D-Link DIR-X1870 AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router Review

D-Link DIR-X1870 AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router Review

D-Link DIR-X1870


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Hardware Specification




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  • Affordable Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Great wireless coverage
  • Stable
  • Auto-update firmware
  • WPA3 encryption


  • No CPU & Memory usage graph

D-Link DIR-X1870 is an entry level Wi-Fi 6 router aimed to provide a smoother wireless experience under an affordable price. This next-gen wireless router combined speeds up to 1.8 Gbps (AX1800) with wider wireless coverage to allow more devices to stay connected even under heavy load. The router was designed for regular home and smart-home, thanks to its mesh-feature built-in.

Figure 1: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review - Introduction
Figure 1: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Introduction.

The design of the unit is similar to the recently reviewed D-Link DIR-X5460, just in a smaller form-factor. The antennas are non-removable, which from my point of view, is good for long-term for the antennas.

Figure 2: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review - Design Overview
Figure 2: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Top View.

The unit comes with quite a number of air vents to allow better airflow from the internal component to the outside. However, the downside of such design is, if you place the router at an open area, you should always clean the router’s air vents from being accumulated by the dusts. In a brighter side, you don’t need to spend a few bucks to buy a dedicated USB cooling fan to cool down the unit as the unit doesn’t produce much heat during heavy operation, speaking about being budget friendly router. Four LED indicator present for each function, from power to wireless activity.

Figure 3: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review - I/O Options
Figure 3: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – I/O options.

The I/O ports that comes with the unit is pretty basic, a WAN port and four LAN ports, each capable to run at 1000Mbps (gigabit), a reset port, a WPS port and a power button. An advantage here is, the unit doesn’t come with USB port which is pretty good when it comes to security.

Figure 4: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review - Air vents overview
Figure 3A: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Bottom view.

The bottom part of the router is full of air-vents. These abundant vents actually help to keep the router cooler when in operation, thus increasing the longevity of the router.

According to D-Link Malaysia’s specification sheet, the router is powered by a quad-core processor from Broadcom, BCM 6755 @ 1.5GHz with a memory of 128MiB. The router uses the same processor that can be found in both RT-AX56U and Archer AX20.

Figure 5: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Dashboard.

The main landing page is similar to other already available D-Link router in the market. I believe D-Link is now standardizing Pause Internet Access for Clients feature for entire D-Link router class (except DIR-X5460), including their mesh line-ups. As for the time of this review being live to the public, the router is running on the latest firmware. One of the main reasons why I like D-Link routers is, I can save my precious time to view and access to my basic settings such as IPv6 address (if enabled), DNS servers and internet connection uptime. Only if the graph for real-time processing and memory present, it will be sweet.

Figure 6: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Edit Per-Device Basis.

Each connected clients can be accessed individually and you can further customize the IP address and parental control profiles.

Figure 7: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Parental Control.

The parental control settings are quite basic. Understandable since the DIR-X1870 is an entry-level router. The firmware allows you to customize the internet access time for the created parental-profile, this includes adding website filter and adding device that should be under the specified profile.

Figure 8: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – IPv6 Feature.

The DIR-X1870 by default features IPv6 support. I personally test this feature, and it works well. I able to get public IPv6 address from my ISP with my customized third-party DNS service provider.

Figure 9: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – QoS Settings.

I wont be surprised to say that, the provided QoS feature is pretty basic and can be managed by device basis. If you’re unsure of your current internet subscription, you can use the check speed button. If you like to customize further, you can enter your current internet subscription speed in the download and upload box.

Figure 10: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Wireless Settings.

The wireless settings are easy to configure and its user friendly interface allows even a novice user to customize the settings according to their current wireless needs. I will advise users to not use smart connect for better wireless performance, especially for old devices. This is my recommended settings for D-Link routers based on my environmental surroundings.

Figure 11: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – Wireless Performance.

I have used Archer TX3000E as my preferred wireless 6 client. Based on my test, the router scores flying colors thanks to its excellent wireless coverage. I able to hit over 750Mbps and above for 5GHz band. From my experience, although I able to hit such speed, I still prefer wired connection for best performance.

Figure 12: D-Link DIR-X1870 Review – D-Link Router App Analysis.

If you happen to be a busy person, the D-Link Router app allows you to customize the DIR-X1870 through your smartphone. The provided accessibility of each feature mapped well and easy to access, even for novice users.

In a nutshell, the D-Link DIR-X1870 is a pretty good budget-friendly router, along with TP-Link’s Archer AX20. Both routers are highly affordable to budget users. D-Link Malaysia hasn’t disclosed the official pricing for the unit, but looking at their current X1860 pricing, it should cost RM20-RM30 more. I can recommend this router for general home consumers and students. My scoring for this router is 8 out of 10, and based on the features and performance offered under the value invested for this router and not against other already available similar range router in the market. For power users, there are better options out there. The expected availability of this model in the Malaysian market is expected somewhere around mid of April 2021 month or early May, 2021.

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