. Well, don’t get cheated with the small 2.75-inch bass driver here. The G2000 does pack some power in it. As mentioned earlier, I tested three audio profile modes and found that Movie mode is preferable by me since, I don’t really have to tweak the equalizer settings over my preferred music player, Groove (default music player for Windows 10). If you’re using Windows 10 Home edition that have issues with Realtek drivers, don’t worry as you can improve the audio quality from the speakers thanks to its flexibility of allowing profile switching made possible. I always prefer to choose a best audio profile setting that will be responsible throughout the entire audio experience since tweaking more than one equalizer settings will cause a loss of audio quality and may get worse if your audio bitrate is low i.e. 128Kbps.

The audio quality of the G2000 is probably one of the best I’ve personally experienced through. With its small size, the unit does produce a deep bass and a crystal clear highs. According to EDIFIER further, they’ve used a high-quality material to build the bass-driver. A quality of a bass driver does affect the overall audio quality in general. Speaking of that, I also tested the audio quality when the volume was increased. To my findings, I don’t feel much bass distortion, yet amazes me that the speaker still rocking solid. The only down-side is, turning the volume up will cause the speaker to slightly move away from the current position and even the rubber feet don’t really manage to hold the speaker. I’ve tested this both on glossy tables and wood surface, the result is still the same.


Lastly, allow me to rant about the customization of the RGB effects. Typically, when it comes to an RGB speaker, we tend to see a few speaker manufacturers hurt our eyesight with lights located at the front, particularly right in front of a cheaply made speaker drivers that can bounce the light right towards our eyes thanks to its non-controllable light levels. Differing the perspective of RGB enabled speakers, the G2000’s RGB light effects can be seen via its both side-panel like an LED strip and at the rear thanks to specially designed a window-alike translucent panel that serves as an aesthetics to your RGB setup and it is not that bright.



Now allow me to conclude the outcome of this review by using EDIFIER G2000, a gaming small beast with powerful 2.75-inch bass drivers delivers what the users need via its three selective audio profile (modes), hard-coded. This speaker highly recommended for the gamers who are looking for a small, yet powerful speaker to be added to their PC setups that not only appears powerful via its appearance, but bundled with power in it. The EDIFIER G2000 is widely available in major IT retail stores certified by EDIFIER. Pricing at RM 299 (SRP), the G2000 totally deserves our award for being, one of the best 2019 gaming speakers ever produced.


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  1. Alif Syazwan

    can i ask something, does this speaker every times i restart the computer , i need to setup back all the mode, lighting?

    • Hi Brother Alif,

      Yes. You got that right. Each time the speaker system power off, and turned on back, you have to manually setup the rgb effects and sound profile. As for rebooting your computer, the speaker system’s setting won’t be affected. Hope this solves your query.

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